BSNL Satellite Phone Launched In India, Who Can Avail?

BSNL Satellite Phone Services launched in India. It is a revolutionary step from BSNL and DOT to offer voice call connectivity even on the sea. The new satellite phone services inaugurate by the Hon’ble Union Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha.

BSNL satellite phone service in India provides in association with UK-based provider INMARSAT. Furthermore by the fourth connecting gateway in the world. BSNL Satellite Phone connecting gateway has set up at Ghaziabad with the base station worth of approximately 8 million dollars.

BSNL Satellite Phone Services

What is the satellite phone and standard cell phone and what is the essential difference between them? We all know about mobile phones. Why do we call a cell phone? Any clue, Mobile Phone calls as the Cell phone, because it drives on the cellular network. It determines every tower system will consider as a Cell.

Tower to Tower movement is nothing but cell to cell movement. This why we name it as Cell Phone. When we meet any natural disasters or any human-made disasters, there will be an immediate effect on communications. And the cellular network will no longer be available because of damage to towers.

To overcome this situation, our Telecom giant BSNL made a solution. It is a James Bond gadget i.e. nothing but a BSNL Satellite Phone, or a SAT phone. What it will do is, where ever you are, directly it will connect you to the satellite. With that, you can execute a call to the base station.

Satellite phone directly connects to the satellite, and from satellite, it will find the nearest Gateway. From the gateway, it will root to the destination landline or mobile phone or any other satellite phone.

If you are at any disaster affected area or where there is no cellular network, with the satellite phone you can communicate to the world about your status. It gives the essential mobile features like calling and texting. In India, satellite phone services can avail only from BSNL as Inmarsat satellite phone services are partnering it.

Inmarsat was a global satellite phone service provider which earlier has partnered with VSNL to this service, after VSNL being taken over by TATAs. Now in collaboration with Inmarsat, our brand offers BSNL Satellite Phone services in INDIA.

Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha told reporters that the service would cover areas where no networks are present. It provides by INMARSAT which has 14 satellites. By Enabling the local gateway to satellite phone services will cut the voice call costs by half to around Rs 30-35 per minute.

Sinha said that the most famous team in India like agencies handling disasters, Police, Railways, Border Security Force and other government agencies would be given the phones in the first phase.

He added that in the second phase people while traveling in flight and on ships will be able to use BSNL Satellite Phone service. It is also with data services means like a BSNL Satellite Internet connection.

This second phase of BSNL Satellite Phone launch is also going to start within a couple of months announced by Gautam Sharma, Managing Director, Inmarsat India.

BSNL Chairman Managing Director Shri Anupam Shrivastava said that the tariffs of BSNL Satellite Phone for ordinary people decide soon. It is for anything relates to BSNL Voice and SMS services of prepaid and postpaid categories.

Soon We update the latest BSNL Satellite Phone Price in India. Also the available models of BSNL digital satellite phone terminals available for you.

With this new launch of BSNL Satellite phone services, telecom brand had given another bigger responsibility. It is for the betterment of the society for taking care of the satellite services.

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