Register BSNL Selfcare To Manage Your Telecom Facilities Online

Telecom major’s BSNL Selfcare Portal is a new innovative online customer care service for all their Landline, Broadband, and Mobile clients.

With this Selfcare BSNL portal, you can access all your telecom facilities online at your fingertips. It is a specially invented and upgraded online portal for customers named as BSNL Selfcare portal.

This online customer care allows all new subscriptions, additional facilities. Also, complaints about broadband, landline, and mobile services along with BSNL online payment.

BSNL Selfcare portal is a magical or technological doorway on the web. It aims to provide all BSNL customer facilities through online customer care account.

It delivers excellent measurable ongoing updated telecom services through a gateway called Selfcare portal. The main motto is to offer each service to the client online, but this is to be done on registration only.

BSNL landline, broadband, and mobile customers can enjoy with various telecom services provided inside the Selfcare BSNL portal. They are submitting a complaint and claim status, submit a service request for BSNL broadband plan change online.

BSNL Selfcare Service Portal Facilities

With this Selfcare, you can have the complete access to the following services.

  1. Check BSNL broadband usage
  2. Know your BSNL broadband user id
  3. Lodge BSNL complaint
  4. Download BSNL duplicate bill for last five months
  5. Change BSNL broadband plan
  6. Check bill payments
  7. The status of a service request and much more.

To enjoy all these facilities here is the fully illustrated process for BSNL Selfcare portal registration and usage process.

BSNL Selfcare Portal Registration

Selfcare portal services will offer to customers to make the necessary changes. It designs for addition or deactivation of BSNL service facilities through online. These are all available only with registration as follows.

    • Open your browser
    • Type
    • Welcome page will open with login having many facilities for the registered and unregistered users
    • Click on Sign Up
      BSNL Selfcare Portal SignUp
    • Your Registration page will open with three steps.
    • Fill the details in Step1 contains (name, email id, mobile number, your telecom circle from drop-down list, captcha code)
    • Click on Next
      BSNL Selfcare Portal Registration Page
    • Immediately you will receive a One Time Password on your mobile number provided in step1, and then you redirect to Step 2.
    • Submit your OTP received in appropriate box in Step2 (If OTP not received, click on Resend OTP)
    • Click on Next and move to Step3
      Selfcare OTP
    • Create your secure password with a minimum of 8 characters having at least one alphabet and one digit.
    • Click on submit
      Selfcare Password Creation
    • Immediately you redirect to the login page.
    • A verification link sent on your respective email ID.
    • Login to your registered email account.
    • Check the received email from Selfcare BSNL portal at the inbox.
    • Click on the link to activate your account (check the email in spam folder if not found in the Inbox).
    • You have successfully created your Selfcare account
    • Then proceed to login

Who can Register BSNL Selfcare Portal?

  • All active subscribers of BSNL services (Broadband, Landline, and Postpaid Mobile) can register at the Selfcare portal. It’s only to access the given facilities to activate or disconnect online.

How much time will it take for activation of BSNL Selfcare online account?

Are there any charges to access this online service?

  • This Selfcare BSNL is absolutely a free service for all active customers. Also, there are no hidden fees in any mode.

Is this Portal separate for all zones in India?

  • Previously there are four types of Selfcare BSNL portal to access the online services. All are different for each zone. At present, those all migrate to one upgraded BSNL Selfcare portal.

This Selfcare BSNL portal is compatible with the browsers of Internet Explorer IE8 and above. Also at Chrome, Firefox, Safari (MacOS 10.5,10.6). The best-viewed resolution of the BSNL Selfcare portal is 1024×768.

Enjoy your best online customer care account. Manage your telecom services at your fingers and feel Great to be a high-end BSNL customer. With all these provided facilities, this BSNL Selfcare portal calls as the best BSNL Portal for all telecom services.


  1. Always get the message “Oops! Our website is facing technical issues. Please try later” I have been trying for seven days all the time. Unable to view bills.

  2. मैने कार्यालयका रजिस्ट्रेशन किया लेकीन रजिस्ट्रेश्न इ मेल पर लिंक प्राप्त्‍ नही हो रही


  4. BSNL Service so worst that I can’t download my bill when I tried it give an error . Currently, you can view only current month bill only. BSNL needs some good software consultant who makes your portal workable.

  5. BSNL Self service portal is the worst one can imagine. The customer’s comments say it all. Please hire someone one who can create a functional software. I wasted two hours trying to register.


  7. Even though I am entering my proper detail.. it shows me this error every time

    Dear Sir/Madam, Sorry, Landline number does not associate with you, Please enter valid Landline number.

  8. After registering and while adding my BSNL account it shows inappropriate messages, earlier BSNL Selfcare portal was better.

  9. I am not getting any OTP on my mobile from BSNL Selfcare site. It’s very frustrating. I have done it many times but never get any OTP to process ahead.

  10. I have not received any email for the activation link. So I am unable to log in to BSNL Selfcare. Please send an email with the link for activation.

  11. I have already registered. But still, i am not able to check the broadband usage. I get the following options only
    Manage Account
    My Account
    Update Profile
    Password Managment
    Opt for New Service
    Schedule Conference
    Directory Enquiry

  12. Made many futile attempts to register my BB on the BSNL Selfcare portal. Inspite of entering the correct account ID and Customer ID as instructed, the portal never accepts the phone no and never moves beyond step 2. Wasted a lot of time over this. Not at all user-friendly.
    BSNL, Please update your portal.

  13. I tried to register on the Selfcare Portal, but it never lets me go further than step 2 as the OTP never sent to me even after repeated attempts.

  14. I had the similar experience. Even after and repeated trials, I could not register with the Selfcare portal to check my broadband usage. What do I have to do to register?

  15. When I am registering to BSNL Selfcare portal landline, I can’t add the mobile number in the particular column and get an error while Mobile number not added. Anybody, suggest how to solve the problem.

  16. Mobile number registered in this BSNL Selfcare still does not permit for adding the landline account. Getting error mobile number not updated. This site is not user-friendly, Once OTP is authenticated.
    The entered mobile number should be accepted. Now message and a separate form for registering mobile number with Customer care need to be printed and submitted to customer care physically may avoid immediately for best services. By having all these, what is the use of OTP?

  17. The Address fields are worse and are limited characters and not able to define the address properly and too many “mandatory” fields.

    • Seems, BSNL still not listening. The problem experienced by you is still the same today on 27th April 2017 (more than one month have passed).

  18. When I am reregistering to my broadband number to BSNL Selfcare always this type error is coming on screen “Dear Sir/Madam, Sorry, Landline number does not associate with you, Please enter valid Landline number.”


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