BSNL MP Broadband Plans Specific Tariff on Bharat Fiber & DSL

Just like Giga Fiber, BSNL introduced specific Bharat Fiber broadband plans in MP over fixed line network by extending the special offers to the users for each subscription towards advance payments for unlimited high speed internet and unlimited calling in entire telecom circle.

Madhya Pradesh circle offers 60 Mbps to 300 Mbps Bharat Fiber broadband plans starts from 599 monthly rental charges with applicability for all users in BSNL MP circle, so for registration to the new Bharat Fiber plans, user can register in online to avail services at your doorstep.

BSNL MP Broadband Plans on Bharat Fiber and DSL Services

Have a look at all BB plans available in the circle, then you will surprised about the new introductions

BSNL Broadband Plans MP

Optic Fiber PlanSPeedPost FUP limitMonthly Charges in Rs
Fiber Basic Plus 60Mbps3300GB / month, after 2Mbps599
100GB CUL50Mbps100GB / month, then 2Mbps499
Superstar 300 with Free Hotstar100Mbps300GB/month, then 5Mbps779
500GB CUL100Mbps500GB/month, then 5Mbps777
600GB CUL100Mbps600GB/month, then 10Mbps849
Super Star 500 with Hotstar Premium100Mbps500GB/month, then 10Mbps949
750GB Plan200Mbps3.3TB/month, then 15Mbps1277
33GB CUL200Mbps4TB / month, then 20Mbps1999
40GB CUL200Mbps4TB/month, then 20Mbps2499
55GB CUL200Mbps4TB/month, then 20Mbps4499
80GB Plan200Mbps4TB/month, then 20Mbps5999
120GB Plan200Mbps4TB/month, then 20Mbps9999
170GB Plan200Mbps170GB/day, then upto 20Mbps16999
DSL PlanDownload Speed UptoFUP SpeedMonthly rent in Rs
Work @ Home
(Limited Scheme)
10Mbps5GB/ day then 1MbpsFree
2GB BSNL CUL8Mbps2GB/day, then 1Mbps369
2GB CUL8Mbps2GB/day, then 1Mbps419
3GB CUL8Mbps3GB/day, after 1Mbps519
4GB CUL10Mbps4GB/day, after 2Mbps629
5GB CUL10Mbps5GB/day, then 2Mbps729
Superstar 300 with free Hotstar10Mbps300GB/month, then 2Mbps779
12GB CUL10Mbps12GB/day, then 2Mbps899
Super Star 500 with Hotstar Premium10Mbps500GB/month, then 2Mbps949
10GB CUL Family10Mbps
& 3 SIM cards with unlimited
10GB/day, after 2Mbps1199
22GB CUL10Mbps22GB/day, then 2Mbps1299
25GB CUL10Mbps25GB/day, thereafter 4Mbps1599

All the plans available as regular tariff in MP Telecom circle under Bharat Fiber network, and the subscriptions of Half Yearly / Annual / Two Year are allowed with BSNL Discount Scheme.

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  1. I want to install bsnl fiber in my house and they are asking for 3500rs for modem and installation, Is the price right ? Location – a b road gol pahadiya lashkar gwalior madhya pradesh.

  2. I want to install bsnl fiber in my house and they are asking for 5500rs for modem and installation. Is the price right ? Location – Birsinghpur, District-Umaria

    • I wanted to know that ftth BSNL availability in Sagar area Parthiban MP Hous no. MIG 84, Sunrise Megacity, Tilli road, Sagar, MADHYA PRADESH 470001

  3. I applied for connection online It’s 6 days past but no one responded on that request. My request number is 9000427892 @BSNL TeleServices – can you please have a look.

  4. Sir Is there any plan unlimited up to 20 GB speed because many plan has GB limitations, so i want an unlimited plan with high-speed minimum 20MB

  5. I am using BSNL Broadband services since its inception in Bareilly. I have noticed that BSNL is offering BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) Plans in Bareilly City as well and therefore I may like to change from the existing Combo Plan I am presently using. I would appreciate if the details of various available plans are provided to me.

    Can I apply online for the registration for the same?

    How much time it may take to get the plan substituting with the present one?

  6. Please let me know the status of Optical Fibre line at Shakti nagar Sector 1 Habibganj Bhopal, I have a BSNL connection and I am interested in 100 Mbps plan, Also let me know can I use the same number for making calls or new number will be allotted to me.

  7. Please let me know the status of Optical Fibre line at Kirti Nagar, Indore Road (near lal gate), Ujjain, I have a BSNL connection with broadband, and I am interested in 100 Mbps plan.


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