Change BSNL Broadband Plan Online Within 2Minutes

BSNL Broadband Plan Change Online facility introduced by our PSU will give significant relief for most of the broadband customers.

At present, many of us are not having time to approach BSNL office for submitting a broadband plan change request. That is due to our various works. Now, this gap freed with this BSNL Portal facility for BSNL broadband plan change online.

BSNL being a PSU, and the single oldest player in this telecom segment. Always keeps a benchmark standard in pricing or even designing the great broadband plans for every section of the people.

BSNL broadband plan change online

Being a Public Sector Undertaking, adoption of technology culture is a bit tough task while handling the change management. It is many’s perceptions, but it is not like that now. PSU is following social media for a positive outlook accepting the complaints from its Facebook page.

Allowing provisions/ migrations through online. Introducing BSNL broadband plan change online portal, the best way to change BSNL broadband plans without moving to customer service center.

You can do BSNL broadband plan change online from anywhere on any device i.e. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, etc. For this, the broadband customer has just to log in to BSNL portal and follow the below instructions.

New deposits/charges if any, according to with new plans will be levied in next coming telephone bill. So that, you can pay this with BSNL online bill payment or directly at BSNL cash counters.

This BSNL broadband plan change online facility will be available for all broadband customers in all circles across India. For that, BSNL customer has a just log into the self-care portal.

Register as the new user at BSNL Portal by filling the details (not required for already registered user).Follow the simple steps as mentioned below for BSNL broadband plan change online to avail new benefits.

BSNL Broadband Plan Change Online at BSNL Portal

  • Login to BSNL self-care portal using with the registered username and password on any of your browsers.
    • Click on Billing Account Number displayed, and then your “Options” panel will load with many features on the left side of the page.

bsnl billing account number

  • Select Modify Services
    • Press on Change Tariff Plan

bsnl plan change

  •  Your right side page will open with four options
    1. Declaration
    2. Service Type
    3. Select Plan
    4. Confirmation
  • Click on Next by accepting the Terms and conditions to change broadband plan in Declaration page.
    bsnl broadband plan change declaration
  • In Service Type Section
    • Select Landline number from the drop-down list.
    • Select Broadband in the drop-down list of Landline/Broadband service.
    • Click on next to move to select the plan.

BSNL service type

  • You will move to Select Plan option for BSNL broadband plan change online, and displayed the list of available and eligible plans for your number along with currently subscribed tariff.
      • Choose any plan, which you required to migrate from the list of existing programs shown. Then you will display in a small window containing yearly, two-year and three-year charges with free telephone units available. Close that window after you read.
      • If you require opting for Annual subscription, visit concerned BSNL CSC. To continue monthly
      • If the needed plan is not presented on this BSNL broadband plan change online page, select another page number available to find your best plan.
      • Select your existing plan and required plan in the window
      • Click on Next

    bsnl broadband plans online

  • Finally, Confirmation window will open with your old plan and new plan which selected
    • Click on Submit change

BSNL Plan change confirmation
After completion of these above simple steps in this BSNL broadband plan change online portal. You will provide a service request number. On next working day, BSNL official will contact you over the mobile phone number, which you have already provided.

It is just for your confirmation about your BSNL broadband plan change online. Then after your confirmation, your new tariff plan will get completed to enjoy the new benefits.

Subscribers can change their existing plans through BSNL broadband plan change online with new required high-speed BSNL internet plans from anywhere in the world. It is on the web only.

So broadband users, avail this at any time without any tension. Request for BSNL Broadband Plan Change Online with new unlimited plans available at BSNL Portal.

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