Latest BSNL Broadband Plans Chennai On DSL & Fiber To Home

Today you’ll see the overwhelming emphasis is always on the speed of BSNL broadband plans Chennai. The competitor’s of BSNL doesn’t try to reach this speed to offer which you need whatever. It is with the consistent innovation of ISP to delight the broadband user with latest BSNL broadband plans Chennai at a lesser cost for fastest unlimited internet connection.

For high-speed internet in commercial buildings also, this BSNL broadband plans Chennai provides quality broadband in the workplace with redesigned BSNL new broadband plans provide hundreds of GB’s as FUP limit.

Many of the tech-savvy residents in Chennai preferred quality broadband services. For all of them, BSNL broadband plans Chennai provides through FTTH (Fiber to the home) network is the best choice. Also, all these renders fault free high-speeds with BSNL unlimited free calls to any network.

BSNL Broadband Plans Chennai

The truly unlimited BSNL broadband plans Chennai with symmetric speed through Fibernet available at the regular interval of time. We present all the latest available BSNL landline broadband plans on both DSL and Fiber to the home technologies.

BSNL New Broadband Plans

All the exclusive BSNL broadband plans Chennai 2017 will offer a rental discount on longer subscription. So, without wasting time, let start with DSL plans. If you look at the specific BSNL broadband plans Chennai 2017, you must surely renegotiate your internet plan.

If anyone requires basic internet service like BSNL broadband plan 249, also provides 8Mbps speed in the city with the unlimited night free calling facility.

There are four types of DSL tariffs specially designed for Chennai Telecom. Each and every BSNL broadband unlimited plan has its own significance. BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1091 246 provides BSNL unlimited free calls to any network through landline during 24 hours 365 days without any extra charges. Have a look at all.

BSNL Broadband Plans Chennai 2017 on DSL

Broadband Plan Download Speed Upto Monthly Charges Yearly Rent Static IP Charges per year if required Free Calls
BBG Combo ULD 699 CS243 10Mbps till 60GB, then up to 2Mbps 699 7689 NA 300 to BSNL
BBG Combo ULD 875 CS244 10Mbps till 120GB, then up to 2Mbps 875 9625 600 to BSNL
BBG Combo ULD 1025 CS245 10Mbps till 250GB, then up to 2Mbps 1025 11275 24hours free to BSNL
BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1091 246 10Mbps till 300GB, then up to 2Mbps 1091 12001 One at Rs.2000 Unlimited free to any network

BSNL Fiber now sells per month 100 Mbps Internet facility in entire Chennai telecom district. In this service, ISP consistently increasing the unlimited internet speed as per user requirement for download and uploads. ISP test different packages in certain Metro’s, but made a special significance for Chennai.

Many standalone Internet Service Providers are available in Chennai market, but BSNL has the special status in providing the same. Also, ISP is continuing to expand the Fibernet (FTTH) service to each and every nook of the Chennai telecom district.

Coming to BSNL Fiber to the home plans in Chennai, the absolute plans introduced for home and business users is Six types. Minimum BSNL broadband unlimited plan starts with 60 Mbps download speed without signal loss. The exclusive BSNL broadband plans of Chennai through Fibernet with discounts, charges and scorching speeds are as follows

BSNL Broadband Plans Chennai on FTTH

Broadband Plan Download Speed Upto Monthly Charges Yearly Rent Static IP Charges per year if required Free Calls
Fibro Combo ULD 999 CS14 60Mbps till 250GB, then up to 2 Mbps 999 10989 NA 24 hours unlimited free calls to any network
Fibro Combo ULD 1299 CS45 80Mbps till 400GB, then up to 2 Mbps 1299 14289 One at Rs.2000
Fibro Combo ULD 1699 CS46 80Mbps till 550GB, then up to 2 Mbps 1699 18689 One at Rs.1800
Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS15 80Mbps till 800GB, then up to 2 Mbps 1999 21989
Fibro Combo ULD 2999 CS47 80Mbps till 900GB, then up to 2 Mbps 2999 32989 One Free
Fibro Combo ULD 4999 CS16 100Mbps till 1500GB, then up to 2 Mbps 4999 54989

Can I convert the existing DSL broadband to BSNL Fibernet Chennai?

  • DSL and FTTH are different services, if you want Fibernet in Chennai, apply FTTH first, after installing the FTTH, close the DSL services. But all the DSL plans will provide through Fibernet service in Chennai.

How to change BSNL broadband plan online in Chennai?

  • You can change BSNL landline broadband plans Chennai on login to BSNL Selfcare portal.

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Apart from that, let us know your feedback about the broadband assistance in Chennai. If you are a new customer needs BSNL Broadband Plans Chennai then why are you getting late. Apply online and avail this quality FTTH services to your home or business available from 01.12.2017.

We strongly recommend BSNL FTTH for the Home, business users with latest BSNL broadband plans Chennai providing scorching speeds. It is all to provide inadequate broadband in every nook and corner or Chennai Telecom.


    • But on paper only. At Chennai, an aspirant for a fiber connection has to canvass for 20 connections in his apartment so that no individual can get a fiber connection.

      • Even I was said so by the so-called BSNL team a few months back. They want us to be their sales representatives to bring new people in, instead of their customers. So, I quit and moved to Cherrinet. Now peace at 100 Mbps unlimited!


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