BSNL SIM Card Price and How To Get BSNL SIM Replacement Easily

How to block BSNL SIM card and how to get replacement SIM card easily at anywhere? What are the conditions involved to avail latest BSNL 4G SIM. Here you can know and guide about the latest BSNL SIM card price and available options in all India to get required Micro or Nano SIMs and 4G services along with how to activate BSNL SIM after expiry.

In what case does a customer require BSNL SIM card for replacement? It is either for SIM lost (mobile theft) or SIM not working cases. For the first instance, nowadays, many cell phone manufacturers are offering General Insurance. It is at the time of purchasing the new cell phone.

During the theft cases, General insurance companies will process the claim. But it is done on submitting all the documents along with BSNL replacement SIM receipt from the service provider. In the second case, if the BSNL SIM card is not working means, it is due to some common issues raised in BSNL Mobile SIM card. They are like as follows.

To overcome all the above issues, subscriber requires BSNL SIM card replacement with the same mobile number. It is also without losing any existing balance and facilities. For that, there are some reasons also for not issuing the duplicate SIM to the subscriber.

So every customer should know all about BSNL SIM replacement. Here we are presenting the complete guidance and total info in the form of frequently asked questions raised by the customers in real time with suitable answers.

PAN India GSM operator launches BSNL SIM card 4G in different sizes compatible for latest iPhones, Android mobiles like Samsung, Oppo, etc. Apart from BSNL 4G SIM, 3 in 1 repluggable BSNL SIM card is already available with Normal, Micro and Nano Slot for using in Feature Phones, Smartphones, iPhones, Tablets and iPads.


As per the advanced market trend and customer requirements, PSU offers the latest SIM card for iPhones and Android phones for new as well as for replacement. At present, it is only cheapest valued never given by any mobile operator in the market. BSNL 4G SIM priced at Rs 20 only which continues the image of brand BSNL.

What is BSNL USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module)?

  • It is a tiny computer which can handle numerous mini applications like 4G. For instance, an e-purse for the subway, a local service portal giving you access to many M2M (Machine to Machine) applications. Also, it is with a public phone book capacity having a minimum of 1000.
  • USIM Card provides for its 3G and latest BSNL 4G SIM Services having 128K / 256K memory. Most 2G SIM cards will have a memory of 32K, with some latest 2G SIM having 64 K memories.
  • UMTS network is new generation network which is responsible for providing high-speed data rate luxury to the consumer. The video call facility and other along with security on UMTS network may use at any BSNL Dongles /Mobile Phones and now 4G gadgets.

BSNL Nano SIM and its features?

  • What the fourth version of SIM cards or 4th Form Factor(4FF) come early in 2012 is BSNL Nano SIM.
  • It is the smallest SIM in the market components such as additional memory or larger batteries.
  • These are the only cards compatible with latest iPhones or any Android phones like Samsung, HTC, Oppo Mobiles.

Due to many variations in BSNL SIM card, Telecom major introduced BSNL SIM card offers on price at a flat rate at Rs.10, 20, 30 and Rs.50. These fees are only for new activation and for replacement/ defective/lost BSNL SIM card regarding below-mentioned plans. In many instances, BSNL provides SIM card for free in all circles at the time promotional offers.

BSNL SIM card prices are standard in all the service areas across India. It is only for 2G and 3G Mobile services up to the time if any SIM card deals announced. Even a customer wants to buy BSNL sim card online, and these are the charges to avail them. These rates are inclusive of service tax in Indian Rupees for various types of SIM cards as follows.

BSNL SIM Card Price Details

Particulars Normal /Micro SIM / Nano Smart SIM (3 in 1 Repluggable) of 32K to 128K in Rs. including prepaid international roaming SIM card BSNL 4G SIM Nano SIM 256K SIM
SIM card price in Rs. for New Prepaid Mobile Connections
Paired SIM (For New Connection) 10 20 30 50
Unpaired Choose Your Mobile Number (CYMN)
MNP (Mobile Number Portability)
SIM card price in Rs. for Replacement / Duplicate / Dummy Prepaid SIM
Unpaired Replacement 10 20 30 50
SIM card price in Rs. for Replacement of Postpaid SIM
Postpaid Unpaired Replacement 10 20 30 50

BSNL SIM Card replacement charges for CTopUp SIM of authorized BSNL Retailer SIM will also fix at Rs.10. Where the SIM for free is not applicable for retailers also if problem not operator. All the charges mentioned BSNL SIM card offers should apply to all BSNL prepaid recharge plans and postpaid services under GSM.

