To tap India’s booming Internet, new BSNL broadband plans introduced to its users in the country with scorching speeds. The new enabled specific postpaid plans in each circle able to provide unlimited Internet by adding more functionalities with unlimited free calling and free landline as a combo offer.

Continuing trust in people’s telecom company, these BSNL broadband plans unlimited offered through DSL and on the FTTH network suitable for every individual need. And allowed every customer to change BSNL broadband plans online according to usage.

The below mentioned cheapest high-speed internet packs are the standard BSNL broadband plans in 2018 providing unlimited data usage. Take a look and check your state/circle tariffs and pick the best for your needs with a new family broadband plan available in the list provides with three free mobile connections having an unlimited free calling.BSNL Broadband Plans

BSNL Broadband Plans in AP and Telangana

AP and Telangana states launched a slew of new broadband plans. The new tariffs offer a breathtaking speed of 24Mbps with 300GB as maximum FUP quota on DSL and 100Mbps with a 400GB limit on FTTH.

BSNL broadband plans in AP and Telangana states offer at a minimum rate and astounding speeds are the major attractions that every netizen now required with extra feature unlimited free calling.

ParticularsUnlimited PlanBroadband charges monthly
8Mbps till 30GB, after 1MbpsBBG Combo ULD 470 CS142470
8Mbps till 60GB, then 1MbpsBBG ULD 545 CS109545
10Mbps till 150GB, after that 2MbpsBBG Combo ULD 675 CS209675
10Mbps till 200GB, after that 4MbpsBBG Combo ULD 845 CS219845
10Mbps till 250GB, then 4MbpsBBG Combo ULD 945 CS220945
10Mbps till 275GB, then 4MbpsBBG Combo ULD 999 CS214999
10Mbps till 125GB, 2MbpsBBG Super Speed Combo ULD 645 VDSL CS148645
24Mbps till 300GB, 4MbpsBBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1045 VDSL CS1491045
8Mbps till 40GB, after 1MbpsFibro Combo ULD 400 CS136 (Available only in Warangal District)400
20Mbps till 100GB, after 1MbpsFibro Combo ULD 550 CS97 (Only in Telangana except for Hyderabad and Sangareddy) available up to 19.05.2018550
40Mbps till 200GB, then 2MbpsFibro Combo ULD 645 CS95645
60Mbps till 300GB, after that 4MbpsFibro Combo ULD 999 CS4999
80 Mbps till 400GB, then 8MbpsFibro Combo ULD 1045 CS961045
90Mbps till 600GB, after 4MbpsFibro Combo ULD 1999 CS280 (Only in Telangana) available up to 03.06.2018400
100Mbps till 800GB, then 10MbpsFibro Combo ULD 2795 CS202795
8Mbps till 80GB, after 1MbpsBBG Combo ULD 611 CS54611
BBO ULD 611 CS177 (No Voice)611

BSNL Broadband Plans Karnataka

ISP introduced higher speed in select locations across major cities in the state. DSL and FTTH broadband technologies offer last mile connectivity at great speeds in the state. All the specific BSNL broadband plans in Karnataka designs with utmost care to provide lightning portfolio

ParticularsUnlimited PlanBroadband charges monthly
10Mbps up to 30GBBBG ULD 865 CS50865
10Mbps till 60GBBBG Speed Combo ULD 1091 CS701091
50Mbps till 200GBFibro ComboULD 1100 CS71 *1100
60Mbps till 250GBFibro ComboULD 1400 CS72 *1400
70Mbps up to 50GBFibroCombo ULD1699 CS143 *1699
80Mbps till 450GBFibro BBG ULD 1995 CS19 and CS62 *1995
20Mbps till 100GBFibro Combo ULD699 CS139 #699
30Mbps till 150GBFibro ComboULD 999 CS140 #999
40Mbps till 200GBFibro ComboULD 1299 CS141 #1299
50Mbps till 300GBFibro Combo ULD1599 CS142 #1599
100Mbps till 600GBFibro ComboULD 2499 CS1442499
  • All the new postpaid tariffs allow 2Mbps download speed after crossing above said fair usage policy limit.
  • * BSNL broadband plans only for Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli, and Belgaum.
  • # Not Applicable for Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli, and Belgaum and also allows unlimited 24hours free calling.

