BSNL Broadband Plans Unlimited With 1Year Amazon Prime MemberShip

Postpaid Unlimited BSNL broadband plans for home or business now offers with one year Amazon Prime Membership. Subscribe BSNL broadband, enter your subscription details and activate your Amazon prime account free for one year…
To tap India’s high speed internet broadband for business or home, new unlimited BSNL broadband plans launched with scorching 20 Mbps speed at just Rs 199. The new enabled broadband cheapest deals allow unlimited high speed internet for rural areas and urban in all India.

These broadband plans from BSNL only provides high speed internet for small business individual needs too. One of the most exciting thing is “all the high speed internet cheapest broadband plans of BSNL provides through DSL and fiber optic internet allows unlimited free calling” with out any rental for voice.

Since 01.11.2017, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited redefines minimum unlimited high internet speed as 8Mbps on upgrading. So, the customer of all BSNL broadband plans starting from “Experience Unlimited Broadband 249” also will get 8Mbps high speed internet services with FUP limit.

The below mentioned high speed internet tariffs are the broadband cheapest deals and standard BSNL broadband plans in 2018 providing unlimited data usage. Take a look and check your state/circle tariffs. Pick the best broadband plans unlimited for high speed internet satisfies all your needs with a new family broadband plan available in the list provides with three free mobile connections having an unlimited free calling.
bsnl broadband plans

BSNL Unlimited Broadband Plans

Here the user is not given the usage limitation. Most people would prefer to take broadband cheaper package since they do not have to worry about how much data they have used. BSNL unlimited broadband plans start from Rs 99 per month only.

Most of the people who are heavy users prefer to take another BSNL best broadband plan since it favors them more with unlimited calls and Internet. It is economical in nature, leading to many people subscribing to it for their increasing broadband usage.

However, for instance, there is many BSNL broadband plans come in different packages that one can purchase for unlimited. Several factors make these plans to be different from each other.

The difference in speed and the duration at which broadband cheapest deal is meant to last are some of the factors that differentiate them. The difference in usage is also a major factor that differentiates them. Some of the unlimited BSNL broadband plans available in the market as offered as follows for broadband buyer in all India.

BBG Combo ULD * Fibro Combo
Plan 150GB Plan 300GB Plan 600GB Plan ULD 777 ULD 1277
Monthly Rent 199 299 491 777 1277
Download Speed Up to (subject to technical feasibility) 20Mbps speed with 5GB per day FUP limit then 1Mbps 20Mbps speed with 10GB per day FUP limit then 1Mbps 20Mbps speed with 20GB per day FUP limit then 1Mbps 50Mbps up to 500GB, then 2Mbps 100Mbps up to 750GB, then 2Mbps
Additional Facility Unlimited Local / STD free calls to any network within India during day and night
Applicability Only for New customers in India
Condition After six months from the date of installation, the subscribed plan will automatically convert to General Plan Not Applicable
  • *Promotional BSNL broadband plans from 06.09.2018 to 04.12.2018. The plans shall be available for the new Broadband customers. However, any existing BSNL landline (i.e. not having Broadband) customers can migrate under ‘BBG Combo ULD 300 GB’ & ‘BBG Combo ULD 600GB’ Plan only. The plans shall not be available on FTTH.

Apart from the above PAN India DSL broadband internet plans, The following are the cirlce specific unlimited plans of BSNL over DSL and Fiber to the home technologies.

We categorise each and provide the upadated information of all the circles with new plans and tariff. Have a look for your circle high speed unlimited internet and calling tariffs.


