BSNL North East 1 (Meghalaya, Mizoram & Tripura) Broadband Plans on DSL / FTTH Network

Introduced BSNL new DSL & Fiber optic internet broadband plans along with 45GB Addon for North East 1 (Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura) customers as back up service for Bharat Fiber internet connection at just 99 per month with 8Mbps internet speed, Find the latest plans of DSL and FTTH broadband applicable for North East 1 circle…

Here is the tariff on DSL technology & Fiber to the Home network under BSNL broadband services from 10Mbps bandwidth to 300Mbps download speed applicable for Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura SSAs as per the new feasibility.

So you may check the right tariff plan from the list of updated broadband plans and choose the best as per your requirement.

BSNL North East 1 Broadband Plans

BSNL Fiber PlanDownload Speed Upto (per month) as per feasibility Rent in Rs
Fiber Basic (Only for New Customers)30 Mbps till 3300GB, then 2Mbps449
After 6months, the plan automatically migrates to Fibre Basic Plus
Fibre Basic Plus #60Mbps till 3300GB, then 2Mbps599
Fibre TB Plan100Mbps till 1000GB, then 5Mbps777
Super Star 1100Mbps till 1000GB, then 5Mbps (Free Hotstar)779
Fiber Value#100Mbps till 3300GB, then 2Mbps799
Fibre Value Plus100Mbps till 1500GB, then 10Mbps849
Super Star 2150Mbps till 2000GB, then 10Mbps949
Fibre Premium #200Mbps till 3300GB / month, then 2Mbps999
Fibre Premium Plus200Mbps till 3300GB, then 15Mbps1277
Fibre Ultra #300Mbps upto 4000GB / month, after 4 Mbps1499
Fibre Silver300Mbps till 4500GB, then 25Mbps1999
Fibre Silver Plus300Mbps till 5000GB, then 30Mbps2499
Fibre Ruby300 Mbps till 6500GB, then 40Mbps4499
Fibre Golden300 Mbps till 8000GB, then 50Mbps5999
Fibre Diamond300 Mbps till 12000GB, then 60 Mbps9999
Fibre Platinum300 Mbps till 21000GB, then 70 Mbps16999

Apart from the above, BSNL has introduced the following mentioned DSL broadband plan as an Addon pack and backup plan for Bharat Fiber subscribers, check the new tariff applicable with the following tariff.

45GB Addon Plan for NE 1 customers

Particulars Plan Tariff
Broadband Plan 45GB Add on CS351
Monthly Bandwidth Upto 8Mbps till 1.5GB/day, then upto 1Mbps
Applicable for All existing Bharat Fiber customers in NE 1 circle
Monthly Charges Rs.99
Download or Upload Limit Unlimited Internet
Free Email 1 Account with One Email ID
Free Calls Voice facility is not available, Only Internet service is provide as a backup
  • If any customers of North East 1 (Meghalaya, Mizoram & Tripura) circle opt out from his/her BSNL Bharat Fiber broadband connection on which back-up plan is working, his/her back-up plans will be automatically disconnected immediately.
  • Existing Cash back scheme will not be applicable under above plan.
  • No Installation & Plan Security charges will be levied for the above plan.
  • No charges towards Landline Registration/ Landline security deposit will be levied for above plan.
  • Voice facility is not available under above back-up plan. Therefore, no Telephone instrument is to be provided.

18 thoughts on “BSNL North East 1 (Meghalaya, Mizoram & Tripura) Broadband Plans on DSL / FTTH Network”

  1. These plan are just on paper on reality there are no such connection on BSNL Meghalaya i had enquired and the bsnl staff had no idea what so ever of these plan and told me there are none of these connections.

  2. I would like to start new broadband connection in aizawl mizoram, is it possible to do it now in these current lockdown.

  3. I would like to get a new wifi connection in my home at Madan Laban, Is it possible to get it at the earliest possible time?

  4. what is the documentation required to avail a new plan,
    and what is the total charges required for get a new connection, kindly reply(i.e. wire wi-fi router etc. etc)

  5. Bharat fibre service is poor now is north east Meghalaya, Very very poor service no one listen the complaint about internet problem.

  6. I want internet connection but I don have landline connection is it still possible to get cul bharat fiber connection.
    mob – 7005365894

  7. Sir,
    I have a Broad Band (BSNL) connection in my daughter’s name. Can I convert my existing BB connection to Bharat Fibre connection.
    Yours D K Areng

  8. Please, I am a newbie here and I am activating/connecting the new “600GB CUL Bharat Fiber Rs. 849 monthly” in FTTH plan and I have paid Rs. 4350 already. Here, the think I don’t understand is that :-
    1. I was told to pay for :-
    a) Rs. 849 + GST 18% (Monthly Bill)
    b) INSTALLATION : Free
    c) ONU (Router) : Rs. 3500
    d) Security Deposit : 849

    Total : Rs. 4349
    So, I’m asking that, what will be the security deposit for? and will not it be generated as the 1st Bill from the activation date?

    But here, I want to quote that, our Service Providers want us to pay for the Bill again by default from the 1st of the next month and also to pay the remaining bill from the activation date till the last of the month as POSTPAID..
    What is the meaning of this as the TARRIF/PLAN is already mentioned clearly as it was “600GB CUL Bharat Fiber Rs. 849 monthly” as a PREPAID actually..

    Please understand my issue and kindly answer my question accordingly..

    Thanks & Regards

  9. I want internet connection but I don have landline connection is it still possible to get fiber optic connection.

    • Yes you can, but BSNL service is not so good always ping high timeout facing this issue but no solution, suggest to contact another service provider…

    • Yes, you can apply at anytime, BSNL is an emergency service and providing all customer services till date.

      • We have been waiting for more than 2 months for the connection now, They told us that it will take a month but it’s already almost 3 months. And everyday u call they say 10 more days, So unprofessional.

  10. Can i apply for a broadband connection in this current lockdown, Also, the customer care is not receiving calls for query realted to new broadband connection.

    • I am from in Mawdiangdiang, NEIGRIHMS Campus, Shillong, I want to have BSNL fibre connection, During this COVID timing I don’t want to visit BSNL office, What are the requirements for a new connection, Can you provide me with a number to communicate.


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