BSNL Broadband Plans Kerala

Internet Service Provider is stabilizing all the tariffs in Kerala state and offering a solid bandwidth to all the netizens with new tariffs. The recent below BSNL broadband plans come from ISP are shown as the best when compared to others broadband in Kerala state.

ParticularsUnlimited PlanBroadband charges monthly
10Mbps till 40GBBBG Combo ULD 1091CS 1691091
20Mbps till 200GB*Fibro BBG ULD 995 CS287 *995
30Mbps till 100GBFibro BBG ULD 1045 CS481045
40Mbps till 150GBFibro BBG ULD 1395 CS491395
50Mbps till 200GBFibro BBG ULD 1895 CS1291895

BSNL Broadband Plans in Tamilnadu

Here we will discuss the latest specific broadband plans available in Tamilnadu circle (excluding Chennai telecom district). All the unlimited BSNL broadband plans currently seem like regular tariffs in the state of Tamilnadu, but these are not applicable to Chennai Telecom District.

ParticularsUnlimited PlanBroadband charges monthly
10Mbps till 30GB, thereafter 2MbpsBBG Combo ULD699 CS139699
10Mbps till 60GB, thereafter 2MbpsBBG Combo ULD 1049 CS1401049
30 Mbps till 80 GB, then 2MbpsFibro Combo ULD 1099 (For all SSAs except Cuddalore, Coonoor, Erode, Kumbakonam and Thanjavur SSA)1099
100 Mbps till 200 GB, then 2MbpsFibro Combo ULD 1999 (For all SSAs except Cuddalore, Coonoor, Erode, Kumbakonam and Thanjavur SSA). Also provides 24 hours unlimited free calling.1999
60 Mbps till 100 GB, after 2 MbpsFibro Combo ULD 1398 (For all SSAs except Cuddalore, Coonoor, Erode, Kumbakonam and Thanjavur SSA).  Also provides 24 hours unlimited free calling.1398
40 Mbps till 50GB, then 2 MbpsFBBO ULD 998 CS5998

BSNL Broadband Plans Chennai

The below are different from Tamilnadu and exclusively designed for Chennai Telecom District. You must check the sky rocking download speeds in all the BSNL broadband plans starts from Rs.699.

ParticularsUnlimited PlanBroadband charges monthly
10Mbps till 60GBBBG Combo ULD 699 CS243699
10Mbps till 120GBBBGCombo ULD 875 CS244875
10Mbps till 250GBBBG Combo ULD 1025 CS2451025
10Mbps till 300GBBBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1091 2461091
60Mbps till 250GBFibro ComboULD 999 CS14999
80Mbps till 400GBFibroCombo ULD 1299 CS451299
80Mbps till 550GBFibro ComboULD 1699 CS461699
80Mbps till 800GBFibro Combo ULD1999 CS151999
80Mbps till 900GBFibroCombo ULD 2999 CS472999
100Mbps till 1500GBFibro ComboULD4999 CS164999

BSNL broadband plans Gujarat

ISP introduced special tariffs for the entire state and the parts of Gujarat after rolling out FTTH network in various parts. All the unlimited BSNL broadband plans offered with a host of new features and have also been updated.

Haryana BSNL broadband plans

The specific area categorized unlimited internet tariffs with skyrocket bandwidths added under the belt.  You will definitely play the internet at new speeds in all BSNL broadband plans as you claim.

BSNL broadband plans in MP

There are no constraints on internet usage if you have a correct package for readily available unlimited broadband service in entire MP state. Find out more info about the latest BSNL broadband plans before to proceed for a subscription.

BSNL broadband plans in Maharashtra

However, the most of the cities in the state are fully engaged with finance-related and with IT professionals who require more bandwidth.  The specific BSNL broadband plans of the state provide more bandwidth than required for the netizens.

BSNL broadband plans Punjab

The advent of the Fiber to the home technology services in the state with more pocket-friendly BSNL broadband plans brings ultra-speed internet connectivity like never before.

