Wireless Configuration For BSNL Secure WiFi and Malware Protection

A wireless network made the BSNL broadband users to access high-speed internet in mobile phones, laptops, tablets and all wireless devices.

For this admittance, every user can setup BSNL secure Wifi network configuration in steps. Most of the users can think about how to secure their home WiFi network after installation of BSNL broadband connection.

For that, some of them are seeking for the most secure router for home use or office purpose. Others can do BSNL modem wireless configuration as per their knowledge because in the present trend security is the most important thing than anything.

Many attackers can enter into our mobiles, laptops through our WiFi connection which can’t make secure. Once if they entered into our network, they would steal the entire passwords related to banking transactions and much more confidential data of our system.

For that, the essential thing is “BSNL Secure Wifi network.” At present many of the companies introduced Wi-Fi routers, but the majority of the customers are purchasing Syrma, Supernet, Teracom modems from BSNL and D-Link, TP Link, Net Gear, Linksys from the open market.

To create robust wireless network security in all with security, here we provide the simple configuration for BSNL secure Wifi network on various Wi-Fi routers which can easily understand about how to secure WLAN with a password.

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) or Wi-Fi is a distribution point way for many wireless devices. It can use high-frequency radio waves by including an access point to the internet. With WLAN, a user can connect the network on the move at home or office around the wireless coverage area.

Configure BSNL Secure WiFi

Configure Secure Wireless Network

WLAN should protect with a secure key to avoiding unauthorized access to BSNL broadband connection mischievously by unknown persons.

Here we deliver the procedure about BSNL modem wireless configuration to create robust wireless network security in various routers. This guide will help every broadband consumer to do so without taking technical support.

Let’s start BSNL modem wireless configuration from the base point. First and foremost, you have to know which type of modem that you are having now. Most of the customers are utilizing BSNL broadband WiFi modems and D-link ADSL2+ routers. From that point of view only we are giving this following steps.

Configuration Steps To Make BSNL Secure WiFi Network

The major telecom provides various companies broadband modems for high-speed WiFi access. In starting, BSNL supplies NOKIA SIEMENS, TERACOM, UTStarcom modems.

At present, SYRMA and SUPERNET are the wireless modems available in the market to provide for a broadband customer. Let’s start the configuration with BSNL secure Wifi network and also how to change WiFi password.

  • Open a web browser on your PC or Laptop. Make sure that there would be a physical connection between the modem and your PC with LAN.
  • Type in the address bar and hit enter.
  • You will get a prompt asking to enter BSNL broadband modem username and password.
  • Enter both username and password as “admin” or your modified password and hit on Login.
  • Immediately BSNL broadband modem page opens “Interface Setup” Click on that, and you will get below three sub options
  1. Internet
  2. LAN
  3. Wireless
  • Click on “Wireless.”
  • A new screen will open by showing all the information about Wireless.
  • Tap the bubble on access point ACTIVATED. Then, you will get LED on your Modem WLAN.
  • Go to SSID field to name Wi-Fi network. SSID is Service Set Identifier to know the name of the enabled WiFi network.
  • Go to “pre-shared key” field which shows “12345678″ as the default password. Replace that with the new password.
  • Make sure that Wireless Mac Address Filter (security access control method) should be in deactivated condition. It is to allow any new Wi-Fi user with a security key to connect with this router/modem.
  • Finally, Save changes by clicking on Save/Apply button at the bottom of the page.
  • With the above steps, now you can know how to change WiFi password and protect your data outflow at any time.

The above-said procedure for BSNL modem wireless configuration is same for Teracom, Supernet, Syrma and TP-Link ADSL2+ WiFi routers or modems.

D-Link Modem Wireless Configuration

In D-Link modems, you have to setup WLAN for BSNL broadband access with this easy step by step guide.

  • Open the web browser and type in the address bar and hit enter.
  • You will get a pop up asking to provide DLink modem username and password.
  • Type username as “admin” and password also as “admin” and click on Ok/login button. You will launch to modem main page.
  • Click on “Setup” on the top page, hence you will get a new chapter with “Internet setup” “Wireless setup” at left side margin.
  • Now click on wireless, then you will notify with two sub-properties as
    1. Wireless Basic.
    2. Wireless Security.
  • If you require changing your WiFi name, you can select ” Basic” option, in which you can see SSID field which is nothing but WiFi name.
  • Here you can change, and this change can at the bottom of by clicking on Save button showing at the bottom of that page.
  • If you want to give a new password to your WiFi/WLAN, or if you want to change your old password, Click on “Security” option from the wireless setup.
  • Select network authentication mode as “WPA2-PSK” then you will see an empty field asking PRE SHARED KEY.
  • Provide a security key (BSNL Wi-Fi network security key) for your WLAN.
  • Open your web and finally save the changes by clicking on save/apply button shown at the bottom of the page.
  • Now you are successfully changed and protected your WLAN.

How to configure D-Link WiFi router with BSNL secure Wifi network

If you’re using D-link WiFi router as an extension from BSNL ADSL2+ modem the WiFi security protection procedure is somewhat different as below.

  • Open your web browser and type for D-link routers.
  • It will ask you to provide username and password.
  • Here you need to provide username only.
  • Left the password blank as empty and click on login button.
  • You will be redirected to main router page and ask you to provide SSID and Password.
  • Type your Wi-Fi name and password (BSNL Wi-Fi network security key).
  • Save the changes with a single click on Save button.

There is a second method in BSNL Modem wireless settings to modify the WLAN password in D-link routers to make the wireless internet secure access.

  • Just click on “Advanced network settings” on the bottom of the page
  • Select wireless option.
  • Click on SSID and pre-shared key.
  • Give your chosen name and your Wi-Fi password (BSNL Wi-Fi Network Security Key).
  • Click on Save option.

Advantages of BSNL secure Wifi network

  • It is the prevention of damage from malicious users to our wireless devices.
  • The user can change the security key at any time to log in to a modem.
  • Can create a secure PIN (BSNL Wi-Fi network security key) using numbers, special characters.
  • The broadband customer can allow specific users also using MAC Address Filtering in this BSNL modem wireless configuration. For this, you must know how to block Wi-Fi users in BSNL Modem
  • The data usage will be under the control of the customer.
  • Without your knowledge, FUP limit in subscribed BSNL broadband plan can’t reach the downgraded limit.

So make your WLAN or Wi-Fi Secure by following any of the above steps involved in modem wireless configuration to make BSNL secure Wifi network and to prevent unauthorized access.

After configuration of BSNL modem wireless settings, if your internet is not working or if you have any queries on BSNL modem wireless not working, please post us, we will endeavor to resolve them with a suitable remedy.

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