Register your pending complaints at BSNL Online Complaint Portal to reach higher authorities

Telecom Major PSU Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited provides BSNL online complaint portal to reach higher authorities. It is a facility for all its mobile, broadband, landline, WiMax and other BSNL service customers. It is to bring notice to higher authorities about long pending complaint issues for any BSNL services via simple public grievance BSNL online complaint portal.

This Public Grievance Complaint Management System of BSNL is one of latest productivity enhancement tools. It is an integrated complaint booking portal via a single platform. Nowadays everything depends on the rating or reviews. If we want to purchase or opt for any new service, we will Just do market research read any reviews and ratings given by peers. The same concept applies to all types of customer services.

In the case of BSNL, if there is an issue with a landline, mobile, broadband, WiMAX, BSNL online payments. And also disconnections after BSNL bill payment, misbehavior by staff or low broadband speed, you can raise the issue at BSNL online complaint portal. The same complaint will be monitored by BSNL headquarters(corporate office) of BSNL situated in New Delhi or at circle level and will resolve the complaints within specified period issued by BSNL/TRAI.

At first, BSNL customer should have to book their grievances at BSNL Selfcare Portal, or at Tollfree complaint numbers of 198 (Local authorities for immediate attention for the service), or at 1500, 1502, 1503, 1504, etc… accordingly as per complaint nature.

Even then, if there is no solution for that, after seven days of the old complaint, follow the below procedure to register at BSNL online complaint portal to reach higher authorities. Booking a grievance on this BSNL online complaint portal is very simple.

How to book complaint at BSNL Online Complaint Portal (Public Grievance Online Complaint)

  • Open your web browser.
  • Just log in to BSNL online complaint portal (public grievance registration form) at to reach BSNL higher authorities.
  • Lodge / Register your complaint by filling the actual information.
  • Select Telecom Circle or State
  • Enter the original name of the subscriber
  • Type complete address of the customer
  • Enter your BSNL connected exchange code or the name of the village/town/city
  • Submit your email address and contact number to help BSNL for necessary details if required.
  • Enter your BSNL SSA code or your district from the drop-down list
  • Submit correct phone number with STD code
  • Select proper grievance nature from drop down list to reach actual authority
  • Fill the complaint information in brief (if required) within 200 words to know about the complaint.
  • Click on submit.

bsnl online complaint portal

Then you will get one complaint ID at this BSNL online complaint portal. Note down the number, so that you will have the reference in future. The allegations of long pending even not cleared lodged in BSNL Selfcare Portal or directly can book in this Public Grievance BSNL online complaint portal.

BSNL higher authorities are keeping a keen watch upon calling to subscriber and staff to solve service issues within a particular time. So BSNL customers, solve your long pending case (more than a week). File your issue at BSNL online complaint portal to reach higher authorities.


    • Same here in Nagaland their designation only for the show doesn’t have any role to play from senior to junior all are same categories lazy, not active in their respective work. Designation GM AGM DGM SDE DE my foot senior lazy late Latif hai tou junior ko kya bolega. **but they r more active to collect their salary on time without late** one bank leased line down since 22days I m frequently doing complaint online offline but still no update. This is our state own Telecom Company. Shame yaar.

  1. I had a BSNL mobile prepaid No.9401178080 which is a paired number on Jawan/Paramilitary plan. But paired prepaid mobile mob no.9403709447 is not showing paired. Now I couldn’t avail the daily 20-minute facility. I was recharged plan on 10 March 2017. Where I can complain this and how to resolve this?

  2. BSNL never responded properly against customer’s complaints. For example I have submit the grievance (KRL/CO/2017/3217) on 28/03/2017. but they didn’t update the status till today.

  3. BSNL is full of corrupt money hungry people in Guwahati branch. Bad network for WiMax aside, they never pick up the phone. I closed my account in August 2016 and surrendered my modem and all the other equipment and told I would receive half of the amount. So I had to pay 1500 for all the customer premises equipment at first and will get 750 when account close.

    But till now, April 2017 my account status is open. Every time I go to BSNL office in Panbazar and informs me that account is Open and I should expect the bill at any time, even after closing the account on August will all the payment necessary and surrendering all the equipment.

    They say there is some problem in Kolkata branch and I have to go there to sort it out. I need the 750, and I can’t go to the office to complain. BSNL customer care number 1800-180-1502 also seems to have some problem. I don’t know where to ask for help. I don’t understand why people say BSNL is a good company. Now I tell everyone to stay away from BSNL. Kindly do the same if anyone is reading this. Spread the word. BSNL loots money from customers.