Best Broadband Plans in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Download Speed Nomenclature Monthly Charges
8Mbps till 30GB, after 1Mbps BBG Combo ULD 470 CS142 470
8Mbps till 60GB, then 1Mbps BBG ULD 545 CS109 545
10Mbps till 150GB, after that 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 675 CS209 675
10Mbps till 200GB, after that 4Mbps BBG Combo ULD 845 CS219 845
10Mbps till 250GB, then 4Mbps BBG Combo ULD 945 CS220 945
10Mbps till 275GB, then 4Mbps BBG Combo ULD 999 CS214 999
10Mbps till 125GB, 2Mbps BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 645 VDSL CS148 645
24Mbps till 300GB, 4Mbps BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1045 VDSL CS149 1045
8Mbps till 40GB, after 1Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 400 CS136

(Available only in Warangal District)

20 Mbps till 100GB, then 2 Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 430 CS300 #

Available in AP / Telangana

(except Hyderabad, Sangareddy, Medak)

20Mbps till 100GB, then 1Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 499 CS303 (Only for AP) * 499
40Mbps till 200GB, then 2Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 645 CS95 645
60Mbps till 300GB, after that 4Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 999 CS4 999
80 Mbps till 400GB, then 8Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 1045 CS96 1045
80 Mbps till 500GB, then 2Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 1500 CS304

(Only for Andhra Pradesh)*

90Mbps till 600GB, after 4Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS280

(Only in Telangana) up to 03.06.2018

100 Mbps till 600GB, then 2Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS305

(Only for Andhra Pradesh) *

100Mbps till 800GB, then 10Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 2795 CS20 2795
8Mbps till 80GB, after 1Mbps BBG Combo ULD 611 CS54 611
BBO ULD 611 CS177 (No Voice) 611

* Promotional BSNL broadband plans available from 07.05.2018 to 04.08.2018 for a new subscription.

# New Offer from 05.07.2018 to 02.10.2018.


Karnataka BSNL Broadband Plans

Particulars Nomenclature Broadband charges monthly
10Mbps up to 30GB BBG ULD 865 CS50 865
10Mbps till 60GB BBG Speed Combo ULD 1091 CS70 1091
50Mbps till 200GB Fibro ComboULD 1100 CS71 * 1100
60Mbps till 250GB Fibro ComboULD 1400 CS72 * 1400
70Mbps up to 50GB FibroCombo ULD1699 CS143 * 1699
80Mbps till 450GB Fibro BBG ULD 1995 CS19 and CS62 * 1995
20Mbps till 100GB Fibro Combo ULD699 CS139 # 699
30Mbps till 150GB Fibro ComboULD 999 CS140 # 999
40Mbps till 200GB Fibro ComboULD 1299 CS141 # 1299
50Mbps till 300GB Fibro Combo ULD1599 CS142 # 1599
100Mbps till 600GB Fibro ComboULD 2499 CS144 2499
  • All the new postpaid BSNL broadband plans allow 2Mbps download speed after crossing above said fair usage policy limit.
  • * BSNL broadband plans only for Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli, and Belgaum.
  • # Not Applicable for Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli, and Belgaum and also allows unlimited 24hours free calling.

Bangalore FTTH Broadband Plans

These are the only relavant Fiber to home broadband internet plans in Bangalore telecom district provides unlimited everything related to voice and data as regular tariff from 25.07.2018

Nomenclature Fibro Combo ULD 1099 CS309 Fibro Combo ULD 1499 CS310 Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS311
Bandwidth (Download Speed) Upto 75 Mbps till 600 GB,

then 2 Mbps

Upto 100 Mbps till 1000GB,

thereafter 2 Mbps

Upto 150 Mbps till 1500GB,

thereafter 2 Mbps

Monthly Charges (Rs) 1099 1499 1999
Annual Payment Option (Rs.) 10990 14990 19990
2 Years Payment (Rs.) 20881 28481 37981
Three Years Payment Option (Rs.) 30772 41972 55972
Download/Upload Limit and Free Calls Unlimited Internet and 24 hours unlimited free calls to any network
Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per ID) 1/1 GB
Static IP Address (On Request) per annum additional for one IP Rs. 2000 Rs.1800
Security Deposit One Month Plan Rent
Minimum Hire Period One Month
Telephone Fixed Monthly Charges in Rs. Nil


Kerala Unlimited Broadband Plans

Particulars Unlimited Plan Broadband Charges monthly
10Mbps till 40GB BBG Combo ULD 1091CS 169 1091
20Mbps till 200GB* Fibro BBG ULD 995 CS287 * 995
30Mbps till 100GB Fibro BBG ULD 1045 CS48 1045
40Mbps till 150GB Fibro BBG ULD 1395 CS49 1395
50Mbps till 200GB Fibro BBG ULD 1895 CS129 1895

* Fibro BBG ULD 995 CS287 available as a promotional broadband deal just in Ernakulam SSA from 26.03.2018 to 23.06.2018.


