Virtual Server – Guide on Different Types of Virtual Servers

The Virtual Server is a server that has its hardware and software resources shared with other Operating Systems, and it provided faster resource control and cost-effectiveness along with giving popular support for web hosting environments. The concept of getting a server is designed rather than getting multiple dedicated physical servers, as VS does on one

Phone Wont Connect to WiFi, Steps to Resolve with 7 Possible Ways

check the 7 possible steps identified to resolve the issue Phone wont connect to WiFi, Find trouble shooting tips provided for phone won’t connect to WiFi authentication problem and resolve the problem immediately… In our hustling daily life WiFi usage has become a necessary means of living and without it, things can get delayed like

Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point | 6 Methods to Fix Problem

Tried to face network issues and everytime you face some of these connection problem with wireless adapter or access point, and then you might have tried to troubleshoot with the Windows Network Diagnostic tool which would come up with the error stating that there is error connection with the adapter. As you can see under

How to Change WiFi Name of your Wireless Router Network

If you have an Internet connection and router at home then you would surely turn on the WiFi and know the process of how to change WiFi name which would be the best thing to do but if you want to access the Internet you need to connect with your WiFi and most of the

How to Find WiFi Password using 3 Proved Methods

New tricky ways identified, just check how to find WiFi password with 3 ways to get the lost or to crack… Are you always on your phone browsing the web and with the media consumption being so high you to think that watching some media or video on Mobile data is a pain and can

Types of ONT Supports BSNL Fiber Net (FTTH) & Configuration

Find here the complete list of Fiber ONT or ONU compatible with BSNL FTTH service provided by BSNL TIPs (Telecom Infrastructure Providers), which are some available in online market like Amazon and Flipkart, and some other from TIPs. Almost all the customer equipments or ONT device from each company comes with WiFi connectivity as works

Why Tactilon Agent is better than Others, Comparision Chart

Here is the new comparison chart of newly launched TACTILON AGNET 500 features and functionality with Walkie Takie, P25, Tetra applications available in market enabling users to have Wireless Walky-talky like Push-to-talk service on existing smartphone, Let’s check the comparison chart of Tactilon Agnet 500 Features & Functionality Walkie-Talkie P25 TETRA AGNET 500 Communication Mode

DNS Port – How to allow DNS through Firewall

What is DNS Port, Check about how to allow DNS through a firewall and how to get DNS port number and also check whether DNS UDP 53 or TCP… A domain name of a website is its URL address which is translated by DNS to a respective IP address, and a website or a page