Unlimited BSNL Broadband Plans for Home / Office with Incredible Internet Speeds

To tap India’s booming Internet, new BSNL broadband plans introduced to its users in the country with scorching speeds. The new enabled specific postpaid BSNL broadband plans in each circle able to provide unlimited Internet by adding more functionalities with unlimited free calling and free landline as a combo offer.

Continuing trust in people’s telecom company, these BSNL broadband plans unlimited offered through DSL and on the FTTH network suitable for every individual need. And allowed every customer to change BSNL broadband plans online according to usage.

Since 01.11.2017, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited redefines minimum unlimited internet speed as 8Mbps on upgrading. So, the customer of all BSNL broadband plans starting from “Experience Unlimited Broadband 249” also will get 8Mbps speed with FUP limit.

The below mentioned cheapest high-speed internet packs are the standard BSNL broadband plans in 2018 providing unlimited data usage. Take a look and check your state/circle tariffs. Pick the best for your needs with a new family broadband plan available in the list provides with three free mobile connections having an unlimited free calling.
BSNL Broadband Plans

BSNL Broadband Plans in AP and Telangana

AP and Telangana states launched a slew of new broadband plans. The new tariffs offer a breathtaking speed of 24Mbps with 300GB as maximum FUP quota on DSL and 100Mbps with a 400GB limit on FTTH.

BSNL broadband plans in AP and Telangana states offer at a minimum rate and astounding speeds. These are the major attractions that every netizen now required with extra feature “unlimited free calling”.

For Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, ISP introduced Fiber to home BSNL broadband plans at below Rs.500 with greatest FUP limit. Also, at present the preferable ISP for internet users in Hyderabad and Secunderabad metro cities is BSNL. Let’s have a look at all BSNL broadband plans available with a new tariff.

Apply incredibly fast internet for your home from this latest AP Telangana BSNL broadband plans available in all SSA’s with updated unlimited high speeds.

AP Telangana broadband tariffs

Particulars Unlimited Plan Broadband charges monthly
8Mbps till 30GB, after 1Mbps BBG Combo ULD 470 CS142 470
8Mbps till 60GB, then 1Mbps BBG ULD 545 CS109 545
10Mbps till 150GB, after that 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 675 CS209 675
10Mbps till 200GB, after that 4Mbps BBG Combo ULD 845 CS219 845
10Mbps till 250GB, then 4Mbps BBG Combo ULD 945 CS220 945
10Mbps till 275GB, then 4Mbps BBG Combo ULD 999 CS214 999
10Mbps till 125GB, 2Mbps BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 645 VDSL CS148 645
24Mbps till 300GB, 4Mbps BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1045 VDSL CS149 1045
8Mbps till 40GB, after 1Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 400 CS136 (Available only in Warangal District) 400
20Mbps till 100GB, after 1Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 550 CS97 (Only in Telangana except for Hyderabad and Sangareddy) available up to 19.05.2018 550
20Mbps till 100GB, then 1Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 499 CS303 (Only for Andhra Pradesh) * 499
40Mbps till 200GB, then 2Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 645 CS95 645
60Mbps till 300GB, after that 4Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 999 CS4 999
80 Mbps till 400GB, then 8Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 1045 CS96 1045
80 Mbps till 500GB, then 2Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 1500 CS304 (Only for Andhra Pradesh) Offers 24 hours free calling * 1500
90Mbps till 600GB, after 4Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS280 (Only in Telangana) available up to 03.06.2018 1999
100 Mbps till 600GB, then 2Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS305 (Only for Andhra Pradesh) Offers 24 hours free calling * 1999
100Mbps till 800GB, then 10Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 2795 CS20 2795
8Mbps till 80GB, after 1Mbps BBG Combo ULD 611 CS54 611
BBO ULD 611 CS177 (No Voice) 611

* Promotional BSNL broadband plans available from 07.05.2018 to 04.08.2018 for a new subscription.