  4. Bsnl never care about the customer complaints. i don t understand why do like this i complaint many more times but no action but monthly bill coming properly.

  5. Having worst experience I ever had comparing to all telecom services. I don’t know for what purpose they have customer care service.
    If I call to the most famous customer care number 18001801503, it will only say “PLEASE CHECK THE NUMBER OR PLEASE CONTACT TO CUSTOMER CARE” lol.
    All the BSNL customer care numbers are switched off. It’s better to pack the things, Anyhow there are nowhere in the competition, so it’s better to give up.
    Another customer care number 9440024365, This is always switched off.
    Please BSNL, If you don’t want to provide efficient service kindly leave. Don’t make people to through the sim cards.

  6. I am from Aerial Bay, Diglipur, North Andaman under Diglipur Telephone Exchange, Andaman Nicobar Telecom Circle.
    Here, we are facing many problems with your poor mobile network services. In my village Aerial Bay, we have 3G Mobile Tower, but from the first day of Tower opening, we are getting maximum 5-12 days of network coverage in a month.

    After more complaints from the villagers to the SDO of BSNL network availability increased to 15-23 days in a month. We accepted that, but from last one month, BSNL has fully closed 3G services in my village, where the 2G network is always busy. It takes more than 15 trials to make a call which lasts for a long time of 2 to 3 minutes maximum due to network failure.

    When we complain BSNL Office Diglipur about the matter, they are replying that Commander of ICG DHQ9 Mr. Sameer ch Pattanaik has told to close 3G services, because his employees are not working during office time they are using internet services.

    It is not our problem if his employees are using the internet during business hours, we need the network to talk with our family, friends, business purpose, etc. We recharge our mobiles every month with special tariffs, and costly data reloads, but all are getting waste.

    It is all of our villager’s humble request. If any higher official saw this, please take necessary action to start 3G services in Aerial Bay. Kindly do the needful,
    Thanking You
    Ranjit Kumar Biswas
    Aerial Bay

  7. I got BSNL broadband connection in Sept 2016 (0285-2671842). My new connectivity completed on the 7th evening and billing started since 29th Sept only. I have written, but it not considered on the first bill. I paid it, again it was not in the second bill also, and since 17th Jan, it was not working few days and then disconnected. Department is not able to solve the problem and Govt of India taking of digitization.

    I have taken GTPL WiFi because it was urgent for me to use the net. I have already emailed that I am not using it kindly disconnect it (can check even phone is also not used). The phone call also received from BSNL Junagadh that you give an application for disconnection and your net charge not taken after 17th Jan 2017, I have submitted the application to disconnect the BSNL broadband, but Landline will continue for Rs 49 scheme.

    Even then again bill again posted to me. It is morose to write that if such a problem remains with BSNL, then it will be difficult to face by users. I have invested Rs 1500 for setup and Rs 600 for connection, so for me, it is not bearable without a proper answer. Department is punctual in the bill only and not for the solution of users.

    You are requested to kindly close this, even if the matter not resolved then I am also not interested in Landline. I have five BSNL mobile sims also (using many years) and will go for portability in other.

  8. BSNL Kalyan circle was creating such situations that existing BSNL customers opt for private service providers and close BSNL services.

  9. I am a user of EVDO Service provided by BSNL having no.9192010162 at Baramunda, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. But the network of BSNL not in service since the period of 20 days. What is the problem? The Govt. Of India having a constant effort to providing digital service throughout the country but why the authority at here is so incident regarding this. Plz, help me above mention problems.

  10. Worst service and rude reply. I went to BSNL office to change my fathers’ regular sim to micro sim. Buy they told me that your father had to come and they will give sim card only to them. Whereas nowhere on your website it mentions about this rule. I went 20kms away and brought my father to exchange the sim. Worst staff and worst service.

  11. I have deposited my BSNL land line handset on 2016 March. Still, now I have not received the deposit amount.

  12. I have BSNL BB plan which is not working from 6th of May 2017. This happens every month for 20 days. When I went to complain this to BSNL higher authorities, they are rude and not solving my problems. I am planning to come out of BSNL and move to another operator.

  13. I am just crying why I took broadband services. It took me a month to make the BSNL new broadband connection available at my home. But when I got it, its fully unsatisfactory, disconnection more than 16 times a day. Randomly BSNL broadband speed fall and a lot more. Shame on BSNL and the telecom organization for your sub-standard services.

