Create New Password For BSNL Selfcare Portal Login

Previously, if we want to reset BSNL Selfcare password, we want to approach the concerned nodal officer. It is also of that broadband division or any other engineers of BSNL in that segment. It is just to generate the new password. And also, there is no provision to create our own, they set up and intimates us.

Now it is remodeled with new invented online portal known as BSNL Selfcare. Here you can create your password whenever you require. Usually, any user didn’t forget their user id, because they generate user ids with their names or anything which well known by them. The problem is at all with password only.  The person will create/change BSNL Broadband Selfcare password at the moment and forgot the password later some time.

After the launch of BSNL CDR technology and new invented Selfcare Portal with interlinking both, a user can have many facilities. To avail all of them, a customer need to login into BSNL Portal with one-time registration. However, if you are interested to know this, it a good time to learn here directly.

After registration, login to Self-care account and avail all BSNL services available in your finger tips which incorporate directly in the left sidebar provided. For this, user id and password play a vital role to availing all services at one step. If you forgot your BSNL Selfcare password to log in, then try to recover that first.

To create new BSNL Selfcare password, no details required like birth date, postal code and email address or reset password link, etc. Just create the new with One Time Password received on your mobile.

For that what to do now? create a new password for Selfcare portal simply with the below steps. Take your time to look at each step, which we have presented. So, you may know how to reset BSNL Selfcare password instantly to log in.

  • Open your browser
  • Type the URL as and hit enter.
  • Enter your registered user id and captcha shown in the fields
  • Click on login

BSNL Selfcare Login

  • A new page opens by allowing you to enter your password.
  • Select the Reset Password option indicated to create a new one.

Reset BSNL Selfcare Password

  • Immediately a One Time Password (OTP) will send to your mobile number, which you have presented at the time of registration.

Mobile One Time Password

  • Check your mobile and open the message to know the OTP, because it is valid only for 10 minutes.

Selfcare OTP Mesaage in Mobile

  • If you didn’t receive the OTP or if your time expired, try to click on Resend OTP.
  • Enter your OTP.
  • Submit your New Password and confirm the same in the next also.
  • Click on Submit.

Create BSNL Selfcare New Password

  • Then immediately your New BSNL Selfcare Password has been updated successfully.

Selfcare New Password Updated

With this above simple process, now you may know how to reset BSNL Broadband Selfcare password instantly. It will work on any browser, but most recommended are Internet Explorer IE8 and above, Chrome, Firefox 3.5.5+, and Safari 4.0-5.1 (MacOS 10.5+). So kindly share your experience in resetting BSNL Selfcare password, and if you’re facing any problem in recovering this.

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