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BSNL Rural Broadband Plans, a special tariff introduced for both home and business customers in rural areas. These are with high-speed bandwidth provides at most attractive at cheapest rental charges.

This BSNL rural broadband plans tariff offered for internet customers with more rental discounts at any time as USOF tariff.

After globalization, everything which available abroad is available to all with the e-commerce revolution. But without the internet facility still, the rural India is unable to catch the technological advancements.

BSNL, our PSU having more overheads to maintain an exchange in the countryside. Even then, Indian rural areas are pinned to the internet on the world map because of BSNL only.

In this digital era, most of the families connected in one way or other to other countries. Like kids or relative who settled abroad.

BSNL rural broadband plans

Because of BSNL only they able to have video calls with their dear ones. Indian telecom giant shortened the vast gap between rural and urban areas with its BSNL rural broadband plans.

PSU offers BSNL broadband rural plans with limited usage allowing more choice to customers. It is also with BBG Rural USOF 99, BBG Rural USOF 150, BBG Rural Combo 250, BBG Rural Combo 999 which gives a bandwidth up to 2 Mbps.

These BSNL broadband plans for rural areas charged Rs.99, 150, 350, 650, 999 as minimum monthly charges for both Home /Business ( Commercial ) users.

Telecom brand also offers unlimited BSNL broadband 650 plan “BBG Home Rural Combo UL 650” allows unlimited internet for home users having a bandwidth (download speed) of 2Mbps till 15GB and after 1Mbps.

Customers of Rural can also opt for All India unlimited internet broadband plans accordingly to their usage. To make the client more convenient, BSNL supplies reliable modems at best price for outright purchase or on a rental basis. Have a look at the following rural internet tariff.

BSNL Rural Broadband Plans 2017

Particulars Limited Internet Broadband Plans Unlimited Internet #
Rural Plan Name BBG Rural USOF 99 BBG Rural USOF 150 BBG Rural Combo350 BBG Rural Combo999 BB Rural Combo UL 650
Bandwidth (DL Speed) Upto 2Mbps 8Mbps till 15GB after 1Mbps
Applicable for All Rural Home and Business Users
Monthly Charges (Rs) 99 150 350 999 650
Annual Payment Option in Rs.(11xFMC) 1089 1650 3850 10989 7150
Two Years Payment in Rs. (21xFMC) 2079 3150 7350 20979 13650
Three Years Payment in Rs. (30xFMC) 2970 4500 10500 29970 19500
DL/UL Limit per month 400 MB 1 GB 1.5 GB 20 GB Unlimited
Additional Usage Charges/MB after free DL/UL limit in Rs. Rs.0.3 up to 3GB, after Rs.0.1 0.2 up to 3GB, after 0.1 Rs.0.1 N/A
Free E-mail IDs/Space 1/ 1GB
Telephone Fixed Monthly Charges in Rs As per existing BSNL Rural Landline plans Nil
Free Calls per month 100* 450* 150*
MCU charges in Rs. 1
Additional Facility Unlimited Free Calling to any Network between 9 PM to 7 AM and 24 hours on Sunday

ULD stands for Unlimited Usage with differential speed. DL – Download, UL-Upload.

Important notes on BSNL Rural broadband plans

  • * In NCR Secondary Switching Areas(only in Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, and Noida), free calls in a combo based BSNL broadband plans for rural areas offered by 50% for BSNL and 50% calls to Others from 01-04-2013.
  • The monthly rental charges for BBG Rural Combo UL 650 rent is Rs.725 for selected areas of UP(West).
  • # Rural USOF broadband plans for rural home and all rural. For first 31 connections in rural exchange, Registration, Security deposit, and Installation will not charge for customers for these USOF plans (BSNL rural unlimited broadband plans).
  • Also for first 63 connections in rural exchange, there are no modem fees will be charged to customers in these BSNL rural broadband plans.

The Subscriber, who opts for limited internet BSNL Broadband plans in rural areas. Have a check on your BSNL broadband data usage on a daily basis up to date.

It is for to avoid unauthorized usage on Wi-Fi facility and usage pattern. So Rural internet users across India. Apply Online with any above BSNL Rural broadband plans at any time to get special USOF discount tariff.


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