BSNL Broadband Plans 2018 in All India

These tariffs start with 249 and are common in all the circles across India. The advent of unlimited 249 scheme will increase the broadband subscriber base in all the circles.

All the BSNL broadband plans have their own significance and the latest BSNL family broadband plan records a new number on the chart. Because the combo offer providing three unlimited free mobile connections to the subscriber.

ParticularsUnlimited PlanBroadband charges monthly
8 Mbps till 5GB, then 1MbpsExperience unlimited broadband 249249
8Mbps up to 10 GB, after 1MbpsBBG Combo ULD 499 Plan499
10 Mbps till 10GB, beyond 2MbpsBBGCombo UL 675675
100GB mail space with 10Mbps speed up to 10GB, then 2MbpsBBG Combo ULD 680 ASOM680
10Mbps till 20GB, thereafter 2MbpsBBG Combo ULD 845845
100GB mail space with 10Mbps up to 20GB, thereafter 2MbpsBBG Combo ULD 950 ASOM950
10Mbps till 30GB, then 2MbpsBBG Combo ULD 999999
10Mbps till 30GB, then 2Mbps (provides with three free mobile connections having unlimited calling to any network)BBG Combo ULD 1199 Family (Family Broadband Plan)1199
10Mbps up to 70GB, thereafter 2MbpsBBG Combo ULD 14951495
10Mbps till 80GB, after 2MbpsBBG Combo ULD 15991599
16Mbps up to 70GB, beyond 2MbpsBBG Combo ULD 1745 VDSL1745
16Mbps till 100GB, beyond 2MbpsBBG Speed Combo ULD 22952295
24 Mbps till reach 100GB, after 2MbpsBBG Super Speed Combo 2845 VDSL2845
10Mbps till 20GB, thereafter 2MbpsBBO ULD 799*799
10Mbps till 30GB, then 2MbpsBBO ULD 949*949
10Mbps up to 50GB, thereafter 2MbpsBBO ULD 1199*1199
10Mbps up to 60GB, thereafter 2MbpsBBO ULD 1449*1449

*BSNL Broadband plans provided without landline facility on the copper cable network

Important notes to consider for latest BSNL broadband plans

  • All the unlimited internet tariffs monthly rental fees are exclusive of service tax.
  • Two Add on Voice packs introduced for offering 24hrs unlimited free calls(Local+STD) to any network under DSL/FTTH Combo tariffs of all BSNL broadband plans with FMC Rs.699/-on regular basis.
    • Voice pack of Rs.48/ per month for making 24hrs unlimited calls to any network within Circle.
    • Add-on Voice pack of Rs.98/ per month to make 24hrs unlimited (local+STD) calls to any network within India.
  • To increase Landline/DSL/FTTH connection base, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Waive off installation charges for the new Landline, DSL and FTTH Connections (Voice, broadband or combo BSNL broadband plans) for a period of 1 year from 18.07.2017.

Unlimited Internet speed with FUP is one factor in all BSNL broadband plans plays a crucial role, but now it almost widens to an extent. Just place a request through the web and the concerned executive will approach your premises for the provision of postpaid BSNL broadband plans with unlimited internet.

Interestingly, the B.S.N.L introduced Social media discount on each new connection booked through online. So try this offers as above available in your state/circle BSNL broadband plans and let be among the fastest ISP subscriber.


  1. We have BBG COMBO ULD 675 plan with 4Mbps FUP 25GB and 1Mbps after that. I don’t understand the meaning of unlimited plan. After we crossed the FUP limit, I’m getting redirected to The web page that asks me to pay more and buy additional data.

    It happens even for simple web pages, so how is calling this an unlimited plan when you are blocking me from accessing web resources after FUP reached?

    The FUP limits in all BSNL broadband plans need to remove since that is the future of the internet. Small 25 GB is too less for the modern world and charging ridiculously high money for real unlimited plans. It is nothing but being incompetent with private ISPs and needs to upgrade all the BSNL broadband plans.

  2. When I upgrade my plan to BBG ULD COMBO 599 from my previous one through online, I got a call from exchange ask me to come directly to sign a form. What are the meaning and use of online portal if everyone able to visit exchange?