BSNL Broadband Plans Karnataka

ISP introduced higher speed in select locations across major cities in the Karnataka. BSNL broadband plans under DSL and FTTH broadband technologies offer last mile connectivity at great speeds in Karnataka state.

With this BSNL Fibernet Plans in Karnataka, users can surf the internet and stream HD videos online. Download movies, share games, and much more at scorching speeds. No one is offering Fiber service with voice facility in Karnataka as combo offer. But only the ISP is providing this BSNL combo broadband plans Bangalore. Also, at free of cost with free calling.

To give a fierce competition for private broadband players, PSU introducing special offers. It is all by introducing BSNL landline broadband Plans Karnataka as per user requirement.

Here, we are updating them from time to time when occurred. We presented this latest BSNL broadband plans Karnataka of each area for user convenience. It is like for Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Hubli, Belgaum and for entire Karnataka. For these cities, our PSU introduces BSNL Fibernet Plans up to 80 Mbps speed.

All the specific BSNL broadband plans in Karnataka designs with utmost care to provide lightning speed portfolio.

Karnataka Latest unlimited plans

Particulars Unlimited Plan Broadband charges monthly
10Mbps up to 30GB BBG ULD 865 CS50 865
10Mbps till 60GB BBG Speed Combo ULD 1091 CS70 1091
50Mbps till 200GB Fibro ComboULD 1100 CS71 * 1100
60Mbps till 250GB Fibro ComboULD 1400 CS72 * 1400
70Mbps up to 50GB FibroCombo ULD1699 CS143 * 1699
80Mbps till 450GB Fibro BBG ULD 1995 CS19 and CS62 * 1995
20Mbps till 100GB Fibro Combo ULD699 CS139 # 699
30Mbps till 150GB Fibro ComboULD 999 CS140 # 999
40Mbps till 200GB Fibro ComboULD 1299 CS141 # 1299
50Mbps till 300GB Fibro Combo ULD1599 CS142 # 1599
100Mbps till 600GB Fibro ComboULD 2499 CS144 2499
  • All the new postpaid BSNL broadband plans allow 2Mbps download speed after crossing above said fair usage policy limit.
  • * BSNL broadband plans only for Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli, and Belgaum.
  • # Not Applicable for Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli, and Belgaum and also allows unlimited 24hours free calling.

BSNL Broadband Plans Kerala

Every month ISP watches the market and revises the Internet tariff as per new Kerala requirements. In that view, ISP now offers upgraded specific broadband plans with new bandwidth for Keralites.

BSNL is extending fiber network to many areas in Kerala. FTTH offer ultra speed fault free internet and to provide Next Generation Network (NGN) Services with latest BSNL broadband plans in Kerala.

Internet plays a significant part in new roles at every second of it. To cater all requirements linked with the online facility at every second, Indian ISP and PSU introduce the new SSA wise specific BSNL broadband plans Kerala 2018 as a regular tariff.

Offering a solid bandwidth to all the netizens with new tariffs. The recent below BSNL broadband plans in Kerala come from ISP are shown as the best when compared to others.

Particulars Unlimited Plan Broadband Charges monthly
10Mbps till 40GB BBG Combo ULD 1091CS 169 1091
20Mbps till 200GB* Fibro BBG ULD 995 CS287 * 995
30Mbps till 100GB Fibro BBG ULD 1045 CS48 1045
40Mbps till 150GB Fibro BBG ULD 1395 CS49 1395
50Mbps till 200GB Fibro BBG ULD 1895 CS129 1895

* Fibro BBG ULD 995 CS287 available as a promotional offer just in Ernakulam SSA from 26.03.2018 to 23.06.2018.

BSNL Broadband Plans in Tamilnadu

Are you searching for latest unlimited BSNL broadband plans and also if any news available regarding unlimited internet speed and price to choose the best in Tamilnadu. Here we will discuss the latest specific unlimited home plans 2018. It is all exclusively available in Tamilnadu circle (excluding Chennai telecom district).

All these BSNL broadband plans in Tamilnadu allowed catering all activities with a single connection. It is to join the digital world fastly or to make your home or office (business) as ultra-speed WiFi zone.

