Register your pending complaints at BSNL Online Complaint Portal to reach higher authorities

Telecom Major PSU Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited provides BSNL online complaint portal to reach higher authorities. It is a facility for all its mobile, broadband, landline, WiMax and other BSNL service customers. It is to bring notice to higher authorities about long pending complaint issues for any BSNL services via simple public grievance BSNL online complaint portal.

This Public Grievance Complaint Management System of BSNL is one of latest productivity enhancement tools. It is an integrated complaint booking portal via a single platform. Nowadays everything depends on the rating or reviews. If we want to purchase or opt for any new service, we will Just do market research read any reviews and ratings given by peers. The same concept applies to all types of customer services.

In the case of BSNL, if there is an issue with a landline, mobile, broadband, WiMAX, BSNL online payments. And also disconnections after BSNL bill payment, misbehavior by staff or low broadband speed, you can raise the issue at BSNL online complaint portal. The same complaint will be monitored by BSNL headquarters(corporate office) of BSNL situated in New Delhi or at circle level and will resolve the complaints within specified period issued by BSNL/TRAI.

At first, BSNL customer should have to book their grievances at BSNL Selfcare Portal, or at Tollfree complaint numbers of 198 (Local authorities for immediate attention for the service), or at 1500, 1502, 1503, 1504, etc… accordingly as per complaint nature.

Even then, if there is no solution for that, after seven days of the old complaint, follow the below procedure to register at BSNL online complaint portal to reach higher authorities. Booking a grievance on this BSNL online complaint portal is very simple.

How to book complaint at BSNL Online Complaint Portal (Public Grievance Online Complaint)

  • Open your web browser.
  • Just log in to BSNL online complaint portal (public grievance registration form) at to reach BSNL higher authorities.
  • Lodge / Register your complaint by filling the actual information.
  • Select Telecom Circle or State
  • Enter the original name of the subscriber
  • Type complete address of the customer
  • Enter your BSNL connected exchange code or the name of the village/town/city
  • Submit your email address and contact number to help BSNL for necessary details if required.
  • Enter your BSNL SSA code or your district from the drop-down list
  • Submit correct phone number with STD code
  • Select proper grievance nature from drop down list to reach actual authority
  • Fill the complaint information in brief (if required) within 200 words to know about the complaint.
  • Click on submit.

bsnl online complaint portal

Then you will get one complaint ID at this BSNL online complaint portal. Note down the number, so that you will have the reference in future. The allegations of long pending even not cleared lodged in BSNL Selfcare Portal or directly can book in this Public Grievance BSNL online complaint portal.

BSNL higher authorities are keeping a keen watch upon calling to subscriber and staff to solve service issues within a particular time. So BSNL customers, solve your long pending case (more than a week). File your issue at BSNL online complaint portal to reach higher authorities.

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