Tamilnadu BSNL broadband plans

Particulars Nomenclature Broadband charges monthly
10Mbps till 30GB, thereafter 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD699 CS139 699
10Mbps till 60GB, thereafter 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 1049 CS140 1049
30 Mbps till 80 GB, then 2Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 1099 (For all SSAs except Cuddalore, Coonoor, Erode, Kumbakonam and Thanjavur SSA) 1099
100 Mbps till 200 GB, then 2Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 1999 (For all SSAs except Cuddalore, Coonoor, Erode, Kumbakonam and Thanjavur SSA). Also provides 24 hours unlimited free calling. 1999
60 Mbps till 100 GB, after 2 Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 1398 (For all SSAs except Cuddalore, Coonoor, Erode, Kumbakonam and Thanjavur SSA). Also provides 24 hours unlimited free calling. 1398
40 Mbps till 50GB, then 2 Mbps FBBO ULD 998 CS5 998

Chennai Broadband Deals on DSL & FTTH

Nomenclature New Bandwidth (with best effort download Speed) subject to technical feasibility * Postpaid Monthly Rent
BBG Combo ULD 699 CS243 20 Mbps till 700 GB 699
BBG Combo ULD 875 CS244 20 Mbps till 800 GB 875
BBG Combo ULD 1025 CS245 20 Mbps till 900 GB 1025
BBG Combo ULD 1091 CS246 20 Mbps till 1000 GB 1091
BBG Combo ULD 1199 CS308 20 Mbps till 1100 GB 1199
Fibro Combo ULD 999 CS14 80 Mbps till 600 GB 999
Fibro Combo ULD 1299CS45 100 Mbps till 800 GB 1299
Fibro Combo ULD 1699CS46 100 Mbps till 1100 GB 1699
Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS15 100 Mbps till 1400 GB 1999
Fibro Combo ULD 2999 CS47 100 Mbps till 2000 GB 2999
Fibro Combo ULD 4999 CS16 100 Mbps till 3500 GB 4999

*All the Chennai broadband plans on DSL and FTTH provide 2Mbps after FUP limit.

We strongly recommend BSNL FTTH broadband for business and homes to ensure inadequate broadband in every nook and corner with latest BSNL broadband plans Chennai.


Gujarat BSNL broadband plans

Nomenclature Download Speed with FUP limit Up to Monthly Rent Yearly Rent Two Year Advance Rent Static IP Address
BBG Combo ULD 499 CS272 8Mbps till 40GB, beyond 1Mbps 499 5489 10479 Not Applicable
BBG COMBO ULD 399 CS268 8Mbps till 15GB, then 1Mbps 399 4389 8379 NA
BBG Combo ULD 499 CS272 8Mbps till 40GB, beyond 1Mbps 499 5489 10479
BBG COMBO ULD 545 CS306 8 Mbps till 60 GB, after 2Mbps 545 5995 11445
BBG COMBO ULD 795 CS269 10Mbps till 150GB, after 2Mbps 795 8745 16695
BBG COMBO ULD 1275 CS270 10Mbps till 300GB, then 2Mbps 1275 14025 26775 One @ Rs.2000
BBG Combo ULD 1745 VDSL 276 16Mbps till 300GB, after 2Mbps 1745 19195 36645
BBG Combo ULD 999 CS120 10Mbps till 120GB, after 2Mbps 999 10989 14679 Not Applicable
Fibro Combo ULD 999 CS120 24 Mbps till 180 GB after 2Mbps 999 10989 20979
Fibro Combo ULD 1550 CS121 50 Mbps till 300GB after 2Mbps 1550 17050 32550 One @Rs.1800
Fibro Combo ULD 6990 CS122 16 Mbps till 100 GB after 2Mbps NA 6990 Not Applicable
FBBO ULD 9000 CS263 ** 100 Mbps till 100GB, then 2Mbps 9000

*Available only in Vadodara and Ahmedabad of Gujarat as a regular plan.