    • Now try to register online, then you will get a call about your confirmation for plan change. If you confirm over phone, you will migrate instantly to new opted BSNL unlimited broadband plan.

  3. My BSNL Landline telephone and broadband lines are disconnected four months before. Not only to me but the whole area of our location disconnected due to road expansion work. Now road work was finished one month before. Approximately 500 meters single Line Cable only Damaged. After several Request and Complaints till problems are not Resolved.

    Many complaints lodged in Customer Care, Exchange Technician, JTO, JE, AE(SDE), and Twitter Complaints to BSNL Corporate, TRAI, DoT and Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha and Ravi Sankar Prasad.

    In the present competitive world, private ISPs are ready to capture the market, if a chance is available. But the customers like us even waiting for a BSNL service today, but nobody acts about the problem, and we are paying huge rental charges with our broadband plan subscriptions, but the service is abysmal.

    Still, We are not getting a solution to our problems, and where to complain again? We Need Telephone Numbers of the concerned Officers to explain our self. Our Exchange Thirukalukundram in Tamilnadu state and the area fully Damaged is Teacher Nagar.

  4. Sell off BSNL and get lost from India. Treated subscribers as Slaves of Queen for 70 years. BSNL is cursed by each Indian 100+ times daily. It cannot survive due to poor services related to broadband and mobile data. Now Jio is digging your grave.

  5. As a BSNL employee, I wish to state that the newly recruited Junior Engineers erstwhile Telecom Technical Assistants(TTA) having a BE or B.Tech qualification are well versed in attending the BSNL broadband problems than the departmental promoted Telecom technicians or junior engineer. It is the harsh truth one has to swallow.

    Sooner or Later the government has to take a bold decision about the VRS route to read out the inefficient employees from BSNL. As per Sam Pitroda recommendation, the government has the willpower to make such a decision. But it is a million dollar question.

    Once the B E qualified candidates enter into the portals of BSNL, there will be a remarkable change. It is my expectation, and I am present JE, the above remarks are also applied to me also and made in the interest of BSNL service. Because sometimes my colleagues who are at the age of 50+ can’t erase a single fault also in a day, If they start the work it will take only half an hour, they are earning above 60K per month, but they can’t.

    Subscribers are coming regularly to the office, but they said something. In the present situation, private ISPs are eagerly waiting to provide the same facility in few hours, but some of our BSNL employees are not responding to customer complaints even for two days.

    I request all our graduate BSNL Junior Engineers. BSNL is ours, and We try to keep our customers with ourselves only. Make our service comfortable to them. Private ISPs are offering a minimum of 10Mbps today, but we provide 4 – 8Mbps only in all our ADSL broadband plans, even the customers are with us only.

    So it is the base responsibility of us to talk with them and finding a solution for perfect service. Don’t compare with your fellows, Make your identity at the top level in providing best service. If we all work a maximum of 5 hours sincerely in a day, BSNL broadband services will stand in a top position.

    As per the MARC comments above, Internet speed is OK, but when a fault occurs what happened? We will take for that only.

  6. The Internet is excellent I’m using it from past one year, but if things go wrong, then BSNL executives will show the hell to their customers. None of the techs in customer care or skilled. Onsite visiting technicians are under skilled they are the damned waste and not aware of anything.

    I have worked with AT & T USA. In that country, a company will Sue if they won’t respond. But here it is sorry, services are not available, it hurts any time when I realize it is my India’s company and it sucks.

    • If our government also introduced the strict actions like the USA for irregular services, then the Indian telecom companies will respond in a fast manner to provide excellent service.

  7. I adopted my BSNL bb249 in the month of Oct 2016, and that plan is now extended for one year, but my broadband 249 plan is turned into bb499 whereas my friend who also adopted same plan with me is enjoying on same amt that is broadband 249.

    So only my plan changed into broadband 499. Kindly check it if there any fault from your side my landline number 05222789783 (Anubhav Tripathi from lucknow).

    • BSNL has revised the tariff from 08.05.2017. As per that, a new customer who subscribes for BSNL broadband 249 plan from 08.05.2017 will continue up to one year, and after that, it automatically migrates to 499 broadband plans.

