BSNL MICRO SIM Cards now Rs 20 – New Smart SIM in Market

Does anyone know what is the full form of SIM card, SIM, “Subscriber Identity Module”. What does this SIM card actually do? How many types of SIM cards are available in present market? In those types, what are the types of SIM cards those are readily available by BSNL as a service provider. Should we have to pay extra cost for different type of BSNL SIM Cards & How to get a BSNL Micro SIM card, where it is available.These are very much common questions for any BSNL Smartphone user.

BSNL Micro SIM CardFor all these questions to make it simple and easy, BSNL is going to introduce a model of 64K Smart SIM cards which are very useful according to the type of device as Normal & Micro SIM applicable for all BSNL Mobile Plans. Coming to the point, as per the technology concepts, SIM card is the key which carries information of your country,

Coming to the point, as per the technology concepts, SIM card is the key which carries information of your country, service provider who has issued the SIM and also the encryption methodology for securing the incoming and outgoing communication. Along with this base requirements in SIM card you can also store SMS (Short Message Service) and also you can store phone book in SIM memory.

As we all are using smartphones, most of the Mobile manufacturing companies are providing SIM card slots with micro SIM card slots, and we all use SIM card cutting instrument to make the SIM fit to micro SIM card slot. This is an activity most of us not interested to do, there is another issue with this, If it was not cut properly, SIM card might not work also. For this reason, to relive us , BSNL has a sensible solution, i.e Smart SIM. BSNL Micro SIM is incorporated in the regular SIM, i.e. BSNL Micro SIM with adapter to behave like regular SIM.

BSNL Smart SIM Card (Normal & Micro SIM Card) uses

  • By taking BSNL Micro SIM from the adapter of Smart SIM, Mobile Customer can directly use Micro SIM card in their Smartphones.
  • With Adapter you can use Micro SIM in Normal BSNL Mobiles and also in Data Cards (USB Dongles), both adapter and BSNL Micro SIM will be available for you with BSNL Smart SIM.
  • Furthermore this BSNL Smart SIM cards is available with a price tag of Rs 20/- for New Connection, Replacement / Duplicate SIM Card.

This option is very helpful for all BSNL Prepaid Plan subscribers, with a minimal cost of Rs 20/-, you are getting BSNL Micro SIM card with General SIM card adapter. Nothing to run for SIM cutter just go for replacement/duplicate from BSNL and get SMART SIM card which is going to suffice all your needs, where BSNL Postpaid Plan customer has to pay normal charges as earlier.

This unique concept from BSNL is also powered with new tender released from BSNL for procuring BSNL smart SIMs. When you go to the BSNL service point you may not get the answer that BSNL Smart SIMs are not available, and these Smart SIMS with BSNL Micro SIM shall available in all circles. Good Move by BSNL along with the planning to meet the demand. We should appreciate BSNL for this move.


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