Haryana BSNL Broadband Unlimited Plans

Broadband Plan Download Speed Up to Monthly Rent Yearly Payment after discount Two Year Payment after discount
BBG Combo ULD 499 CS156 * 2Mbps till 12GB, then 1Mbps 499 5489 10479
BBG Combo ULD 599 CS157 # 4Mbps till 15GB, then 1Mbps 599 6589 12579
BBG Combo ULD 749 CS158 $ 4Mbps till 50GB, then 1Mbps 749 8239 15279

* Unlimited BSNL broadband plans only in Gurgaon and Hisar SSA.

# Faridabad and Gurgaon SSA. $ Gurgaon SSA BSNL broadband plans.

Gurgaon Fiber Internet

Fibernet Plan Bandwidth Up to Monthly Rent Yearly Payment Two Year Payment after discount
Fibro Combo ULD 891 CS264 40Mbps till 150GB, after 2Mbps 891 9801 18711
Fibro Combo ULD 1091 CS265 100Mbps till 260 GB, then 2Mbps 1091 12001 22911
Fibro Combo ULD 1291 CS266 100 Mbps till 350 GB, then 2Mbps 1291 14201 27111

Faridabad Broadband Plans

Nomenclature Download speed Up to Monthly Charges Yearly Payment Twoyear payment
BBG Combo ULD 749 CS167 10 Mbps till 20 GB 749 8239 15729
BBG Combo ULD 799 CS168 10 Mbps till 30 GB 799 8789 16779
Fibro Combo ULD 895 CS99 * 40 Mbps till 170 GB 895 9845 18795
Fibro Combo ULD 1095 CS100 * 100 Mbps till 270 GB 1095 12045 22995
Fibro Combo ULD 1295 CS101 * 100 Mbps till 370 GB 1295 14245 27195
Fibro Combo ULD 1495 CS102 40Mbps till 160 GB 1495 16445 31395
BBG Super Speed ULD 1499 VDSL CS79 16 Mbps till 50GB  after 1Mbps 1499 16489
Fibro Combo ULD 1795 CS103 100 Mbps till 220 GB 1795 19745 37695
Fibro Combo ULD 2095 CS104 100Mbps till 275 GB, 2095 23045 43995
Fibro Combo ULD 3295 CS105 100Mbps till 500 GB 3295 36245 69195

Speed after FUP limit is 2Mbps.

*Available best broadband in Sonipat as a promotional offer from 23.05.2018 for 90days.


Madhya Pradesh Internet Plans

Nomenclature Download speed Monthly Charges Annual
BBG Combo ULD 4945 CS29 8Mbps up to 12GB after 1Mbps 4945 for six months
Fibro Combo ULD 698 CS127# 16Mbps till 30GB, then 2Mbps 698 7678
Fibro Combo ULD 698 CS128# 20Mbps till 40GB, then 2Mbps 798 8778
Fibro Combo ULD 698 CS137# 40Mbps till 100GB, then 2Mbps 998 10978
BBG Combo ULD 550 CS198* 8Mbps up to 60GB after 1Mbps 550 6050
BBG Combo ULD 650 CS199* 8Mbps up to 70GB after 1Mbps 650 7150
BBG Combo ULD 750 CS200* 10Mbps up to 100GB after 1Mbps 750 8250
BBO ULD 550 CS205** 8Mbps up to 60GB after 1Mbps 550 6050
BBO ULD 650 CS206** 8Mbps up to 70GB after 1Mbps 650 7150
BBO ULD 750 CS207** 10Mbps up to 100GB after 1Mbps 750 8250

