Turn On BSNL 3G Speed As High Performing Mobile Internet

The BSNL 3G speed wait is finally over and has been given reasonable results with broader expansion rollout. Even some of the mobile users are searching for how to increase BSNL 3G speed in android phone or an iPhone. For this BSNL 3G speed increase problem, there are many causes, some or shallow and some or complicated. Here we present how to fix BSNL 3G slow speed problem with all the possible solutions.

In common, if BSNL 3G is not working at some point in our mobile, immediately many of us usually confirm that it is BSNL mobile network problem. It is not valid in 90% of the situations because we will show you the real upshots which various users are facing and solved.

BSNL provides uninterrupted high-speed mobile data to all prepaid services by converting default data profile to 3G. The patrons who were in 2G also migrated to high-speed data settings under the prepaid category.

BSNL 3G Speed

Some of the websites have posted the telecom major’s data network in the form BSNL 3G speed review concluding slow system. But first, they want to do the necessary tests and then decide to make a BSNL 3G speed review. Recently many of the 4G operators are offering their bandwidth which is almost similar to BSNL 3G service only.

In our friends alone, some of them are searching for separate BSNL 3G settings for Android. It is all to fix BSNL 3G slow speed solution. But you have to check the various parameters like this.

BSNL 3G Speed Increase

Let’s take a glance which you have to check and also find the solutions for BSNL 3G speed increase without wasting time. We present all in the form Frequently Asked questions and answers? Let’s have a look at all of them?

Can we perform BSNL 3G speed test at any time with an option?

  • An active mobile subscriber of 3G services can check BSNL average speed from anywhere at any time.
  • You can also use various speed test options like Apps, desktop sites to check BSNL 3G speed in Mbps.

Are there any boosters available for BSNL 3G speed increase?

  • The operator didn’t provide any BSNL 3G signal booster to consumers/retailers, but in the market, some signal increase boosters are available which supports for any network.

Having 3G data subscription in my prepaid mobile but BSNL mobile internet not working what I can do?

  • You may check the validity of your BSNL mobile prepaid account. If the prepaid account validity expires, then BSNL 3G connection terminated.

Is there any fastest BSNL APN to fix the slow speed?

  • There is no separate BSNL high-speed APN across India. You can fix BSNL 3G slow speed by verifying the following settings.

Is there any chance to anyone for BSNL 3G speed hack?

  • The only chance for BSNL data speed hack is ‘connecting multiple devices to one GSM device through the personal hotspot.’
  • On connecting multiple at a time, the existing data connection will share equally and results in slow speed.

How can I know, whether I had provided with 3G speed or 2G speed?

  • By default, BSNL provides H+ speeds to every prepaid customer. Regarding the same to confirm, please dial to customer care of BSNL or approach BSNL customer service centers or Franchisees to know your number provision status.

Whether BSNL Postpaid customers also migrated to 3G already?

  • Some of the users didn’t provide with BSNL 3G speeds due to not getting a request from users. If required, please approach BSNL CSC’s to migrate to high-speed bands.

How to fix the slow speed problem in dongles?

  • Many users are thinking about how to increase BSNL 3G speed in the dongle, for all of them, the available basic solution is “ make necessary changes in your Android mobile.”

BSNL data connection not stable why?

  • If you select Auto mode in your mobile data settings, in each session of connecting 2G 3G automatically, BSNL mobile data disconnecting frequently and it results in 3G connection as unstable.

What can I do if I am not getting the minimum 3G speed?

  • First, you have to check, whether your number provides with high-speed data by calling customer care or nearest CSC, if already offers, check your mobile whether your data connection settings are in 2G mode or 3G mode.
  • Many of the complaints occurred due to the selection of 2G network mode in data settings. If you select 3G network mode, then your BSNL 3G speed problem may almost clear without any further assistance.

Let’s check how to change the network mode.

BSNL 3G Slow Speed Solution

It is one of the minor and significant steps for a mobile user to perform on their mobile device only. It is from anywhere where you are at home or roaming areas not in connect the network.

We provide you’re the screenshots about how to increase BSNL 3G speed in android mobile version 7?

  • Open your Settings on your smartphone
  • Click on ConnectionsBSNL Mobile Settings
  • Select Mobile networks (In Android 6 and below Click on More networks > mobile networks)Android Mobile Network Settings
  • Here you can find two SIMs (SIM1 and SIM2).
  • Click on the SIM card which you have allowed the dataBSNL Cellular Network
  • Select LTE/3G/2G (auto) or 3G/2G (auto connect) or 3G only to communicate with high speedsBSNL 3G Speed Settings

Even if you have a single point 3G signal also, by selecting the above mode in your mobile, it results in high-speed data.

I have recharged with the data plan, but didn’t get 3G on my mobile why?

Follow the steps in the above screens in Connections to fix BSNL 3G slow speed.

There is no use if you select another SIM card instead of data recharge SIM card which results in inactive data.

Where we post BSNL Network coverage problem complaint in online or offline?

  • If you find any BSNL network problem complaint after verifying the 3G signal in your area and also If BSNL 3G Signal problem raises frequently? Please post this at any of the following.
  1. Intimate to local office.
  2. Complain to BSNL customer care.
  3. Place on the board at BSNL online complaint portal.

In metro cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, etc.. some indoor area coverage’s not covered adequately. In that aspect, you and I or anyone can make a complaint about the status of that area with any of the above modes. BSNL will respond for us to remove the BSNL network problem / 3G coverage.

With some of the estimations, we can easily find what is a solution when BSNL 3G disconnects at regular intervals or slow speed? Having any queries on this BSNL 3G slow speed issue, please post in comments, also share the tips if any you have to increase BSNL 3G speed.

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