  14. My Landline BSNL Telephone number is (044) 23615145. This phone is dead for the past four days, and I booked a complaint on 12.6.2017. The docket No. is 11794246647. Mr. Mannathan, the Technician, was allocated the job to rectify the fault and his Mobile No. is 9445015312. He never turned up to attend to this. But to my surprise, I received an SMS on 15.6.2017 to my Mobile No.9790755339 stating that the fault resolved. Till now, it’s not rectified. What to do and where I can complain about this?

  15. aaj mene bsnl ka data plan liya. mene paya ki 333 me 3GB data rojana milega, lekin speed etni kam hai ki 24 ghante on rakhane ke baad bhi aap 200 -300 MB data kharch kar payenge or ye sab plan logo ko bewkuf banane ke liye kiya hai.

  16. I am using BSNL SIM on my phone. In my area, there is no BSNL tower only one tower is 8km far from us. we don’t get the 3G signal and internet speed is very poor. I complaint several times to office and BSNL customer care, but we don’t get good news from them. As a BSNL customer, I say to all of my friends don’t buy BSNL SIM, just get the JIO SIM their network speed is high and the BSNL is very worthless.

  17. I got BSNL broadband Landline No. 0194 2490650 at Bemina Srinagar, Exchange Road Lal Chowk. Srinagar J&K 190001 in the year 2014 and continue with this until date. Meanwhile, the said number was kept in Safe Custody from November 2015 to April 2017 by the said exchange on being requested to that effect.

    On being asked to release the said telephone number, after clearance of all pending bills including charges for Safe custody period. The High handedness and arrogance of the officials started as they are charging additional charges of Rs.1000/ for security deposit and connecting as a New Number, though it was in safe custody and the continues to be same.

    My earlier deposit as also relating charges are with the same Exchange which not taken into account for reasons best known to them. This approach of arrogance merits to be changed/ rectified in public interest or else the number be disconnected and let them enjoy with their self-proclaimed ignorance/ arrogance.

  18. We are from Gandhi centenary high school in Sangareddy. We request BSNL so many times at their office for connecting our school projectors with internet facility.

    They did not give connection to our two computer IP address. They didn’t respond to our request, and they told us, we are not responsible for your projectors connection. We are only for the provision of service but do not do in your connection.

    How we connect our two computer with wi-fi, please clarify our problem. Otherwise, we will disconnect BSNL broadband connection for our school.

  19. I am suffering from internet disturbance every time. I could not work properly in the BSNL Network. I had complained several times regarding this matter to JTO, SDO, Operator Jairaj and Other Staff but no action, not getting any positive response from BSNL Office. Otherwise, i will take necessary measures against the company on the court.

  20. My landline no.044-26552966 used exclusively for BSNL broadband net connection alone. It went out of order in Mid March 2017 and all types of complaints, i.e., registering in their registry manually, recorded in prescribing toll free number 198, online grievance registration and consequently received docket numbers then and there.

    After certain days repeated received a reply that the broadband fault rectified. But the problem persisted line did not work at all. We are still receiving the bill each month adding the amount due correctly and thus four months due has been added and shows as outstanding. But the phone has not worked even for a single day after Mid March 2017. I am fed up of BSNL officials attitude.

  21. Poorest and worst network, even poor than Uninor. Never go ahead for such an immoral connection. It is total wastage of time and money no matter it is 3G, but its speed is like 1G.

  22. Grievance Registered; Docket Number is: KRK/CO/2017/7290

    I have made repeated docket tickets which get closed without even attending to faults. Now I am waiting for updates on the above grievance but no status update.

    It makes me wonder if the grievance calls are a farce?

  23. BSNL telecommunications is not only wrong but also poor service providers. Employees and executives don’t care for any customer problems. BSNL net speeds are foolish, and all are aged, higher officials are not monitoring the lower staff.

  24. Hello sir, I am Baji, from Andhra Pradesh, Kurnool Dt, Srisailam. Sir my mobile model Asus Zenfone3. This mobile inbuilt app name GO2PAY. I recharge GO2PAY App to 7382725431 this no (BSNL) RS 339 & 399 through net banking.

    The amount deducted but recharge not successful. I am contacting a bank and Asus mobile services. This company suggests contacting my sim card service. So im contact you(BSNL). Im using Airtel so im already contacted Airtel also. There are also suggest BSNL. Im contacting BSNL customer care but not attend the call.

  25. My Landline BSNL Telephone number is (044) 25512583. I have BSNL BB combo plan which is not working from 9th of September 2017. It happens every month.
    I am suffering from internet disturbance every time. I could not work properly in the BSNL Network. I had complained several times regarding this matter to JTO, SDO, Operator, but no action, not getting any positive response from BSNL Office.


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