BSNL SIM Replacement Procedure

Are there any separate procedures to get BSNL SIM replacement for different cases?

  • The procedure is standard for all the cases like Theft(Lost), Broken and replacement of Micro to Nano. Just submit Proof of Address and Proof of Identity, get your duplicate BSNL SIM card with the same number.

Is BSNL replacement SIM procedure is standard for prepaid and postpaid services?

  • Yes, the process is standard for all BSNL Prepaid and Postpaid mobile service customers.

How can an employee avail replacement SIM if it is in the company’s name?

  • Submit an authorization letter from concerned authorities along with the ID card of the employee who uses the mobile connection.

What are the technical aspects involved in the SIM process?

  • For mobile services, BSNL is maintaining MSC’s (Mobile Switching Center) with HLR and VLR. There are many MSCs in each telecom circle, and each MSC interlinked with each other in entire India.
  • HLR is Human Location Resource provides the facilities like data, calling, SMS and all provisions related to mobile number. It is the only database for a mobile subscriber information an integral part of GSM or CDMA or TDMA networks.
  • VLR is Visitor Location Resource, and it is the database in a mobile communications network associated with BSNL MSC.
  • When a user inserts SIM card in mobile handsets, it interacts with VLR and updates from HLR data.

BSNL SIM Card ReplacementHow does a BSNL SIM card work in Roaming?

  • If a customer of Chennai travels to Bangalore, then the VLR of Bangalore MSC contacts with Home MSC (Chennai). It stores the data by allotting a temporary mobile number to that SIM which maps to the original mobile number.

Can I get my same BSNL mobile number, when my existing one is damaged?

  • Approach BSNL Customer Service Center for the same mobile number along with POI and POA which proves your identity. Then BSNL staff will verify the details regarding validity and name. Immediately they will issue the BSNL SIM card replacement with the same mobile number.

Will the charges for BSNL SIM replacement is same in all the circles?

  • Yes, in all the circles the BSNL duplicate SIM card cost for Micro, Nano, and 256K variants will be the same.

Can I approach any CSC of other states for BSNL SIM replacement?

  • As per the technical condition, there is no possibility to swap the BSNL SIM card by another different circle. So you have to approach your home circle only for BSNL duplicate SIM.
    • Ex:- If a customer belongs to Chennai circle, he can’t avail the duplicate SIM from BSNL Karnataka circle.
  • A client will require a BSNL duplicate SIM from another state at the time of traveling only. To overcome this situation also, there may be a chance to introduce number swapping in all India like the introduction of All India mobile number portability.

Can I enjoy the existing freebies or other facilities for a replacement?

  • BSNL SIM Replacement means a physical card will replace in place of existing one and mapped with the same mobile number by deactivating the old. All the existing facilities(Voice, SMS, data balance, expiry date, F and F numbers) will continue after activation in replacement SIM also.

How much time will a customer wait for BSNL SIM replacement activation?

  • After submitting the necessary POI and POA to CSC for the requirement of either Micro/Nano/ 3 in 1 Re-pluggable, it will take a minimum of 30 minutes and maximum of 4hours of time for activation of BSNL duplicate SIM card.

Is there any separate SIM card for iPhones 7, 7+ and Samsung S8 or latest version mobile phones?

  • No, there is no separate SIM’s for different mobiles. The existing re-pluggable SIM cards are coming with three slots. These are compatible with feature phones, smartphones with Micro SIM slot and latest cell phones contains Nano slot.

Why doesn’t BSNL SIM replacement provides other circles?

  • The customer data of BSNL mobile number allows to home circle HLR available in MSC. When travels to other state/circle, the VLR data only updates, not HLR data.
  • To activate the SIM in another circle, they don’t have any access to get the data from HLR for activation. So that only, the other state/circle can’t issue to duplicate SIM for activation.

Is there any facility to change the ownership to get duplicate SIM card?