All the unlimited BSNL broadband plans currently seem like regular tariffs in the state of Tamilnadu, but these are not applicable to Chennai Telecom District. If you are subscribing to any other plans than below, can now change this instantly in online.

These are only latest BSNL broadband plans in Tamilnadu available area wise with the fastest speed unlimited internet. Get the complete info on BSNL broadband plans and decide which tariff suits for your needs in Tamilnadu to subscribe for BSNL Giga fiber broadband service.

Particulars Unlimited Plan Broadband charges monthly
10Mbps till 30GB, thereafter 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD699 CS139 699
10Mbps till 60GB, thereafter 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 1049 CS140 1049
30 Mbps till 80 GB, then 2Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 1099 (For all SSAs except Cuddalore, Coonoor, Erode, Kumbakonam and Thanjavur SSA) 1099
100 Mbps till 200 GB, then 2Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 1999 (For all SSAs except Cuddalore, Coonoor, Erode, Kumbakonam and Thanjavur SSA). Also provides 24 hours unlimited free calling. 1999
60 Mbps till 100 GB, after 2 Mbps Fibro Combo ULD 1398 (For all SSAs except Cuddalore, Coonoor, Erode, Kumbakonam and Thanjavur SSA).  Also provides 24 hours unlimited free calling. 1398
40 Mbps till 50GB, then 2 Mbps FBBO ULD 998 CS5 998

BSNL Broadband Plans Chennai On DSL & FTTH with Scorching Speeds

Today you’ll see the overwhelming emphasis always on the speed of BSNL broadband plans Chennai. The competitor’s of BSNL doesn’t try to reach this speed to offer which you need whatever. It is with the consistent innovation of ISP to delight the broadband user with latest BSNL broadband plans Chennai at a lesser cost for fastest unlimited internet connection.

Many of the tech-savvy residents in Chennai preferred quality broadband services. For all of them, BSNL broadband plans Chennai provides through FTTH (Fiber to the home) network is the best choice.

The below are different from Tamilnadu and exclusively designed for Chennai Telecom District. You must check the sky rocking download speeds in all the BSNL broadband plans starts from Rs.699.

Take a look here for updated info before booking of Chennai new broadband connection and get assured unlimited internet in Chennai area with scorching speed and unlimited free calling to any network with latest BSNL broadband plans Chennai 2018.

Particulars Unlimited Plan Broadband charges monthly
10Mbps till 60GB BBG Combo ULD 699 CS243 699
10Mbps till 120GB BBGCombo ULD 875 CS244 875
10Mbps till 250GB BBG Combo ULD 1025 CS245 1025
10Mbps till 300GB BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1091 246 1091
60Mbps till 250GB Fibro ComboULD 999 CS14 999
80Mbps till 400GB FibroCombo ULD 1299 CS45 1299
80Mbps till 550GB Fibro ComboULD 1699 CS46 1699
80Mbps till 800GB Fibro Combo ULD1999 CS15 1999
80Mbps till 900GB FibroCombo ULD 2999 CS47 2999
100Mbps till 1500GB Fibro ComboULD4999 CS16 4999

We strongly recommend BSNL FTTH for the Home and business with latest BSNL broadband plans Chennai to provide scorching speeds. It is all to ensure inadequate broadband in every nook and corner at Chennai Telecom service area.

BSNL broadband plans Gujarat

Gujarat is the state of the new business band for all sectors. Gujarat placed in a vital position in both Indian financial and political sectors. Top Indian billionaires are from this state only. Now our dynamic PM Shri Modiji, playing a lead role to make India as a Digital India is also from here.

The state is the place becoming the benchmark for all future techno business-oriented requirements. It is not ingenuous to say that, every common man will have an entrepreneur skill in the State.

To deal with this stature of Gujarat, PSU has to come with the most efficient economical and high quality, and quantitative BSNL Broadband Plans Gujarat (Vadodara and all SSA).

