Pay At BSNL Bill Payment Online Portal To Earn Loyalty Points

BSNL bill payment online service for instant action calls as BSNL quick pay portal. It is the need of the hour for all customers being a push to a cashless transaction by currency demonetization.

To support the right cause which as described, telecom customers has to gear up for BSNL bill payment online for their landline bill, online broadband bill or mobile phone payment.

BSNL quick pay portal is one of the Best, Simple and Easiest ways of online bill payment site. This BSNL Selfcare service is the most secure website with e-commerce SSL certificate and malware scan details on the website. Currency Demonetization in 2017 is a big topic already done. As a customer, you have to prepare how to handle the cash crunch. It is not only for a client but all current bill payments.

BSNL Bill Payment Online

There are many apprehensions for a client at online bill payment site. Apprehensions like, when we pay online, we might lose confidential information of our bank details, whether the payment has been received or not.

BSNL online bill payment will ensure you all the necessary security requirements for you. Just you have to use it. Only you have to do registration and add all your landline bill (Individual), Broadband bill, FiberNet (Fibre to the Home) Bill, Corporate Bills, DID Bills and even you can recharge your prepaid mobile numbers.

You can pay telephone bills through BSNL online bill payment portal having a registered account on login, or improved BSNL quick pay option without registration. Subscribers can also be able to update their Mobile Number and Subscription for SMS Alerts.

BSNL Online Payment Portal

The more important thing is that, whether the online payment procedure is very complicated to follow, and at the end of the day whether we are getting an acknowledgment receipt for the payment. All these addresses in BSNL bill payment online quick pay portal.

If you require downloading BSNL duplicate bill before or after the payment of a due amount, now have a chance to get this through BSNL Selfcare portal up to 6 bills.

A short note to consider for secure BSNL bill payment online. For secure online transactions and to avoid phishing/spyware attacks the please do examine the below-mentioned points.

Do your BSNL online payment transactions on authorized vendor portal, which has HTTPS enabled and having a green label for the site. It is like as shown below

  • Check for the security seal for e-Commerce

BSNL secured payment portal

  • Click the secure seal check whether the certificate issued by the company or not.

  • If possible try to install antivirus engine. For Windows 7 and above there is a free tool for antivirus, i.e., Microsoft baseline security analyzer (MBSA)/ windows defender from moreover 10.
  • While using computers in private/public internet spots, try to do online transactions through private/incognito option in browsers. With this option, there is no chance to save the passwords.

BSNL Bill Payment Online Process at Quick Pay BSNL Portal

    • Open your browser (recommended to open in New Incognito Window).
    • Log on to BSNL quick pay bill portal (
    • Select Individual Bills / FTTH Bills, Corporate Bills, DID Bills as per your service.

BSNL Online Payment Service

    • Enter Telephone number with STD code without zero (4024XXXXXX) in Pay For Phone Number.
    • Go to Communication Details.
    • Enter valid email address to receive paid receipts.
    • Submit your valid mobile number to receive paid transaction alert.
    • Type the captcha code given.
    • Click on Submit.

BSNL Online Bill Payment Entry Details

  • Then you get the customer details (Name, Invoice Amount, Pay By Date, Date of Bill, etc.)
  • Click on PAY NOW.
  • You will get the Payment Options as below in Step 1
    BSNL Payment now
  • Then you will get the Payment Options as below in Step 1
    • Internet Banking (allowed more than 50 banks)
    • Credit Card (American Express, Diners Club International, Visa, MasterCard)
    • Debit Card (Maestro, MasterCard, Ru pay, Visa), Cash Card
  • Select the above BSNL bill payment option in Step1.
  • Choose the payment gateway among the array of payment options for authorizing BSNL bill payment online.
      • Select Tech Process or Bill Desk
      • Continue for Payment

    BSNL Payment Banks List

Then immediately, the user in this BSNL online payment portal has been redirected to another page of Net banking / Debit / Credit card as per selection of payment option.

BSNL Bill Payment Receipt

After completion of successful BSNL landline online payment or mobile bill payment, user redirects to view the digital receipt details (Receipt Number, Transaction No, Bill Number, Bill Date, Unique ID, Telephone Number, Bank Transaction ID, Bill Paid Amount, Paid Date) for the bill paid.

BSNL Online Payment Receipt

For all bill payments, you will get an online receipt. Furthermore, a BSNL quick pay receipt will send to your registered mail id which given during registration process.

BSNL portal will send an SMS for each transaction made at BSNL bill payment portal. There are no hidden or extra charges for bill payments. Moreover, it is straightforward and hassles free.

Telecom Customers of all the circles can avail this BSNL online payment facility through a secure gateway for Landline, Broadband, Fiber Net (FTTH), WiMax and Mobile services.

Notes to consider during BSNL portal bill payment

  • There is a possibility of link getting disconnected, during returning from the BANK after successful BSNL bill payment.
  • In that case, the user will not be able to see the BSNL quick pay receipt since the portal system will not know the details of the transaction made. If this occurs, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT to pay the bill again.
  • BSNL bill payment portal system will shortly receive the confirmation from the BANK, through the alternative backup channel. And the receipt will send to registered email id within a short time.
  • In the case of previous bills, the amount had already paid and not updated in BSNL bill payment online quick pay portal.
  • Please visit nearest cash counters to pay the current bill or else pay the total outstanding amount. The excess paid amount would automatically adjust in next coming bill.

BSNL Bill Payment Complaint

If any complaints about the transactions of BSNL payment online at quick pay portal. It’s like money debit from your bank account/ credit or debit card and not generates the receipts.

Please login to the complaint portal and lodge your grievance regarding BSNL online payment. PSU also allows BSNL Offers for Online Payment in the form of loyalty points available on the Selfcare Portal.

So that within a short time, your paid details will adjust or update or refunded to your account. It happens if you have made your BSNL bill payment online at quick pay BSNL bill portal only.


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