*Available only in Bhopal. ** Broadband deals only in Bhopal without voice facility. # Available only in Bhopal, Dewas, Dhar, Gwalior, Guna, Indore, Jabalpur, Khandwa, Mansdaur, Morena, Rewa, Ratlam, Sagar, Satna, Ujjain and Vidsha SSAs of MP Telecom Circle


Maharashtra and Goa Unlimited Internet Plans

Nomenclature Download speed up to Monthly Charges Annual Two-Year
BBO ULD 249 CS247 8Mbps till 5GB, then 1Mbps 249 2739 5229
BBO ULD 490 CS248 8Mbps till 35GB, then 2Mbps 490 5390 10290
Fibro Combo ULD 555 CS106 10Mbps till 20GB, then 1Mbps 555 6105 11655
Fibro Combo ULD 777 CS107 20Mbps till 40GB, then 2Mbps 777 8547 16317
Fibro Combo ULD 999 CS108 30Mbps till 60GB, then 2Mbps 999 10989 20979
Fibro Combo ULD 1495 CS138 * 40Mbps till 160GB, then 2Mbps 1495 16445 31395
Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS63 40Mbps till 500GB, after 2Mbps 1999 21989 41979
Fibro Combo ULD 2999 CS64 60Mbps till 750GB, after 2Mbps 2999 32989 62979
Fibro Combo ULD 3999 CS65 80Mbps till 1000GB, after 2Mbps 3999 43989 83979
Fibro Combo ULD 4999 CS66 100Mbps till 2000GB, after 2Mbps 4999 54989 104979

*Available promotional offer up to 22.05.2018.


Rajasthan Broadband Plans

Have a look at the pioneer internet service provider’s FTTH tariff. It is especially in Alwar secondary switching area of Rajasthan to avail fastest BSNL broadband plans at cheapest prices.

Particulars Fibro Combo ULD 791 CS249 Fibro Combo ULD 891 CS250 Fibro Combo ULD 991 CS251 Fibro Combo ULD 1191 CS252 Fibro Combo ULD 1391 CS253 Fibro Combo ULD 1591 CS254
Bandwidth (Download Speed) Up to 40Mbps till 40GB 40 Mbps till 60GB 40Mbps till 80GB 100 Mbps till 130GB 100 Mbps till 180GB 100 Mbps till 230GB
Speed after FUP limit up to 2 Mbps
Applicability All users of Alwar SSA of Rajasthan telecom circle only
Monthly Charges (Rs) 791 891 991 1191 1391 1591
Annual Payment Option (Rs.) 8701 9801 10901 13101 15301 17501
Two Years Payment (Rs.) 16611 18711 20811 25011 29211 33411
Three Years Payment (Rs.) 23730 26730 29730 35730 41730 47730
Free E-mail IDs/Space 1/1 GB
Static IP Address (On Request) Not Applicable One @ Rs.2000/- p.a. additional One @ Rs.1800/- per year

Alwar area netizens, now you have a right chance to access to fast, reliable broadband internet service in your home. Act fast, subscribe online to any above BSNL broadband plans Rajasthan applicable to your area and get more privileges.


