BSNL Andaman Nicobar Broadband Plans on DSL / Fiber (Updated)

Circle specific broadband plans of BSNL over DSL & FTTH (Fiber to Home) network are updated in Andaman Nicobar with new introductions, just check the detailed tariff before subscription for your high speed internet connection provides with unlimited internet and free calls.

India’s most trusted telecom brand Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited introduced new Circle Specific limited postpaid Bharat Fiber (FTTH -Fiber to the Home) broadband plans and DSL tariffs in Andaman Nicobar Telecom Circle on promotional basis as mentioned below with new reformulated high speeds.

We all know about the existing Fiber to the home broadband plans and DSL internet plans available in all India, and the not applicability to Andaman Nicobar Circle, To offer the best connectivity in part of BSNL Bharat Fiber, ISP introduced the new reformulated high speed fibre plans for home and business usage with unlimited usage which was revised from limited, Let’s take a look at tariff

BSNL Andaman Nicobar Fiber to Home / DSL Unlimited Plans

FTTH BB Plan Speed Upto & Limit Monthly Rent Rs 6 Months Rent in Rs 1 Year Rent in Rs
Bharat Fibre 60GB Plan CS330 10Mbps till 60GB , after 512Kbps 799 4794 9588
Bharat Fibre 150GB Plan CS341 10Mbps till 150GB, above 512Kbps 999 5994 11988
Bharat Fibre 10GB/day Plan CS331 10Mbps till 10GB/day, upto 1Mbps 1899 11394 22788
Bharat Fibre 15GB/day Plan CS342 30Mbps till 15GB/day, then 2Mbps 2799 16794 33588
Bharat Fibre 25GB/day Plan CS332 50Mbps till 25GB/day, after 2Mbps 3999 23994 47988
Bharat Fibre 40GB/day Plan CS343 80Mbps till 40GB/day, then 4Mbps 5999 35994 71988
Bharat Fibre 50GB/day Plan CS333 100Mbps till 50GB/day, above 4Mbps 7999 47994 95988
Fiber Basic Plus 60Mbps till 3300Gb,then 2Mbps 599 0 0
Fiber TB Plan 100Mbps till 1000GB, then 5Mbps 777 0 0
Super Star 1 100Mbps till 1000GB, upto 5Mbps 779 0 0
Fiber Value Plus 100Mbps till 1500Gb, upto 10Mbps 849 0 0
Super Star 2 150Mbps till 2000GB, above 10Mbps 949 0 0
Fiber Premium Plus 200Mbps till 3300GB, above 15Mbps 1277 0 0
Fiber Silver 300Mbps till 4500GB, then 25Mbps 1999 0 0
Fiber Silver Plus 300Mbps till 5000GB, upto 30Mbps 2499 0 0
Fiber Ruby 300Mbps till 6500GB, above 40Mbps 4499 0 0
Fiber Golden 300Mbps till 8000GB, then 50Mbps 5999 0 0
Fiber Diamond 300Mbps till 12000Gb, upto 60Mbps 9999 0 0
Fiber Platinum 300Mbps till 21000GB then 70Mbps 16999 0 0
DSL Plan SpeedRent per Month (Rs) 6 Month Rent in Rs 1 Year Rent in Rs
100GB CUL 10Mbps till 100GB then 2Mbps 299 0 0
200GB CUL 10Mbps till 200GB data/day, beyond 2Mbps 399 2195 4190
500GB CUL 10Mbps till 500GB, after 2Mbps 555 3053 5828
Super Star 110Mbps till 779GB, beyond 2Mbps 779 0 8569
Super Star 210Mbps till 1100GB, after 5Mbps 949 0 0
1600GB CUL 10Mbps till 1600GB, then 5Mbps 1299 0 13640
BBG Combo 350 CS240 4Mbps upto 30GB, then 512Kbps 350 0 4200
BBG Combo 650 CS241 8Mbps till 60GB, after 512Kbps 650 0 7800
BBG Combo 1000 CS229 10Mbps till 120GB, beyond 512Kbps 1000 0 12000
BBG Combo 1750 CS224 10Mbps till 10GB/day, after 1Mbps 1750 0 21000
BBG Combo 2750 CS225 10Mbps till 15GB/day, then 2Mbps 2750 0 33000
BBG Combo 3750 CS226 10Mbps till 25GB/day, beyond 2Mbps 3750 0 45000
BBG Combo 5000 CS227 10Mbps till 35GB/day, after 2Mbps 5000 0 60000
BBG Combo 7500 CS262 10Mbps till 50GB/day then 2Mbps 7500 0 90000
BSNl Andaman Nicobar DSL & Fiber Broadband Tariff List
  • 30GB CS240 provides free calls as per landline plan.
  • All DSL plans provides unlimited free calls to BSNL network and night / sundays free calls to any network in India.
  • All FTTH plans as mentioned above will provide any network free calls during 24 hours 365 days.

In BSNL Andaman Nicobar circle, unlimited broadband plans are now offered in place of limited plans with effect from 18.04.2020 and now revised as regular tariff with high speed internet from 10.08.2020, and all the above plan charges are exclusive of GST charges, which are included in the coming bill.

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  1. Why there is so many plans are missing in Andaman and Nicobar like unlimited data in 449 why
    Why bsnl do this in Andaman

  2. Sir I want to upgrade my 150GBper month data plan to 300GB per month from 1June 2021. ph no 202245

  3. dear sir/mam,
    plz note i am using ftth 999 plns. when i am zooom meeting connecting more than 2 persons. it shows your internet is not stable and reconnecting. i am not able to have any meeting . plz take this note and do needful,
    thank you

  4. Sir
    Please send mail to FTTH operator for new connection in my name, I made my payment in the Bsnl Office last Saturday but till date I did not got new connection, so please do it as quickly as possible.

  5. Sir we are daily faces of problems of low speed internet so please sir as soon as possible to set up there BSNL 4G mobile tower in north and middle Andaman.

  6. In thera north and middle Andaman is internet connection too slow in mobile tower we are faced many problems for online classes so please BSNL to set up there 4G tower in highly speed

  7. Nicely you government officials fool andaman people by simply creating this type of offers but not implement it, for 45gb we have to pay3500 including tax.cani was ready on February but these people wanna show off so they are waiting for the president to come and open it. Mean time people can suffer and students who can’t even download a simple 5mb file for class how can they learn and how can they compete with people in main land.

    • Look brother first of all this is not official BSNL website and if you want broadband then approach to your nearest cable operator or if you want landline + broadband then go to BSNL telephone exchange / Bhavan.

  8. When unlimited plans will be available for FTTH please start an unlimited plan soon I’m a college student of Chennai and not able to attend online classes please start unlimited plans of FTTH to attend the class, please.

  9. Sir please please launch CANI high speed internet connection, many type of problem face our islander people mainly student not attend any online class and online exam due to covid 19, I request sir please quickly connect CANI high speed internet in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.


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