To encourage new subscribers and old customers, PSU introduces BSNL Installation offers. It is for BSNL Broadband / Landline and Fiber to Home (FTTH) services in all BSNL Circles. Also, these BSNL Installation offers proposed on areas like urban or rural categories. This free installation waiver is up to 100% for all closed customers on reconnection and new customers on subscription.

Out of all these discounts, why we have to go with BSNL? Is it the question you might be having in your mind? There is the perfect answer for this, BSNL being state-owned company will work for the people, rather than profits.

BSNL Installation Offers

BSNL will deliver speeds according to your plan as BSNL plans infrastructure well ahead of the demand. BSNL furthermore is planning to offer special packages for intercellular calls. You can use your free minutes of BSNL to call to other service provider mobile numbers.

These BSNL installation charges offer for broadband and landline are excellent to consider on registration as a new customer. BSNL is the most reliable service provider and also the leader in BSNL landline and broadband services. It is the having the enormous span of the laid network in India.

The jackpot in this BSNL installation offer is, you will get 100% discount on installation charges for BSNL landline/broadband/landline with broadband.  It is applicable if you are going to opt for yearly subscriptions in some circles and announced waiver offers. Take a look at the mentioned dates as follows in this year to get free installation.

BSNL Installation Offers 2018 for Landline / Broadband / FTTH

BSNL CircleLandlineBroadbandLL + BBFiberNet (FTTH) #FromUp to
All circles100%100%Up to One Year from 18.07.2017
All New Customers subscribe to Landline Experience 49, and BSNL 249 Broadband Plan can get 100% installation free in entire India.

* The above BSNL Installation Offers shall allow for all disconnected customers. But it is applicable who requires reconnection for landline/broadband or combo services.

# BSNL Waives Installation charges, Security deposit for Hyderabad Broadband Plans ‘BBG Combo ULD 611 CS54’, ‘BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 995 VDSL CS 55’ and Fibernet ‘BB Plan Fibro Combo ULD 2795 CS 20’ and also monthly rental charges of Rs.150 for FTTH ONT. The customers who opt Annual or higher payment method under fiber broadband plans Fibro Combo ULD 645 CS34, and Fibro Combo ULD 1045 CS35 shall also allow BSNL Installation offers and also waived SD and rental charges for FTTH ONT on a regular basis.

BSNL waives FTTH ONT rent of Rs.90 who taken on rental from 20.09.2017. It is applicable for the customers who opt Fibernet broadband plan with FMC Rs.599/- and above. This offer is applicable for six months from the said date.

This new BSNL Installation offers shall also be applicable for all unlimited calling users of Landline Broadband connections mentioned as above, So its the time for Landline and Broadband new users as to Apply Online for the new BSNL connection with this BSNL Installation offers.

Under the new CMD leadership, BSNL is going to offer best in class Quality Services with best customer care services. So opting for BSNL is always better. Choose the best right now, and then you can avail enormous discount benefit with BSNL Installation offers.


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