ISP introduced special tariffs for the entire state and the parts of Gujarat after rolling out FTTH network in various parts. All the unlimited BSNL broadband plans offered with a host of new features and have also been updated.

NomenclatureDownload Speed with FUP limit Up toMonthly RentYearly RentTwo Year Advance RentStatic IP Address
BBG Combo ULD 499 CS2728Mbps till 40GB, beyond 1Mbps499548910479Not Applicable
BBG Combo ULD 1199 CS27310Mbps till 100GB, after 2Mbps11991318925179One @ Rs.2000 per annum
BBG Combo ULD 1495 CS27410Mbps till 200GB, after 2Mbps14951644531395
BBG Combo ULD 1599 CS27510Mbps till 200GB, after 2Mbps15991758933579One at Rs.1800 per year
BBG Combo ULD 1745 VDSL 27616Mbps till 300GB, after 2Mbps17451919536645
BBG Combo ULD 699 CS11810Mbps till 60GB, after 2Mbps699768920970Nil
BBG Combo ULD 999 CS120 10Mbps till 120GB, after 2Mbps9991098914679Not Applicable
Fibro Combo ULD 999 CS12024 Mbps till 100 GB after 2Mbps9991098920979NA
Fibro Combo ULD 1550 CS12150 Mbps till 150GB after 2Mbps15501705032550One @Rs.1800
Fibro Combo ULD 6990 CS12216 Mbps till 60GB after 2MbpsNA6990Nil
FBBO ULD 9000 CS263 #Up to 100 Mbps till 100 GB after 2Mbps9000Nil

So choose the best tariff for your unlimited internet at home or business from the above latest list. Apply online and avail broadband services at your doorstep.

Haryana BSNL broadband plans

The specific area categorized unlimited internet tariffs with skyrocket bandwidths added under the belt in Haryana circle.  You will definitely play the internet at new speeds in all BSNL broadband plans as you claim in all areas like Hisar, Gurgaon, Faridabad etc.

In Gurgaon, many operators like Airtel, Tikona, You Broadband, Nextra, Hathway, DenBoomband, Touch Net, BSNL and other local ISP’s are offering broadband services to customers.

In all them, customers can have a shadow of doubt as, which is the fastest and most affordable ISP in Gurgaon? For this ISP 100Mbps BSNL broadband plans in many major cities of Haryana.

The genuinely unlimited BSNL broadband plans Haryana offers symmetric speed through Fibernet available at the regular interval of time. We present all the latest available BSNL landline broadband plans in Haryana on both DSL and Fiber to the home technologies.

Broadband Plan Download Speed Up toMonthly RentYearly Payment after discountTwo Year Payment after discount
BBG Combo ULD 499 CS156 *2Mbps till 12GB, then 1Mbps499548910479
BBG Combo ULD 599 CS157 #4Mbps till 15GB, then 1Mbps599658912579
BBG Combo ULD 749 CS158 $4Mbps till 50GB, then 1Mbps749823915279
Fibro Combo ULD 891 CS264 $#40Mbps till 150GB, after 2Mbps891980118711
Fibro Combo ULD 1091 CS264 $#100Mbps till 260GB, after 2Mbps10911200122911
Fibro Combo ULD 1291 CS264 $#100Mbps till 350GB, after 2Mbps12911420127111
Fibro Combo ULD 895 CS80 %40 Mbps till 60GB, after 2Mbps895984518795
Fibro Combo ULD 1095 CS81 %40 Mbps till 100GB, after 2Mbps10951204522995
Fibro Combo ULD 1295 CS82 %100 Mbps till 130GB, after 2Mbps12951424527195
Fibro Combo ULD 1495 CS83 %100 Mbps till 160GB, after 2Mbps14951644531395

* Unlimited BSNL broadband plans only in Gurgaon and Hisar SSA. # Faridabad and Gurgaon SSA.

$ Gurgaon SSA BSNL broadband plans. #$  In Gurgaon SSA available up to 19.05.2018 with anytime free calls.

