BSNL WiFi HotSpot Internet Activation Process

Much awaited BSNL WiFi Hotspots are available to usage with unlimited internet, and many users are confusing in activation process. For this we simply presented the activation process clearly for activation of 4G based BSNL Wi-Fi Services at any time round the clock on reaching the BSNL Wi-Fi Zone.

BSNL in association with Quad Gen is offering BSNL WiFi Hotspot service, which will offer ultra speed internet upto 1.2Gbps. Connecting to this BSNL Wi-Fi service is very simple and straight forward, and these services are available at our world’s 7th wonder “TajMahal”, in and around Hussain Sagar of Hyderabad, and even in Kochi and Kozhikode etc.. and many more, which is going to be launch as total 40,000 BSNL Wi-Fi Hotspots across India.

BSNL has offered 4G based WiFi Hotspot services with Unlimited Internet in three types as

  1. Free WiFi.
  2. BSNL WiFi with Voucher Login.
  3. WiFi with Paid Login.

To taste BSNL WiFi service, there is no need to get a connection. Just use 4G based BSNL WiFi Service with the above any options. For that, follow the below said steps and access BSNL WiFi Hotspot Service, but this Free WiFi service is only available only for 30 Minutes of Duration for three times in a month. After that if you want to have longer duration at cheaper BSNL WiFi Hotspot Tariff, you can opt for BSNL WiFi Hotspot Service on Physical Voucher based and also against e-Voucher based as above.

If you want to use BSNL WiFi Service with the above options. BSNL WiFi Hot spot service is as simple as deliberated in steps as follows, so just follow the below mentioned steps followed with screen shots for more clarity.

Common Procedure

  • Just turn on your WiFi Service in your Laptop / Smartphone or any Wireless Device.
  • Check if your are able to find the Wi-Fi Service available to you as QFI-WiFi Hot Spot.
  • Click on QFI-WiFi and fill up the details and you will receive an OTP and provide the same on the mobile screen to access browsing with BSNL WiFi Hot Spot Service.

BSNL WiFi Hotspot Location

Step 1 :- Access BSNL Free Wi Fi Unlimited Internet

  • Follow the common procedure as above.
  • you will receive Free WiFi verification code instantly on submission of details.
  • Enter received login Code and Submit.
  • Enjoy BSNL Free WiFi Services for 30Minutes in three occasions over a month.

BSNL WiFI Hotspot Login

Step 2: BSNL WiFi Connecting Process with Physical Voucher Login

BSNL has also offered physical vouchers for the ease of customers for activation of BSNL WiFi Hotspot Unlimited Internet.

  • First follow the common procedure as above.
  • After Completion of Free Usage, you will automatically redirected to Voucher / Paid Login.
  • Select Voucher Login, Enter the details and Submit.
  • You will receive a verification code for voucher login, just enter that and enjoy the browsing according with voucher tariff.

BSNL WiFI Voucher Login

Step 3: BSNL WiFi Connecting Process with e-Voucher based WiFi Login

BSNL allows eVouchers which will be available at the time of login at any time on payment according with BSNL Wi-Fi Hotspot Tariff.

  • Follow the common procedure as above.
  • Just enter your mobile number in Paid Login and Click New User
  • Fill the details in the form and Submit
  • You will be redirected to Payment Gateway.
  • Select Banks / Card payment option and input the payment details.
    On succesful transaction, you will be sent an OTP for accessing the WiFi HotSpot Services.
  • Enter the OTP received and enjoy the browsing with given timings.

BSNL WiFi Hotspot Paid Login

These BSNL WiFi Hotspot Services is based on MIMO Technology, which enables Internet User of Mobile / Laptop / Tablet or any Wireless Wi Fi device to access Internet data connection at a speed upto 1.2Gbps. Furthermore a single WiFi Hotspots can offer service for about 300-400 users and BSNL is planning multiple WiFi hotspots depending up on the density and load to cater more number of users at a time.

At present BSNL WiFi Hotspot tariff having Unlimited Internet is very much cheapest than 3G / 4G vouchers available in present telecom market. So 5G based high speed data with Unlimited Internet will be available for wireless internet users at cheapest cost in India, only with BSNL WiFi Hotspot Services.



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