Punjab Broadband Best Deals

BSNL Punjab Broadband Plans Download Speed Up to Monthly Charges Yearly payment Two Year Advance Payment
BBG Combo ULD 690 CS236 10Mbps till 80 GB after 2Mbps 690 7590 14490
BBG Combo ULD 1190 CS237 10Mbps till 200 GB after 2Mbps 1190 13090 24990
BBO ULD 490 CS230 * 8Mbps till 35GB, then 2Mbps 490 5390 10290
BBO ULD 590 CS231 * 8Mbps till 60GB, then 2Mbps 590 6490 12390
BBO ULD 890  CS232 * 10Mbps till 160GB, then 2Mbps 890 9790 18690
BBO ULD 990  CS233 * 10Mbps till 210GB, then 2Mbps 990 10890 20790
BBO ULD 1290 CS234 * 10Mbps till 310GB, then 2Mbps 1290 14190 27090
BBO ULD 1590 CS235 * 10Mbps till 110GB, then 4Mbps 1590 17490 33390
Fibro BBG ULD 945 CS30# 10Mbps till 30GB 945
Fibro BBG ULD 1091 CS 31# 10Mbps till 50GB 1091
Fibro BBG ULD 1441 CS32# 10Mbps till 100GB 1441
Fibro BBG ULD 1891 CS33# 24Mbps till 50GB 1891

* Voice facility not available in this BSNL broadband plans. #Available BSNL broadband plans on FTTH network only in Amritsar, Bathinda, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Patiala SSAs of Punjab Circle.


Kolkata Broadband Data Plans

Nomenclature BBG Combo ULD 499 CS281 BBG Combo ULD 599 CS282 BBG Combo ULD 675 CS283 BBG Combo ULD 845 CS284 BBG Combo ULD 945 CS285 BBG Combo ULD 999 CS286
Download Speed Up to 8Mbps till 10GB, then 1Mbps 2Mbps Flat 10Mbps till 10GB, then 2Mbps 10Mbps till 20GB, then 2Mbps 10Mbps till 20GB, then 2Mbps 10Mbps till 30GB, then 2Mbps
Monthly Charges 499 599 675 845 945 999
Annual Payment 5489 6589 7425 9295 10395 10989
Two Years Payment 10479 12579 14175 17745 19845 20979
Three Yrs Payment 14970 17970 20250 25350 28350 29970

All these Kolkata BSNL broadband plans start from Rs.499 provide 24 hours of unlimited free calls (Local+STD). But it limits to BSNL network in India for day calling on weekdays.


Odisha Unlimited Internet Tariffs

Monthly Broadband Rent in Rs. Nomenclature Download Speed Up to
999 BBG Combo ULD 999 CS290 10 Mbps till 50 GB, after that 2Mbps
1099 BBG Combo ULD 1099 CS39 10 Mbps till 60 GB, then 2Mbps
1199 BBG Combo ULD 1199 CS291 10 Mbps till 70 GB, beyond 2 Mbps
1275 BBG ULD 1275 CS292 10 Mbps till 80 GB, after 2Mbps
1599 BBG Combo ULD 1599 CS293 10 Mbps 150GB, then 2Mbps
1745 BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1745 VDSL CS294 16 Mbps 150GB, after that 2Mbps
2295 BBG Speed Combo ULD 2295 CS295 16 Mbps 200GB, after 2 Mbps
2845 BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 2845 VDSL CS296 24 Mbps 250GB, then 2Mbps
1499 Fibro Combo ULD 1499 CS29 15 Mbps 100GB, beyond 2Mbps
2490 Fibro Combo ULD 2490 CS36 20 Mbps 250GB, after 2Mbps
3999 Fibro Combo ULD 3999 CS297 20 Mbps 300GB, after 4 Mbps
5999 Fibro Combo ULD 5999 CS298 30 Mbps 400GB, then 4Mbps
9999 Fibro Combo ULD 9999 CS299 50 Mbps 600GB, after that 4Mbps

Under above DSL/FTTH BSNL broadband plans Odisha, Security deposit for landline shall levy as per current instructions.