% Unlimited BSNL FTTH plans only in Rohtak SSA up to 04.06.2018 with 24 hours free call.

Faridabad BSNL broadband plans

Currently, on the tremendous response in Faridabad and to keep up with the market and compete with various providers like the ACT, Cloud Net and other ISP’s, PSU introduces the different BSNL broadband plans as a regular tariff.

With this launch of specific new defined skyrocket bandwidth BSNL broadband plans, now all the Faridabad users in this area can forget about the internet speed issues.

Let’s check for new BSNL broadband plans in Faridabad with unlimited internet at 100Mbps download speed having 500GB FUP limit and free calling.

NomenclatureDownload speed Up toMonthly ChargesYearly PaymentTwoyear payment
BBG Combo ULD 749 CS16710Mbps till 20GB749823915729
BBG Combo ULD 799 CS16810Mbps till 30GB799878916779
Fibro Combo ULD 895 CS9916Mbps till 60 GB895984518795
Fibro Combo ULD 1095 CS10040Mbps till 90 GB10951204522995
Fibro Combo ULD 1295 CS10140Mbps till 125 GB12951424527195
Fibro Combo ULD 1495 CS10240Mbps till 160 GB14951644531395
BBG Super Speed ULD 1499 VDSL CS7916Mbps till 50GB after 1Mbps149916489--
Fibro Combo ULD 1795 CS103100Mbps till 220 GB17951974537695
Fibro Combo ULD 2095 CS104100Mbps till 275 GB20952304543995
Fibro Combo ULD 3295 CS105100Mbps till 500 GB32953624569195

Speed after FUP limit is 2Mbps.

BSNL broadband plans in MP

BSNL is getting hungrier to chase the market in entire India by targeting every broadband customer. It is proving by launching the specific BSNL MP broadband plans for selected areas. Browse all these and take a good decision.

Earlier BSNL had launched only general broadband plans for All India, but now the business is diversified as per area competition. So the telecom brand begins specific BSNL landline broadband plans for each district in Madhya Pradesh.

As per the sources, we present here about the latest BSNL MP broadband plans available on DSL and FTTH technologies. All these are best common man’s broadband plans. We also categorized these as per area for easy identification.

There are no constraints on internet usage if you have a correct package for readily available unlimited broadband service in entire MP state. Find out more info about the latest BSNL broadband plans before to proceed for a subscription.

NomenclatureDownload speedMonthly ChargesSix MonthsAnnual
BBG Combo ULD 4945 CS298Mbps up to 12GB after 1MbpsNA4945NA
Fibro Combo ULD 698 CS127#16Mbps till 30GB, then 2Mbps698Not Applicable7678
Fibro Combo ULD 698 CS128#20Mbps till 40GB, then 2Mbps7988778
Fibro Combo ULD 698 CS137#40Mbps till 100GB, then 2Mbps99810978
BBG Combo ULD 550 CS198*8Mbps up to 60GB after 1Mbps5506050
BBG Combo ULD 650 CS199*8Mbps up to 70GB after 1Mbps650Not Applicable7150
BBG Combo ULD 750 CS200*10Mbps up to 100GB after 1Mbps7508250
BBO ULD 550 CS205**8Mbps up to 60GB after 1Mbps5506050
BBO ULD 650 CS206**8Mbps up to 70GB after 1Mbps6507150
BBO ULD 750 CS207**10Mbps up to 100GB after 1Mbps7508250

*Available only in Bhopal.  ** Available broadband plans in Bhopal without voice facility.

# Available only in Bhopal, Dewas, Dhar, Gwalior, Guna, Indore, Jabalpur, Khandwa, Mansdaur, Morena, Rewa, Ratlam, Sagar, Satna, Ujjain and Vidsha SSAs of MP Telecom Circle

BSNL broadband plans in Maharashtra and Goa

In an endeavor to offer high-speed fiber broadband to every home and business center, ISP introduced new FTTH plans in Maharashtra circle. In this introduction, the new ideas start from 10Mbps bandwidth and end with 100Mbps Giga Fiber BSNL broadband plans.