  • There are two ways to change the ownership.
    1. Surrender the number to BSNL by submitting a requisition to concerned office and request to release again.
    2. Link with Aadhar EKYC on Reverification.
  • For this second method, the mobile number must be in working condition only, but for the first case, it is not applicable.
  • The best method to change the ownership to get a duplicate SIM is linking Aadhar with EKYC. After approval it automatically adjusts the original name of the customer, to present who are using the SIM card.

Is there any separate BSNL SIM replacement form is available?

  • Some of the customer service centers printed the BSNL duplicate SIM card letter format, and some follow to issue on the existing new CAFs.
  • Even if a client submits a request on handwriting, BSNL will issue the duplicate SIM card. So, it is not mandatory and also not having any prescribe BSNL SIM replacement form in all India.

How to deactivate BSNL SIM card online, if not required?

  • At present the online facility is not available, the only provision is BSNL Replacement SIM at any CSC of the home circle.

Is there any EKYC / biometric process to get duplicate SIM card?

  • Yes, telecom brand will handle the BSNL SIM replacement cases through EKYC biometric also. Only the connections already linked with Aadhar will process biometric EKYC method for replacement SIM card.

Can a feature phone customer ask for Nano SIM card?

  • Yes, any customer of BSNL mobile services can ask for Nano SIM replacement, and there is no separate procedure to get BSNL SIM card if sim card not working. At present BSNL provides 3in1 Repluggable SIMs contains Normal / Micro / Nano slots in one BSNL SIM card, there is no particular requirement only for Nano.

An authorization letter to collect duplicate SIM card will accept by BSNL on behalf of the owner of the SIM card?

  • As per the present condition of the customer on producing the necessary acceptable documents and request letter for sim card replacement mentioning the authorization, BSNL CSC in charge will process the case as per the genuineness.

Is it mandatory to post an application letter for the lost SIM card to Police?

  • To claim insurance it is necessary, but to get BSNL replacement card, it is not mandatory.

If I lost my mobile, Is it mandatory to block BSNL SIM?

    • No, it is not necessary to block the same. Also, many of the customers didn’t know how to deactivate BSNL SIM card and the steps to follow after blocking the SIM card.
    • The involved process is as under:-
      • If a subscriber contacts BSNL customer care to block SIM before replacement, they will handle the case and blocks BSNL account temporarily.
      • After replacement and after the second request, they will process again to activate deactivated BSNL SIM card.
    • So, the best BSNL SIM blocked solution is approaching any CSC in home circle and apply for BSNL SIM replacement without blocking. If BSNL replacement SIM processed, then automatically the old card will deactivate.

Is BSNL SIM replacement online facility available?

    • At present, the online service is not available to get duplicate SIM, and soon after the introduction, we will update to every customer.

Will SIM lock open automatically after getting BSNL replacement SIM (if blocked when lost)?

  • No, BSNL customer has to request the CSC for the release of locked SIM at the time of replacement or after the activation of BSNL duplicate SIM.

Can I get the data facility by default after replacement or I have to register again?

  • After BSNL SIM card replacement, data service will activate by default as per the previous condition.

My phone is saying “Emergency calls only.” I have worked out that it is a problem of my postpaid BSNL SIM card. What do I do now?

  • It is due to SIM card problem. If you are an existing customer, approach CSC and ask for BSNL SIM replacement. If you a new customer request concerned for immediate activation of new SIM card.

How to block BSNL SIM card at Customer care or at CSC

How does a customer block BSNL SIM card and what are intentions behind them? Also, how to activate deactivated BSNL SIM card? Most of the GSM users purchasing a minimum of Rs.5000 to 25000 worth of mobile phones from the market.

Every day thousands of cell phones are stolen, and in that Apple’s iPhone and major Android phones are the prime targets for thieves. In the contemporary situations, once a mobile phone snatched means, there is no opportunity to find them, because some of the thieves fired the existing SIM card immediately to do not find initially.

If it is an expensive phone, the robbers were changing the IMEI number also. On altering the IMEI number, there is 100% no chance to find the phone. The only action is Block BSNL SIM card at that time immediately.

The second probability to deactivate BSNL SIM card is, many of the customers are maintaining a minimum of two and above SIM cards in their pockets. In some situations, they forgot the SIM where they kept, so the consumer can block the SIM card to avoid misuse by others if it finds by anyone.

