How To Transfer Balance from BSNL to BSNL using SMS or USSD Code

Mobile Customer can now have BSNL balance transfer facility from one BSNL mobile to another prepaid mobile in an easy way. The process in detail step by step explained for how to transfer the Gift Talk Time or Mobile Talk Value Balance transfer from one prepaid mobile number to another BSNL GSM Prepaid Mobile number in same circle after Registration with transfer codes as below in a right manner

For transferring talktime from his/her account to another mobile prepaid GSM / 3G subscriber of the same circle the subscriber will send an SMS as follows

  • “Gift 94xxxx 200 pwd” to short code 54456. (SMS charges Rs 2/-). BSNL C-TOPUP Platform will look into the content of the SMS and will check

SMS charges Rs 2/- will apply for this. BSNL C-TOPUP Platform will look into the content of the SMS and will check from the IN system availability of required balance talk value in the account of transferor so as to ensure that post transaction balance in the IN account of the transferor remains Rs. 200.

If balance is not adequate, BSNL C-TOPUP platform will generate message, “Request rejected due to inadequate balance in your mobile. Please Recharge/ Topup and then send transfer request”. If balance amount in account is adequate, BSNL C-TOPUP platform will send request to the IN System for talk time transfer in the form of topup decrease in the account of transferor and increase in the account of transferee in accordance with following conditions.

BSNL Balance Transfer

Transfer Your Balance Anytime When Required

Conditions for BSNL Balance Transfer

  • BSNL Mobile Prepaid Talk Time Transfer will starts only after Registration into this service, and the amount of minimum Rs. 10 or its multiples upto maximum amount of Rs.200 is allowed as talk value transfer per transaction i.e. value of talk time transfer (Rs. X) can be between Rs.10 and Rs.200 but in multiples of Rs.10 only.
  • Service charges @ 10% of talk-value to be transferred, subject to a minimum of Rs.3 per transaction, will additionally be deducted from the talk value of transfer-or account. Net talk value X, to be equal to that requested by the subscriber, is to be credited to the account of transferee after deducting Rs. X and 10% of Rs. X or Rs. 3, whichever is higher, from the account of transferor.
  • To begin with only five transactions per month per subscriber are to be allowed, where this BSNL Mobile Prepaid Talk time transfer from GSM PCO will not be allowed.

BSNL Mobile Customers of any GSM Prepaid Services are eligible to do the Balance Transfer of GSM Mobile of same BSNL cirlce only(Ex:-From one Karnataka Prepaid Mobile to another Karnataka Mobile).

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