BSNL IDA Of Employees From 2007 To April 2018

BSNL IDA rates revised to 0% for their Employees on 1st Pay revision(01-01-2007). The Industrial Dearness Allowance for Central Public Sector Undertaking(CPSU) staff changes for every three months(quarter).

They are in January, April, July, October of that year. It is also by Consumer Price Index (CPI) of those previous months for compensating employees with new IDA calculation.

What is Dearness Allowance? Why is it to be paid and on what basis it may pay? What are the factors influencing dearness allowance and wage revision? In general dearness allowance is being paid as a percentage of the employee basic pay. It is to adjust payments against inflation. Yeah, this is where Consumer Price Index (CPI) comes into the picture.

BSNL IDA Employees

Ok, For general information, What is Inflation? In simple words, Inflation means an increase in the price of the goods you purchase. It can be in the majority for three reasons.

If the government prints more money without any control, there will heavy flow of currency among the people. It results in massive demand for the limited supply of goods, leading to the rising of prices for the same products.

For the reason of inflation, to check and bear the risk of unrest among the industrial workers, in the payment itself, there is a component which will look for the increase and will revive for every three months, that is Industrial Dearness Allowance.

Furthermore, increase the inflation, increase in the lending rates and decreasing the Fixed deposit interest rates and compete for instability in the economics of the country.

Industrial Dearness Allowance(IDA) rates depend on All India Consumer Price Index (IW) average for the specified months given, and IDA Rates of BSNL Employees as per the list is increased/decreased for the same in that period with new rates published after IDA calculation.

BSNL IDA Rates List for Employees from 01.01.2007

Effective fromIDA Rate %% Raised from PreviousEffective fromIDA Rate %% Raised from Previous
January 2015100.32.21st April 15100.50.2
July 2015102.62.1October 15107.95.3
01.01.2016112.44.5April 2016112.40
01.01.2017119.5-0.8 01.04.2017 117.1-2.4
01.07.20171191.901.10.2017 124.3 5.3
01.01.2018126.92.601.04.2018 127.2 0.3

At first, Department of Public Enterprises will issue the orders after IDA calculation for revised/new BSNL IDA rates applicable for Public Sectors (CPSU Pay). Correspondingly BSNL has also published the orders for the same revised Industrial Dearness Allowance rates to pay for their employees.

So, have a look at the total BSNL IDA Pay Scale Rates given for employees. It is also from Ist pay revision effective from 01.01.2007, a big happiest moment for employees.

For the above confirmed BSNL IDA Pay Scale rates, orders will issue from DOPE after IDA calculation. So in this financial year 2018-2019, this first quarter is the starting for an increase of BSNL IDA rates from 01.04.2018.


  1. I am a pensioner from BSNL I am taking my pension from the Post office at PUNE. Whenever IDA has announced those pensioners who receive the pension salary from banks get their IDA from next month, but those taking the pension from Post offices get after 4 to 5 months. CAN any body help in this matter?

  2. Why Govt. DPE, nobody is taking reminder and agitation. The 2001 agreement is 4% hike yearly is not there but hardly one year is done, no put in the courts, but bad bank debts cleared, the court is placing judgment pending, so many are denying. Why not lodging Sumoto case, human rights act, common man survival rights,



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