Post at BSNL Complaint Portal, if your services not provided for online application

Do you know about BSNL complaint portal online for the cases of new online application not responding? It is available and resolving the issues where there is a delay in response from BSNL side. Particularly it is for new online registrations. Providing online services like this BSNL complaint portal for new online application not responding will open the forum to many people and requests will be flooded.

BSNL gears up to take the load. Still, in any case, there is a delay. To avoid further delay, and the claim monitors by special team till the requests closed with new BSNL complaint portal.

In general, we feel that if we go in person for a new connection, there will be much weighting, acknowledgment. But online services like online new connection request is supported with its new BSNL portal. This BSNL complaint portal online for the cases of new online application not responding is for those cases where BSNL team hasn`t met for more than a week.
BSNL Complaint New Online Application Not RespondingIn these delay cases, the separate support team for complaints booked at BSNL complaint portal will take up the case. They will follow up till the issue resolves. It is like, rather than a person, an online complaint is best.

Just walk through a scenario, that you are having an issue with your broadband connection. If you have put a request for a new broadband connection and get a new lead id, where that request is not processed, and not getting any response. In this scenario, you will only have the Lead ID to lodge at BSNL complaint portal about getting a new connection.

What we all are hearing being a BSNL customer, BSNL being a PSU, is still having the same bureaucratic texture when you have given a complaint. That too if you give an online complaint. You might be feeling lost. Do you know one thing? It is the laid down procedure from BSNL.

With this lead I’d, now you have the best option to lodge at BSNL complaint portal. Also having the flexibility to make an online complaint. For that, just log on to the below-mentioned BSNL complaint portal and file a complaint by submitting your details and issue status. After providing the details, you will witness the Indian PSU BSNL being highly responsive.

How to book a docket at online BSNL complaint portal

In this new online BSNL portal ( for new online application not responding cases. BSNL new users will have the best option to lodge any allegations regarding with your new BSNL Broadband / Landline / FTTH / ISDN connection etc.. with any of the following reasons.

  1. BSNL Responded but not completed
  2. Completely No response from BSNL
  3. BSNL Service given but not working
  4. Partial Response.

Nowadays BSNL is not taking anything lightly. In particular, BSNL is concentrating on all its online facilities which are in place should deliver the output which expects to provide. So that, you have witnessed the response from BSNL.

It appears that with this BSNL complaint portal, PSU is going in right direction as per the customer requirements. Don`t think that PSU is only addressing the needs of new connections through BSNL complaint portal. For existing customers, there is already a BSNL complaint grievance portal. It is also to lodge long pending complaints and to reach to higher authorities.

So new BSNL Broadband / Landline / FiberNet and Other Service users. Just use this above BSNL complaint portal for new online application not responding cases. Lodge your complaint after one week of application date for which there is no response from BSNL side.

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