All India BSNL Broadband Plans 2018 – Common Tariff

Particulars Unlimited Plan Broadband charges monthly
8 Mbps till 5GB, then 1Mbps Experience unlimited broadband 249 249
8Mbps up to 10 GB, after 1Mbps BBG Combo ULD 499 Plan 499
10 Mbps till 10GB, beyond 2Mbps BBGCombo UL 675 675
100GB mail space with 10Mbps speed up to 10GB, then 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 680 ASOM 680
10Mbps till 20GB, thereafter 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 845 845
100GB mail space with 10Mbps up to 20GB, thereafter 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 950 ASOM 950
10Mbps till 30GB, then 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 999 999
10Mbps till 30GB, then 2Mbps (provides with three free mobile connections having unlimited calling to any network) BBG Combo ULD 1199 Family (BSNL Family Broadband Plan) 1199
10Mbps up to 70GB, thereafter 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 1495 1495
10Mbps till 80GB, after 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 1599 1599
16Mbps up to 70GB, beyond 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 1745 VDSL 1745
16Mbps till 100GB, beyond 2Mbps BBG Speed Combo ULD 2295 2295
24 Mbps till reach 100GB, after 2Mbps BBG Super Speed Combo 2845 VDSL 2845
10Mbps till 20GB, thereafter 2Mbps BBO ULD 799* 799
10Mbps till 30GB, then 2Mbps BBO ULD 949* 949
10Mbps up to 50GB, thereafter 2Mbps BBO ULD 1199* 1199
10Mbps up to 60GB, thereafter 2Mbps BBO ULD 1449* 1449

*BSNL Broadband plans provided without landline facility on the copper cable network.


Unlimited Free Calls in BSNL broadband plans

To increase Landline/DSL/FTTH connection base, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited introduced unlimited free calling facility in all BSNL broadband plans as follows. Have a look at them.

Any Network Free

  • Customers who subscribes to high speed internet broaband plans of BSNL from Rs 645 towards monthly postpaid rent can avail any network free calls. No time restriction, allowed 24 hours free calls to any network local / STD calls within India through out the year.

BSNL Network Free

  • Those who subscribe to BSNL broadband plans from Rs.249 and below Rs 645 monthly rental plans are allowed to enjoy only BSNL network calls from 6 AM to 10.30 PM and any network free calls from 10.30 PM to 6 AM. Also complete Sunday will provide with any network free calls.

Unlimited Internet speed with FUP is one factor in all BSNL broadband plans plays a crucial role. But now it almost widens to an extent. Just place a request on the web. Concerned executive will approach your premises for the provision of postpaid BSNL broadband plans with unlimited internet.

Interestingly, the B.S.N.L introduced Social media discount on each new connection booked through online. So try this offers as above available in your state/circle BSNL broadband plans and let be among the fastest ISP subscriber. For new registrations, you can send an SMS as BB to 54141 from BSNL mobile. If you want to send from a private operator, then it is 9400054141. Immediately ISP calls you to offer the broadband services at your doorstep with this latest unlimited BSNL broadband plans.


Andaman Nicobar Special Plans

The rebuilding of Andaman Nicobar BSNL broadband plans taken place to fulfill everyone needs. Here you can get the best information about updated broadband plans speed in A & N circle. To fulfill all the internet requirements, BSNL introduced new broadband plans from 04.08.2017 by withdrawing all the existing packages, applicable to all India.

Broadband Plans BBG Combo 350 CS240 BBG Combo 650 CS241 BBG Combo 1000 CS229 BBG Combo 1750 CS224 BBG Combo 2750 CS225 BBG Combo 3750 CS226 BBG Combo 5000 CS227
Bandwidth (Download/Upload Speed) Up to 2Mbps Up to 4Mbps
Applicable for All Home and Business users in Andaman Telecom circle
Monthly Charges (Rs) 350 650 1000 1750 2750 3750 5000
Yearly Charges (Rs) 3850 7150 11000 19250 30250 41250 55000
Two Years (Rs) 7350 13650 21000 36750 57750 78750 105000
Three Years (Rs) 10500 19500 30000 52500 82500 112500 150000
Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB) per month 2GB 4GB 10GB 25 GB 50GB 80 GB 125 GB
Additional Usage Charges/MB beyond free limit 0.20/MB 0.10/MB
Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per E-mail ID) 1/1 GB
Static IP Address (On written Request) NA One @ Rs.2000 per Annum additional
Free calls per month Unlimited free calls between 10.30 PM to 6 AM during weekdays and free on all Sundays to any network in India
MCU Charges/ pulse in Rs. Other than free Nil for BSNL and Rs.1 for another network.

