What is Tactilon Agent, Why AIRBUS TA Opts for Dedicated Wireless Communication

TACTILON AGNET 500 is an APP based service which is developed by AIRBUS Defence & Space OY, Finland (AIRBUS group is a pioneer group that manufactures Aeroplanes, Helicopters & develops strategic solution in telecom and defence & Space domain), and It runs of existing smartphones connected with any kind of data services and with any

Best Ad Blocker for Browser on Desktop, Android, iOS

List of different Ad blocker options is presented, Check best Ad blocker extension for chrome or other browser, Install the blocker in your desktop or mobile browser to avoid the display of ads… Do you watch TV Shows or stream on the Web, Well or else do you also go on the web to browser

VoIP Phone System – How VoIP Phone Works & Types

Here is the complete guide about the VoIP phone system, learn about how does it work and the different types of VoIP phones and the advantages or disadvantages of IP phone… VoIP Phone The VoIP Phones are also known as the IP phones which include features that can’t be found in analogy phones, and they

How to Hide SSID or Wi-Fi Name on Wireless Router

Presenting about how to hide SSID or WiFi name of your router for your wireless network to avoid unknown attacks, Find the settings in various routers mentioned… Hide SSID The Wi-Fi which you use to connect to the internet does broadcast its name in the network, so that nearby devices do find it easily. This

Home Security Systems – Integrated Software Guide

Home Security Systems is a network of electronic devices which work together through a central panel to protect your home from burglars and other rational threads, and this system of new technology holds every item of your home with security, such that it sends your alarm to warn you of any consequences. The Home security

How to Block eMail on iCloud Account

Find now how to stop or completely block unwanted incoming emails on icloud, Also check how to block a particular user, and unblock the blocked once… Mails are an important source of communication between many organizations and persons in the new technology, thus eMails are termed an easy way of communication to interact with anyone

Switch Desktops Windows 10 – 4 Simple Tech Methods

Switch Virtual desktops screen or multiple screen on Windows 10 operating system now made very easy with 4 simple methods like a shortcut, touchpad, keyboard, and also check different icons setup… So, most of the time you might hear people saying they love this new technology feature which Microsoft has released with Windows 10 that

BSNL New SIP Trunk Tariff Plans for M/s Netplus

Here is the new introduction of SIP Trunk Tariff Plans for M/s Netplus in Punjab & Haryana Telecom circles regarding the proposal for Netplus SIP business, Check the new tariff… On the recommendation of CFA-Tariff committee, the Competent Authority of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has approved to provide new SIP Trunk Tariff Plans for M/s