      This new tariff is applicable for the existing customers also who hasn’t completed the old six months condition. If already migrates to 499, BSNL didn’t extend the period.

      It means the customer who subscribes for BSNL broadband 249 plan before 08.05.2017 with the old condition and not completed 6months of time will be in 249 monthly rental plan only up to one year from activation.

  8. What is the launch date for BSNL 599 broadband plan BBG Combo UL 599? Is this plan gives unlimited free calls to any network?

    • Hi, Kishan. BSNL is a majority of broadband subscriber grabber. It has been releasing fabulous broadband plans for its well-trusted customers. One of the broadband general combinational unlimited plans is 599. It already launched from 11.07.2017.

      So you can apparently avail this offer by consulting your nearest BSNL customer center, or you can book BSNL broadband in online also from BSNL website.

      The feature of this plan is, you will get 2 Mbps speed without any fup limit throughout the month. Under this unlimited BSNL broadband plan, your will not provide with any free voice calls. But you can avail the BSNL night free calling facility from 9.00 pm to 7.00 am. Moreover, you can make calls at absolutely free of cost on Sundays for 24 hours.

  9. I have subscribed to 1199 broadband plan, where the download speed I am getting is OK, but the upload speed is too much irritating. All the private ISPs are offering similar speed for download and uploads. But the governments BSNL is giving us only 512 kbps with their offensive copper lines. When we make a Skype video call, it disconnects many times or buffering with this upload speed.

    • Hello Harshal, you have chosen perfect BSNL broadband plan for your home purpose. Most of the customers using the internet for downloading purpose only, except those commercial subscribers. So BSNL has been giving minimum download speed as 2 Mbps and max upload speed for all unlimited internet plans as 1 Mbps through its traditional copper lines.

      Yes, your are right, private operators already offering equal download and upload speed. You can observe one thing that, from the past year’s broadband giant BSNL also changing its marketing tactics to compete with private operators.

      Now I would like to discuss your present problem that video call on skype. With 512 Kbps speed also you can make a video call without intermittent disconnection and buffer for that. Please follow the necessary steps given below.
      *If you are a personal desktop user. Make sure that there should not be any junk files. So, clean up your temporary files.
      *Provide DNS server addresses as in your PC’s network settings.
      *Also do the same thing in your BSNL broadband modem also in local area connection settings.
      *if you’re using Apple iPhone, provide the DNS server address as in settings, WiFi, WiFi name, DNS server.

      By doing the above simple tips, I am sure you will get an enhanced performance of your BSNL broadband service to get your Skype calling. Without making the above necessary steps, if you even subscribe to any high-speed BSNL broadband plans also you can’t get the video calls continuously.

  10. Dear BSNL customer(Rahul). I understood your problem based on the line parameters information furnished by you. It’s not at all your BSNL modem problem. It’s a completely LINE problem. Please do this.

    Go to our concerned technical staff in BSNL exchange and ask them to check the line parameters once again from MDF (broadband port) to customer premises equipment (your modem).

    By doing the following technical test, your BSNL broadband service quality should improve. It’s my assurance.
    1. Ask for changing the broadband port.
    2. Amending the jumpers in MDF.
    3. Changing the cable pairs once.
    4. Renewing the old joints if any present in your service line.
    5. Changing the cable pairs, you can also observe the line parameters from modem concurrently and also make sure that all the line parameters should be in the range that I have furnished below.
    *Line attenuation should be less than 45 dB.
    * Signal to noise ratio margin should be greater than 13 dB.

    If your line fulfills all the above technical aspects, you will inevitably get the certain speed as per your subscribed BSNL broadband plans continuously.

    Also, ask the staff if your area covered with FTTH services. If it covers your area, immediately try to migrate to BSNL Fibernet, so that you will enjoy fault free high-speed BSNL broadband services at your home.

    • I think you have an in-depth knowledge about line parameters. I am using BSNL broadband BB 675 plan, and DSL connectivity is not stable. The connection connects-disconnects several times, but I am not getting the exact problem. Can you please tell me the required ratio of upstream and downstream to make the line more clear.