In some cases the customers can think like this, My SIM card got blocked, how do I unlock it? At this stage, he/she must check it whether it blocked or not, by reinserting the SIM card.

Procedure To Block BSNL SIM Card

A GSM customer can block BSNL SIM card in two situations, i.e. SIM Lost and Stolen. In this two stages, the customer can easily block BSNL SIM card in below-mentioned methods to prevent illegal usage by others.

  1. Dial BSNL Mobile Customer Care number and intimate the details to Block BSNL SIM card. The representative will ask for the following details
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address details

If you confirm the same, then the executive of BSNL customer care will process the issue to concerned switch for immediate blocking of the SIM and circulate a request number to you.
2. Approach nearest authorized customer service center and submit valid Proof of Identity /Proof of Address [Aadhar card] for fast deactivation of SIM card. The team of BSNL immediately will place a request in their database to block BSNL SIM card.
Will a customer of BSNL Maharashtra block the SIM from Karnataka?

  • At present, It is not possible. The only home circle can Block BSNL SIM card of that circle. Also when a customer of Maharashtra dials to customer care from Karnataka, he/she reaches to Karnataka customer care only, so it is not possible.

Whether the SIM card disconnected permanently or temporarily for certain days?

  • After complaining to deactivate BSNL SIM card, it will block temporarily up to the activation of new replacement SIM with the same number or up to the expiry of that mobile number.

Whether the BSNL SIM Unblock will do automatically or not?

  • At present, if a customer gets the replacement SIM, BSNL SIM card will unlock automatically. If a consumer finds the existing SIM, then he may call to customer care or nearest CSC for unbarring the blocked status.

Can we preserve the BSNL SIM card block number?

  • On complaining to customer care or at CSC, they will give a docket number. It is not mandatory to preserve or has to submit for next replacement SIM. It lacks only to know the complaint status.

Can the owner of SIM card only block the SIM?

  • The owner of the SIM card or the authorized person who knows all the details can block the SIM card through BSNL customer care.

Are there any charges to deactivate BSNL SIM card?
There are no charges for deactivation of BSNL SIM card, and then the customer has to pay only SIM replacement charges when activated.

Will the prepaid and postpaid customers are both can block their SIMs?

  • Yes, any prepaid or postpaid customer can deactivate BSNL SIM card.

Can we get incoming calls upon BSNL SIM card block?

  • Block BSNL SIM card means, the total inbound and outgoing calls entirely locked for that mobile number.

How to block BSNL SIM card online

  • At present, there is no access to Block BSNL prepaid SIM card online. Even the postpaid service customer also can lock the SIM through customer care or by CSC executives. It is also only by complaining. In future, the operator will introduce a new portal to block lost BSNL card online.

When I get the duplicate SIM after blocking?

  • Before blocking or from the next minute of blocking the BSNL SIM card, you can approach nearest CSC for receiving replacement SIM in place of lost SIM.

What is the best BSNL SIM blocked solution?

  • If you find your SIM lost/stolen, approach BSNL CSC directly to get the replacement of SIM card. So you can obtain immediate access to your mobile number instead of blocking.

All the above BSNL SIM blocked solutions will clear many queries about how to block BSNL SIM card. If you have any recommendations and anything stronger than this info on this BSNL SIM card blocking, please share us. Your feedback is precious to us.

How to activate BSNL SIM after expiry?

There are several ways to activate the expired BSNL SIM card. First you must know how your SIM card is expired, when it is permanently blocked.

  • In most of the BSNL prepaid recharge plans, the maximum validity is 6months. From expiry date, BSNL SIM card will be under GP1 (Grace period) for 15 days and 165 days in GP2. After the completition of GP2, BSNL SIM number will goes to cooling state and move to online for further release to other subscriber.
  • At present there is no BSNL lifetime validity recharge for any plan. And the customers will get frequent SMS before one week upto the expiry date.

If the customer wants to activate his BSNL mobile number at any time before 180days of expiry, he can activate BSNL SIM by just reacharging with any plan or BSNL validity recharge.

Hope you will know all about this, in this history of BSNL SIM card. If you have more queries or any suggestions on this BSNL SIM card replacement, blocking and activation procedures, please share with us.

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