However, the most of the cities in the state are fully engaged with finance-related and with IT professionals who require more bandwidth.  The specific Giga Fiber BSNL broadband plans of the state provide more bandwidth than required for the netizens. Pune and Nagpur citizens are connected with 100 Mbps.

Search here for the latest BSNL broadband plans of Maharashtra, and Goa with unlimited offers for internet or calls and Choose the best for 100Mbps download speeds.

Name of the planDownload speed up toMonthly ChargesAnnualTwo-Year
BBO ULD 249 CS2478Mbps till 5GB, then 1Mbps24927395229
BBO ULD 490 CS2488Mbps till 35GB, then 2Mbps490539010290
Fibro Combo ULD 555 CS10610Mbps till 20GB, then 1Mbps555610511655
Fibro Combo ULD 777 CS10720Mbps till 40GB, then 2Mbps777854716317
Fibro Combo ULD 999 CS10830Mbps till 60GB, then 2Mbps9991098920979
Fibro Combo ULD 1495 CS13840Mbps till 160GB, then 2Mbps14951644531395
Fibro Combo ULD 1495 CS13810 Mbps10991208923079
Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS6340Mbps till 500GB, after 2Mbps19992198941979
Fibro Combo ULD 2999 CS6460Mbps till 750GB, after 2Mbps29993298962979
Fibro Combo ULD 3999 CS6580Mbps till 1000GB, after 2Mbps39994398983979
Fibro Combo ULD 4999 CS66100Mbps till 2000GB, after 2Mbps499954989104979

BSNL broadband plans Punjab

Chandigarh is the present capital city of Punjab and Haryana states. The advent of the Fiber to the home technology services in the state with more pocket-friendly BSNL broadband plans brings ultra-speed internet connectivity like never before.

Here we are presenting area wise data-centric BSNL broadband plans in Punjab for DSL and Fibernet (FTTH) services. Search this Punjab list and pick the appropriate program of your area which suits as best for your requirement.

BSNL Punjab Broadband PlansDownload Speed Up toMonthly ChargesYearly paymentTwo Year Advance Payment
BBG Combo ULD 690 CS23610Mbps till 80 GB after 2Mbps690759014490
BBG Combo ULD 1190 CS23710Mbps till 200 GB after 2Mbps11901309024990
BBO ULD 490 CS230 *8Mbps till 35GB, then 2Mbps490539010290
BBO ULD 590 CS231 *8Mbps till 60GB, then 2Mbps590649012390
BBO ULD 890 CS232 *10Mbps till 160GB, then 2Mbps890979018690
BBO ULD 990 CS233 *10Mbps till 210GB, then 2Mbps9901089020790
BBO ULD 1290 CS234 *10Mbps till 310GB, then 2Mbps12901419027090
BBO ULD 1590 CS235 *10Mbps till 110GB, then 4Mbps15901749033390
Fibro BBG ULD 945 CS30#10Mbps till 30GB945
Fibro BBG ULD 1091 CS 31#10Mbps till 50GB1091
Fibro BBG ULD 1441 CS32#10Mbps till 100GB1441
Fibro BBG ULD 1891 CS33#24Mbps till 50GB1891

* Voice facility not available in this BSNL broadband plans.

#Available BSNL broadband plans on FTTH network only in Amritsar, Bathinda, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Patiala SSAs of Punjab Circle.

BSNL Broadband Plans 2018 in All India

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is going to deliver according to its consumer expectations. All India new tariffs start with 249 and are common in all the circles across India. The advent of unlimited 249 scheme will increase the broadband subscriber base in all the circles.