Can All India BSNL broadband plans allow in these Islands?

  • No, only the above tariffs are available in the entire BSNL Andaman Nicobar circle.

How to change BSNL broadband plan offline?

BSNL family broadband plan

All the BSNL broadband plans have their own significance and the latest BSNL family broadband plan records a new number on the chart. Because the combo broadband cheapest deal providing three unlimited free mobile connections to the subscriber. Also, all this new render fault free high-speeds with BSNL unlimited free calls to any calling network.

Can I port out from other network mobile connections and Port-In to BSNL with bundling family broadband plan 1199?

  • Yes, you can Port Into Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited with a new family broadband plan as a bundled offer. Also can add other two new prepaid mobile connections under this offer.

Shall I port out from BSNL and port into another network once I need to change family broadband plan 1199?

  • At any time when required, you can Port out your mobile connections under bundled offer to other networks. It is also without giving any intimation to BSNL. But if you want to close/migrate family broadband plan can submit a request to concerned authorities.

Will have a chance to migrate to other BSNL mobile plans from a family broadband plan?

  • Yes, when and required, just migrate to other available plans. But it is not suggestible, because the three prepaid mobile connections provide under the family broadband plan allows unlimited calling without any charges as a best broadband deal.

Government Employees Discount

ISP has introduced a special discount for employees of State and Central Government employees who are serving/retired. It is applicable on all BSNL broadband plans.

BSNL Discount Government Employees

An employee who avails internet connection from BSNL will get 5% discount on rental/usage charges. The said discount on BSNL broadband plans will provide on submission of following to concerned authorities.

  • Prescribed application available at BSNL CSC / written request to provide employee discount.
  • Working Employee) Identity Card attested copy and an attested copy of pay slip countersigned by drawing/disbursing officer.
  • Government Employee, if retired from services, shall submit, Pension Payment Order photocopy (or) Pensioner Identity Card.

We provide all the exact info on broadband plans of BSNL and your area’s applicability. So, there is no need to search like ‘who are the high speed internet providers in my area’.

Just check above and pick the best high speed internet for business or to your home from applicable broadband cheapest deals as above.

Select the DSL broadband or Fiber optic internet and call BSNL team or login to online portal to provide BSNL broadband plans high speed internety.

How to activate Amazon Prime Membership Offer

  • Eligible BSNL broadband customer can directly login to portal.bsnl. in and click on the special BSNL  Amazon offer banner
  • Enter your eligible BSNL landline number details.
  • Generate OTP.
  • After successful validation, there will be a pop up.
  • click on ‘Activate’ on the popup screen
  • In the next screen, login using your Amazon account details or create a new Amazon account if you do not have an account on Amazon.
  • Your Amazon Prime is now activated for one year, at no extra cost with your BSNL postpaid plan. Get 1 year of Amazon Prime account worth Rs. 999/year, . Enjoy latest movies on your phone, unlimited ad free song downloads and free fast delivery on Amazon shopping.

Is Amazon Prime Package membership is applicable for all?

Yes, all the existing and new broadband customers of DSL, VDSL and Fiber to home customers including circle specific planson PAN India basis are allowed to subscribe to this offer. But has to to subscribe above Rs. 745 monthly rental BSNL broadband plans.

What are the services offered in this Amazon account?

The services offered with out any cost for the BSNL broadband customer during Amazon Prime Package membership are

  • Prime Fast Delivery
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Prime Music
  • Prime Reading Contents

Who are not applicable for Amazon Prime membership offer?

  • The offer is not applicable for existing Prime members.
  • Amazon Prime Offer is available for the customers of Rs. 745 and above landline postpaid BSNL broadband plans only.
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Check the New Broadband Deals and Pick the Best Unlimited BSNL Broadband Plans For Your Home or Business High Speed Internet at Just Rs 99 available for New Users.


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