BSNL Customer Care to Lodge Complaints & Enquiry

BSNL Customer Care Service is the best provision for a specified toll-free helpline number to BSNL customers. It is before, during and after the purchase of products like BSNL Broadband, Mobile, WiMAX, CDMA. To enhance the level of customer satisfaction about a BSNL product and to meet the client expectation with easily identified numbers, PSU launches this Toll-Free BSNL Customer Care or Helplines.

The importance of customer service may vary by product or service and customer. India’s No:1 Telecom giant Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has now commissioned all the SLA based call centers (using CDR system). These are for handling Landline and BSNL Broadband Complaints and also other data services by extending BSNL Helpline to all customers in a convenient manner with best customer care to enhance their satisfaction directly or with BSNL Portal.

BSNL Customer Care

User-Friendly BSNL Helpline Centers are accessible from every nook and corner of the country. These are available uniformly in all over India for Landline, CDMA, Broadband and Country’s best mobile services. All the GSM or CDMA subscribers can dial or call 24*7 toll free helpline number on BSNL Customer Care new Call Center Services. It is for any services related to new/existing connections, and even for your queries on BSNL online recharge facilities.

These mentioned BSNL Helpline Numbers are standard for all the customers of all the States/BSNL circles. The customers from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Chennai, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Haryana, Punjab, UP(West), UP(East), Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Kolkata, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Adman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East-1 and NE 2 can access these from anywhere in India.

BSNL Customer Care Numbers

Services Toll-Free from BSNL Network Toll-Free from Other Network
BSNL Landline Customer Care 198 / 1500 1800 345 1500
BSNL CDMA Customer Care 1502 1800 180 1502
BSNL GSM Mobile Customer Care 1503 1800 180 1503
BSNL Broadband Customer Care 198 / 1504 1800 345 1504
BSNL MPLS and Other Data Services 1800 425 1957
E-Track Fleet Management Solution 1800 425 1425
BSNL WiFi Services 1800 425 5300

BSNL customer hasn’t satisfied or solved their pending issues at BSNL Customer Care Services. They can book an online complaint at any time to reach BSNL higher authorities at new BSNL online complaint portal.

Telecom giant facilitates the BSNL customers to a large extent to make Online Transactions over secure mechanism. The customers can also inquire at these BSNL Customer Care Numbers, about the billing issues of Postpaid Services.

This above mentioned BSNL customer care numbers of all the services are Toll-Free Helpline numbers. They are provided with free calling from any network mobile and landline services. All these to be answered to resolve the complaint or to lodge a complaint by an authorized person/service representative of a particular service. So BSNL customers feel free to register your complaints now or inquire about existing by dialing Toll-Free BSNL Customer Care.

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  2. Mayank Upadhyay
  3. Vikrant Chauhan
  4. madras craft foundation,(Dakshinachitra) Chennai
  5. Raj kumar
  6. GAGAN
  7. Noushad
  8. Baby Ghosh
  9. Krishna Nand Pathak
  10. pomesh borikar
  11. T. Retnapandian
  12. Santosh kumar keshri
  13. Suresh Chand Shah
  14. SureshChandsharma
  16. md.yusuf ansari
  17. D.sambasivarao
  19. amarjit singh
  20. Subhajit Bhowmick
  21. sarvesh gupta
  22. P.Navaneetha krishnan
  23. Dimple
  24. Susanta Kumar Bera
  25. ketan
  26. G.s hegde
  27. khageswar
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  28. Dr Pradeep Chaturvedi
  29. Jeevan
  30. Ayushi dube
  31. Chandubhai P Patel
  32. Joshua
  33. Mr Gopalbhai I. Patel
  34. sanju vernekar
  35. Joshua
  36. Atul Kumar
  38. s kudiarasu selvan
  39. govindarajan
  40. Rangeeth
  41. nityanand auto mobile & infrastructure
  42. Sanjay rathi
  43. sudhin ns
  44. C.s.khandelwal
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  45. Kabita Mahapatra
  46. abhinand
  47. suba lakshmi
  48. Roopesh Kumar S
  49. Vijay
  50. s.k.Nayak
  51. epeneth
    • Ritu
  52. Amresh Kumar
  53. chaman khan
  54. Balaji Power Gears- Madhan
  55. shiju
  56. P.Navaneetha krishnan
  57. A P Mahajan
  58. satyanarayana khatawate
  59. krutika
  60. Suresh jain
  61. P.Navaneetha krishnan
  62. Hukumchand Garg
  63. Siddharth More
  64. gajanand sharma
  65. jobin j
  66. Anand kb
  67. Ranjeet
  68. Satish
  69. Anubhav srivastava
  70. Chitra Engarsal
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