Particulars Unlimited Plan Broadband charges monthly
8 Mbps till 5GB, then 1Mbps Experience unlimited broadband 249 249
8Mbps up to 10 GB, after 1Mbps BBG Combo ULD 499 Plan 499
10 Mbps till 10GB, beyond 2Mbps BBGCombo UL 675 675
100GB mail space with 10Mbps speed up to 10GB, then 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 680 ASOM 680
10Mbps till 20GB, thereafter 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 845 845
100GB mail space with 10Mbps up to 20GB, thereafter 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 950 ASOM 950
10Mbps till 30GB, then 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 999 999
10Mbps till 30GB, then 2Mbps (provides with three free mobile connections having unlimited calling to any network) BBG Combo ULD 1199 Family (BSNL Family Broadband Plan) 1199
10Mbps up to 70GB, thereafter 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 1495 1495
10Mbps till 80GB, after 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 1599 1599
16Mbps up to 70GB, beyond 2Mbps BBG Combo ULD 1745 VDSL 1745
16Mbps till 100GB, beyond 2Mbps BBG Speed Combo ULD 2295 2295
24 Mbps till reach 100GB, after 2Mbps BBG Super Speed Combo 2845 VDSL 2845
10Mbps till 20GB, thereafter 2Mbps BBO ULD 799* 799
10Mbps till 30GB, then 2Mbps BBO ULD 949* 949
10Mbps up to 50GB, thereafter 2Mbps BBO ULD 1199* 1199
10Mbps up to 60GB, thereafter 2Mbps BBO ULD 1449* 1449

*BSNL Broadband plans provided without landline facility on the copper cable network.

Important notes to consider for latest BSNL broadband plans

  • All the unlimited internet tariffs monthly rental fees are exclusive of service tax.
  • Two Add on Voice packs introduced for offering 24hrs unlimited free calls(Local+STD) to any network. It is under DSL/FTTH Combo tariffs of all BSNL broadband plans with FMC Rs.699/-on regular basis.
    • Voice pack of Rs.48/ per month for making 24hrs unlimited calls to any network within Circle.
    • Add-on Voice pack of Rs.98/ per month. It is to make 24hrs unlimited (local+STD) calls to any network within India.
  • To increase Landline/DSL/FTTH connection base, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Waive off installation charges for the new Landline, DSL and FTTH Connections (Voice, broadband or combo BSNL broadband plans). The offer period is one year from 18.07.2017.

Unlimited Internet speed with FUP is one factor in all BSNL broadband plans plays a crucial role. But now it almost widens to an extent. Just place a request on the web. Concerned executive will approach your premises for the provision of postpaid BSNL broadband plans with unlimited internet.

Interestingly, the B.S.N.L introduced Social media discount on each new connection booked through online. So try this offers as above available in your state/circle BSNL broadband plans and let be among the fastest ISP subscriber.

For new registrations, you can send an SMS as BB to 54141 from BSNL mobile. If you want to send from a private operator, then it is 9400054141. Immediately ISP calls you to offer the broadband services at your doorstep with this latest unlimited BSNL broadband plans.

How to change BSNL broadband plan offline?

  • If you’re facing any problem to change BSNL broadband plans online, just approach your area concerned CSC/commercial section. Submit your written request for a plan change.

BSNL family broadband plan

All the BSNL broadband plans have their own significance and the latest BSNL family broadband plan records a new number on the chart. Because the combo offer providing three unlimited free mobile connections to the subscriber.  Also, all this new render fault free high-speeds with BSNL unlimited free calls to any calling network.

Can I port out from other network mobile connections and Port-In to BSNL with bundling family broadband plan 1199?

  • Yes, you can Port Into Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited with a new family broadband plan as a bundled offer. Also can add other two new prepaid mobile connections under this offer.

Shall I port out from BSNL and port into another network once I need to change family broadband plan 1199?

  • At any time when required, you can Port out your mobile connections under bundled offer to other networks. It is also without giving any intimation to BSNL. But if you want to close/migrate family broadband plan can submit a request to concerned authorities.

Will have a chance to migrate to other BSNL mobile plans from a family broadband plan?

  • Yes, when and required, just migrate to other available plans. But it is not suggestible, because the three prepaid mobile connections provide under the family broadband plan allows unlimited calling without any charges.


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