      • Dear Yogeswarji. Unstable DSL link of broadband is due to the following reasons.
        1. Poor jumper wire contacts in exchange MDF, roadside pillar, or in the distribution box.
        2. Service cable can have more joints, and those joints are in poor condition (completely rusted).
        3. May be your spitter contacts (rusted splitter contacts limbs inside).
        4. May be your RJ -11 cord, which connects your modem to the splitter.

        For the first reason, you have to consult concerned BSNL Sub Divisional Engineer(SDE) or Junior Telecom Officer(JTO) and try to explain your problem. They will definitely and will assign the work to concerned line mechanic.

        For the third reason, by yourself you can manage like below
        Remove the broadband splitter, and make direct contact between modem and the umbilical RJ-11 cord. Now observe line parameters from your modem. If you get good line parameters, obviously it’s your splitter problem.
        ** Fair or acceptable line parameters are SNR margin: 20 dB for downstream and 13 dB for upstream.
        ** Data rate should be as per your plan for example if you choose BSNL 675 broadband plan then your speed profile must be 4 Mbps only. Now try to replace that splitter with the new one.

        The second one is making the broadband connections as earlier and try to change the ADSL broadband two-way cord (rj-11cord) with a new one.

  11. It useless until BSNL removes FUP limit and locks minimum internet speed as 4 Mbps. The present 2Mbps speed with 1 GB FUP in BSNL broadband plans 249 won’t even last longer. So BSNL should remove the FUP limit also to attract new or old customers or keep the clients who are removing BSNL connections because of reduced speed and quality of the broadband connection.

    Also, the present trend is getting high-speed bandwidth at the lowest price. So ISP must have to offer BSNL broadband 249 plan to all old customers also for migration.

    BSNL probably should concentrate more on providing quality of the broadband internet. I am sitting here with a poor service (rural unlimited plan) of Loop Attenuation(dB)—58.7(Downstream) 35.3(Upstream) Signal Attenuation(dB)—58.7(Downstream) 34.9(Upstream) SNR Margin(dB) —6.5(Downstream) 6.2(Upstream).

    I gave complaint about frequent disconnections and sometimes no connections, and the customer service called me and said to change my BSNL modem.

    I already had two Wi-Fi modems which were working properly, but still they told me to change the modem, In the end, the customer service said they cancel the complaint unless I change my modem. LOL .

    So the conclusion is that BSNL should give more customer service and quality connections instead of trying to apply some straightforward and stupid strategy with new plans continuously to increase their broadband customers.

    Now what might happen with this new strategy and news headlines, It will attract new customers because of the 2MBPS connection? When they will realize this BSNL broadband plan was with just 1 GB of a cube limit and they will just walk away and buy some other ISP connection. It will be a total failure if they don’t provide proper customer support and quality connection.

    BSNL may probably become bankrupt one day because of loss of large clients. As a consumer of BSNL broadband unlimited plan connection what I should do tell to ISP is please give the better connection services not even the best.

    please help the rural area customers like me as we don’t have any other ISPs like in cities. BSNL broadband is the only source for us, but the arrogant staff and network didn’t work at maximum times.

  12. Has the BSNL broadband plans Kerala is different to this above plans or same, If different why BSNL introduces various strategies in different circles? Is there any reason for that. I heard that Asianet is the best broadband service provider in Kerala concerning plans and service.

    • All the different BSNL broadband plans introduced as per the competition in that area. There is no other special reason for any new launch.

  13. My BSNL internet connection disconnecting frequently and ping request are getting a time out. After few seconds the connection starts again. What I have to do to resolve this problem? Is it BSNL problem or my system or WiFi router problems.

    • Dear Asifji, first we have to find out the problem from which side. Let me say one thing that first checks BSNL broadband speed from your side by observing the heating of the modem. If the modem gets over heated, it may lead unstable ADSL link and low broadband speed.

      Also, check whether the RJ – 11 cords is ok or not. Any damage or rust at pins may raise the problem and also check your splitter.

      If found all the above said are ok. Then lodge a complaint to the BSNL authority. Try to ask them to test the connection speed with a testing modem that they are having.

