Awesome BSNL WiFi Hotspot Plans For Prepaid Data Recharge

The latest prepaid tariff of BSNL WiFi hotspot plans issued by PSU will provide 4G level high-speed internet access to any mobile customer.

It is at convenient public locations in the name of WiFi Hotspots with reliable BSNL WiFi Plans. These hotspots offer show stopper data services in Digital India Project, with high-speed internet downloads.

BSNL is pinning its flag in a big way in Digital India Project. For this major telecom joins with QuadGen Wireless, Larsen Turbo to manage BSNL WiFi Hotspot.

It’s a mega internet push at true cost for wireless mobile internet connectivity at above 4G level. These prepaid BSNL WiFi Plan (Wireless Broadband) charges for these public hotspots will be very much in line.

BSNL WiFi Hotspot Plans

BSNL 4G level WiFi hotspots allows ultra speed broadband internet connectivity with unlimited downloads and has to be launched in various locations as categorized already with 2/ 4 / 10 Mbps bandwidth connectivity according to an area.

  • Small WiFi Hotspot: Cafe, Lounge, Food court etc, = 2 Mbps(dedicated).
  • Mid-Size WiFi Hotspot: Malls, IT Parks, Resorts, Hospitals etc = 4 Mbps(dedicated).
  • Large Size WiFi Hotspot= Campus, Very Large Mall, Uncovered Broadband Semi Urban/Rural Areas at 10 Mbps(dedicated)

Who will use BSNL WiFi hotspot plans

  • The subscriber of BSNL mobile services or any another network will use these high speed BSNL wireless broadband plans and services.
  • These hotspots can use on any WiFi device with this above subscription plans.

The telecom giant has launched 14 types of BSNL WiFi hotspot plans under the prepaid category. All these plans are chargeable as per lowest prescribed rates for volume based data mentioned against with validity as follows.

BSNL WiFi Hotspot Plans List

Plan Name Price in Rs. (Includes GST) Data Volume & Validity Validity In Calendar Days
BSNL WiFi 10 10 300MB 1
BSNL WiFi 20 20 500MB 3
BSNL WiFi 30 30 750MB 14
BSNL WiFi 40 40 1GB 14
BSNL WiFi 60 60 2 GB 7
BSNL WiFi 75 75 2 GB 14
BSNL WiFi 80 80 1.5 GB 30
BSNL WiFi 100 100 2GB 30
BSNL WiFi 180 180 4GB 15
BSNL WiFi 240 240 6GB 30
BSNL WiFi 349 349 12GB 30
BSNL WiFi 599 599 24GB 30
BSNL WiFi 999 999 60GB 30
BSNL WiFi 1999 1999 150GB 30

As on date and in coming future, wireless data consumption is being the major part of the telecom revenue generation.

Telecom offers BSNL WiFi hotspot plans with reliable data services at customer end. Because it is the top most priority to offer the best quality wireless data speed.

These BSNL WiFi monthly plans provides the data than expected 4G speeds with simple activation process.

On introduction of this new BSNL WiFi prepaid plans, customer will obtain retail WiFi services as high-speed wireless internet connectivity. These are available across India as a regular BSNL WiFi hotspot plans with lowest prepaid tariff for 4G speed internet.

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