BSNL Minimum Speed to be Increased to 4Mbps Soon..

You are going to be a vested customer for BSNL. PSU is gearing up to offer BSNL minimum speed as 4Mbps for all your downloads. Year on Year, PSU comes with latest to offer the best standard download speed. Now, this particular news (BSNL Minimum Speed) is going to push a significant revolutionary change in entire Indian Networking world.

BSNL asks their circles to send their feedback about all the issues and possibilities to redefine the speed. Maybe in this month only, we all India BSNL broadband users can expect the BSNL Minimum Speed as 4Mbps.

BSNL Minimum Speed

As, we all know, how BSNL 249 Plan in broadband segment got the huge response in all India. Now BSNL also started offering Fiber to the Home services in maximum towns and cities with a special tariff. It is also by joining with local MSOs in somewhere and individually in other areas according to with possibilities. It is all to provide ultra speed internet with fault free services at special base rates.

Apart from that, now this BSNL Minimum Speed as 4Mbps may become a revolutionary thing in Indian telecom. If the internet speeds are high, we all can consume more data, where the data consumption is directly proportional to GDP growth. As a whole, we will have the best economy.

If the load on frequency allows to wireless connections, come down with this BSNL strategy. All the wireless service providers can offer better services on their network. Furthermore, as an internet subscriber of both wired and wireless connections, we can enjoy the greatest internet speeds.

With this aggressive move of BSNL minimum speed, all the internet users connected through BSNL copper cable also have to taste the 4Mbps speed shortly.  We will soon update the news about the tariff for BSNL minimum speed and what are the broadband plans covered in this part?

So, if you think, this BSNL minimum speed is the right step or anything more required. Make a comment.


  1. Obviously, it is great for BSNL. But in our India, the system of BSNL is very bad except south India. Now offering speed plans but it is very slow rate compare with any other company but I hope one day this company will important in our India.

  2. 2 Mbps at 1199 is not at justified today when JIO is speaking 16Mbps at 303 plan. BSNL should quickly make its moves before customer like me itself would discontinue BSNL. Its the high time makes fiber projects reach to each max people at attractive prices before Jio Giga Fibernet disrupts everything.

  3. But here in some parts of Assam, they are providing Broadband services with 512 kbps media. now my question is – how they will be able to provide 4 Mbps speed with the age old 512 kbps media? If you would not believe me, I can show you the BSNL Telephone Exchange of Khoirabari, Udalguri, Assam, which is still running with 512 Kbps media.

  4. Total Waste. If they say 2 Mbps bandwidth it comes max 1.5 and on 1 Mbps and even it comes to .5. On 4mbps I think 2mbps will come surely wastage of money on BSNL broadband

  5. Good decision. But 4Mbps speed is only logical. At present, BSNL offering 2Mbps speed. But we never get this speed. My bsnl broadband connection is very slow.

  6. I am a BSNL BB subscriber since 2006, throughout these 11 yrs I have never faced any interruption, many companies are coming, offering free data, but the only thing I can tell, BSNL broadband is JUST AMAZING, BEYOND COMPARISON.

  7. I guess best would be to make a 499 plan with unlimited broadband calls at 4mbps. So that even if customers pay four times that of Jio. They get benefits in return. Else everybody would resort to disconnecting BSNL for 303 Reliance Jio unlimited plan at better speeds free calls and mobile connectivity

  8. A good plan makes minimum speed 4mbps. Increase speed of existing tariff plans above 1000 like 1199 to 8 Mbps minimum. It may help to keep customers loyal and steadfast with the company. Else Jio provides better than this at 100 rupees 10 times less the cost.

    If BSNL cannot offer such speeds or reduce tariffs like 1199 2Mbps flat to about 500 rupees, even customers are paying five times more than Jio, but they should get some better deal also.

  9. Poor maintenance of cables and their joints, The speed is always below par, and the BSNL technicians do not care they get their payments without any problems.

  10. Great. I am BSNL BB subscriber since day one I had to go lots of adverse circumstances but still keep in touch since Jan 2009. Payradanga, SSA Krishnagar WBTC.


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