      When they come to your home for testing, try to check the BSNL line parameters and data rate in their modem. If all found ok and ADSL link also gets stable, obviously it’s your modem fault hence go for a new one.

      If the parameters are not up to the mark, ask them to change your BSNL broadband line (cable pairs) from the exchange to your premises. Line parameters should be in the following range.

      >> SNR (Signal to noise) margin ratio : at 20 dB for (up/ down).
      >> In the case of Dlink modems, it should be greater than 200.
      >> Attenuation: should be less than 10 dB for an Upstream and downstream.
      >> Data rate: should be as per your plan.
      >> If your premises is greater than 2 kilometers from our exchange, try to keep your modem in G.dmt mode rather than adsl2+ mode.

      By doing the above your BSNL broadband speed will be improved, and you will not get any intermittent service.

  14. When will BSNL disconnect the internet connection for nonpayment of BSNL broadband bill within due date? Is there any extra reconnection charges after disconnection to get active.

    • BSNL broadband disconnected due to nonpayment of a bill after 15days from the pay by date. It is common for landline and broadband services. On each occasion or every month, it appears if BSNL bill not paid. After BSNL broadband bill payment, the operator restores the services immediately on that day only without any reconnection charges.

  15. Why it shows BSNL upgrade broadband plan option every time. I am paying around 1000 rupees every month for unlimited 545 plan. Fair usage limit is reaching so fast by getting BSNL decline page, and I am updating for 2GB around 3 to 4 times in a month by paying 50 rupees extra. Why this type of BSNL FUP bypass plans offering to customers? It is one form of cheating their customers.

  16. Can I disconnect my BSNL broadband connection through online, if available, what’s the process to do permanent closure?

  17. I have subscribed to BSNL 4Mbps broadband connection, but I’m getting only 350-400 kBps speed when downloading torrents. I didn’t get the certain speed from BSNL as per the plan subscribed since the new service installed.

    • You are confusing about Kbps and KBps. 512 Kbps(Kilobits) = 64KBps(Kilobytes). Any ISP in India will explain their broadband speed concerning Kbps(Kilobits) only, whereas the tools like bit torrents display the rate in KBps.

      As per your info your are 350-400 KBps download speed, means 400*8=3200kbps. Any operator will assure their customers at 80% speed only. It means 4Mbps*80%=3.3Mbps, so you are getting the nearest assured BSNL Speed as per the subscribed broadband plan.

      It once again confirms you that there is no provision for BSNL broadband speed increase on your internet connection again. We can expect Indians ka internet speed catches up with European/South Korea/North America quickly.

  18. I have BB BBG Combo ULD 1445 and cust ID 3001840653, Ac no 8001841336. Every month I’m paying 1660+, but the point is the connectivity remains weak most of the time, I would be putting several complaints on 1500 or making contacts locally.

    Sometimes it works but often there would be no signal, and dangerously it stops during payment portals through a bank. I am very disheartened of the service provided by BSNL broadband. Will somebody look into the matter?

  19. Why the broadband speed seems slow even the speed test shows a good result at 8Mbps, Is there any particular reason?

  20. I am living in Gillco Valley Kharar (Punjab). I just want to know that is FTTH broadband accessible in my area. Also, how can I apply for FTTH broadband connection online?

  21. If BSNL Landline broadband plans (DSL or FTTH ) provides hot tariff in the wired broadband market at lowest prices than now, then only almost 10 million subscribers will be with BSNL after the launch of Reliance Jio’s Fibre to the home services also.

  22. These days BSNL is good, even the behavior of employees have also changed. Online portal services are excellent in resolving broadband complaints.

    • Just close your 700 plan internet connection. Apply after 2days with BSNL 249 plan, and then you will get that.

  23. I am interested in BBG ULD 499/699. Presently, I have a combo of ULD 999. Can the change to other plans be done online?

  24. 10 B, Pocket-C, Gangotri enclave,Alakhnanda. ND 110019.
    I am interested in internet connection of Rs.249 or Rs.499 per month plan. Thanks. Please contact me or give the customer care telephone number. Are these plans are available in wireline or wireless.


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