BSNL 499 Unlimited Plan | Do you recommend this?

BSNL 499 unlimited broadband plan is the new release introduced by our public sector undertaking. Being the state-owned ISP, providing the best broadband plans suits to every type of citizens and business house.

As a broadband user, now every user requires high-speed internet. For this, our BSNL introduced cheaper and faster-unlimited combo broadband plan “BBG Combo ULD 499”. It is available with free telephone and free calling facility.

At present, PSU offers affordable BSNL Unlimited Broadband Plans for all sections including economy sections considering our future stalwarts of India. In our previous post, we have discussed the launch of different promotional unlimited broadband plan 249. In continuation to that, BSNL is going to add a feather in its tariff menu with the launch of high-speed BSNL 499 unlimited broadband plan. It is going to be the torch bearer for all BSNL landline broadband plans.

BSNL 499 unlimited broadband plan

The main gap is in today’s broadband segment is that the minimum speed which is used to be in kbps. This speed is going to be in Mbps, which is going to support your the top ambitious educational project/ for your e-commerce / even for entertainment. For the same reason, BSNL is going to launch new lucrative broadband plans for Pan India with a minimum speed of 1Mbps connectivity with AAR.

  • Anywhere Internet service by BSNL (Availability).
  • The Internet for Everybody by BSNL (Affordability).
  • State of the Art infrastructure for services offered by BSNL (Reliability).

This new BSNL 499 unlimited broadband plan offers 1 GB at Rupee 1.66. In earlier, BSNL 249 plan offers 1 GB at 1 rupee, but it is applicable only for new customers and is a promotional scheme. But this new tariff applies to all new and existing customers as a regular plan.

With this new tariff, customers can get the specified speed at any time. This BSNL 499 unlimited broadband plan at lowest price gives 2 Mbps speed before the crossing of FUP limit and 1Mbps after that. More tariff details are ready for our reference as mentioned below.

BSNL 499 unlimited broadband plan details

Particulars BBG Combo ULD 499
Bandwidth (Download Speed) Upto 2 Mbps till 2 GB, after up to 1 Mbps
Applicability Home and Business Users
Monthly Rental Charges (Rs) 499
Annual Rent Rs. 5489
Two Years Rental Fees Rs. 10479
Three Years Payment Rs. 14970
Free BSNL E mail IDs/Space 1 / 1 GB
Monthly Telephone Rent and Free Calls Nil
Additional Facility Unlimited free call from 9 PM to 7 AM on all weekdays and 24 hours on every Sunday

With this new launch of BSNL 499 unlimited broadband plan. There is a big difference in speed and budget for every user. BSNL broadband plans existing customers can also migrate to this new individual plan through online plan change portal.

This BSNL 499 unlimited broadband plan is also provided through Fibre to the Home network of BSNL, wherever it is technically feasible. This unique BSNL 499 unlimited broadband plan blasts into the market on 9th September 2016 on PAN India basis.

So are you a new customer, apply online or visit your BSNL customer service center for your broadband service. Enjoy free calling and high-speed internet available in this new BSNL 499 unlimited broadband plan.


  1. No need to take connection. My landline connection is lying dead for the last 28 days. I have lodged about more than eight complaints some urgent some priority basis and some through email by the customer care still my phone is lying dead no one has even cared to set right. So the services of BSNL as far to me are destitute.

    • Hi, Rakesh I am not facing this problem just one phone call, and the technician comes to my home for any service. For you, why you can call the customer care and submit your problem?

  2. Change plan 160 to 499 Unlimited and got surprised from BSNL. My first bill Rs.2169 Didn’t accept any high speed, but that’s why I believe surprise.

  3. Really BSNL services were DESTITUTE for all customers! I have also disconnected my connection due to their services problems and still waiting for the refund since last two financial year 0231-2532076 it is at Kolhapur.

  4. See the catch, this speed is where fiber cable is installed. I am stuck with BSNL for the last 5 years and there is no other ISP for our area. Our area is covered with telephone wires, and my speed varies from 5 b/s to max 5 kb/s. Still they charge me same. Looting. Waiting for JIO

  5. Customer care services are too worst, and after lodging the complaint, they just give you a call, just to close our complaint, physically no one come to attend the complaint.

    I have a combo plan of 749, but I face the network issue for 6 to 7 days in a month, which needs to resolve in a speedy manner.

  6. I am using 249 plan after the end of 6-month policy automatically change to 499 and generate the bill of 1480. In details, it is showing 499 monthly rentals, 499 one-time bills, 358 for the extra calling charge. All are acceptable but 499 one time bill (what it means). I want to know about this bill(499 one-time bills) plz help.



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