BSNL Customer Care Service is the best provision for a specified toll-free helpline number to BSNL customers. It is before, during and after the purchase of products like BSNL Broadband, Mobile, WiMAX, CDMA.

To enhance the level of customer satisfaction about a BSNL product and to meet the client expectation with easily identified numbers, PSU launches this Toll-Free BSNL Customer Care or Helplines.

The importance of customer service may vary by product or service and customer. India’s No:1 Telecom giant Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has now commissioned all the SLA based call centers (using CDR system).

These are for handling Landline and BSNL Broadband Complaints and also other data services by extending BSNL Helpline to all customers in a convenient manner with best customer care to enhance their satisfaction directly or with BSNL Portal.

BSNL Customer Care

User-Friendly BSNL Helpline Centers are accessible from every nook and corner of the country. These are available uniformly in all India for Landline, CDMA, Broadband and Country’s best mobile services.

All the GS< or CDMA subscribers can dial or call 24*7 toll free helpline number on BSNL Customer Care new Call Center Services. It is for any services related to new/existing connections, and even for your queries on BSNL online recharge facilities.

These mentioned BSNL Helpline Numbers are standard for all the customers of all the States/BSNL circles. The customers from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Chennai, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Haryana, Punjab, UP(West), UP(East), Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Kolkata, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Adman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East-1 and NE 2 can access these from anywhere in India.

BSNL Customer Care Numbers

ServicesToll-Free from BSNL NetworkToll-Free from Other Network
BSNL Landline Customer Care198 / 15001800 345 1500
BSNL CDMA Customer Care15021800 180 1502
BSNL GSM Mobile Customer Care15031800 180 1503
BSNL Broadband Customer Care198 / 15041800 345 1504
BSNL MPLS and Other Data Services1800 425 1957
E-Track Fleet Management Solution1800 425 1425
BSNL WiFi Services1800 425 5300

BSNL customer hasn’t satisfied or solved their pending issues at BSNL Customer Care Services. They can book an online complaint at any time to reach BSNL higher authorities at new BSNL online complaint portal.

Telecom giant facilitates the BSNL customers to a large extent to make Online Transactions over secure mechanism. The customers can also enquire at these BSNL Customer Care Numbers, about the billing issues of Postpaid Services.

This above mentioned BSNL customer care numbers of all the services are Toll-Free Helpline numbers. They are provided with free calling from any network mobile and landline services.

All these to be answered to resolve the complaint or to lodge a complaint by an authorized person/service representative of a particular service.

So BSNL customers feel free to register your complaints now or enquire about existing by dialing Toll-Free BSNL Customer Care.


  1. सर मैंने एयरसेल के नंबर 9608203521 का पोर्टिंग 8th मार्च को दानापुर में करवाया था पर आज तक मेरा नंबर चालू नहीं हुआ please मदद kijiye

  2. BSNL ने कुश दिन पहले मेरे गांव क पास वाले गांव जादामन में टावर लगवाया था मगर अब पिशले कुश महीने से नेटवर्क प्रॉब्लम चली हुई है और सिग्नल भी ठप्प है बात भी ढंग से न हो 9418330245 9459071770

  3. The monthly BSNL telephone bill against my telephone is coming after due date resulting in facing the trouble of late fee and disconnection. Kindly do the needful to get BSNL bill in due time.

  4. मैने दि 6/12/2017 को अपना प्रीपेड मो० ना०9415094589 को पोस्ट पेड में बदलने के लिए. प्रक्रिया पूरी कर थी परन्तु अभी तक मेरा पोस्ट पेड मो० चालू नहीं किया गया। कृपया. मेरा उक्त नं० तुरन्त चालू कराने का कष्ट करें। -कृष्णानन्द पाठक

  5. महोदय आप से निवेदन है की अगर बीएसएनएल को बचाना है/तो आप और आपके कर्मचारी कृपया सर्विश पर ध्यान दे. मै बीएसएनएल का भुगत भोगी हु, आज से मै कभी भी बीएसएनएल के आफिस में कदम नहीं रखूँगा क्योकि प्राइवेट कंपनी के ढेरो आफर खुले है.

    कारण मैंने बीएसएनएल में ब्राडबेंड कनेक्सन के लिए छः दिन पहले से फार्म और रूपये जमा किये है और उन्होंने कहा की एक दिन में कनेक्सन लगा दिया जायेगा लेकिन आज तक कनेक्सन नहीं लगा है मैंने कई बार ऑफिस के चक्कर लगा चूका हु, कई बार ऑफिस मै फोन भी लगा चूका हु, तो उनका एक ही जवाब मिलता है की कर्मचारी आपके यहाँ ही कनेक्सन करने गए है, लेकिन अभी तक मेरे पास कोई भी नहीं आया है/क्या आप लोग हम ग्राहक को बेवकूफ समझाते है या वो प्राइवेट कम्पनी वाले बेवकूफ है जो इतनी अच्छी सर्विस देते है

    कृपया कर मुझे सुझाव दे. और बीएसएनएल को डूबने से बचाए.
    धन्यवाद एंड सॉरी

  6. My Mobile No: 9443593306 having BSNL SIM with Anbujodi plan. Frequently without dialing also I am getting a message like Your last call cost is Rs:15.00,5.00 likewise.

    Today (5-10-2017) even I got a message saying that your Last call cost is Rs:15.00 and reduced from the account. Immediately I contacted with BSNL Office (1509) they told me some service charges they may deduct. BSNL is deducting Poor people’s money without using the cell.

  7. महाशय,निवेदन के साथ कहना है कि आपका डाटा का परिचालन ईतना खराब है कि रोना आता है ।आपको डाटा के लिए रूपया देने का मतलब है कि किसी बहुत ” शैतान ” को रूपया दे दिया।क्योकि बाद में सबकुछ लुट जाने जाने जैसा लगता है।आपका डाटा ईतना खराब चलता है साला कि कभी-कभी तो अपने मोबाईल को ही छति पहुचाना पड़ता है।इसको सुधारो ऩिरलजो

  8. My mobile numbers are 9414393308, 9461393308(Prepaid). My residential address is 6/370 S.F.S. Agarwal farm Mansarovar Jaipur 302020. Nearly for more than last two months, the mobile signal tower is not functioning. With the result, we Localities are not getting any signal to our cell phones. In spite of several complaints to local BSNL, the problem remains unresolved.

    Due to the signal problem, we are not able to use our BSNL mobiles, and we are very much frustrated with BSNL Services. So please try to work around this issue permanently so that we can continue to be the BSNL customers.

  9. Sir me jharkhand ke dhanbad distrik ka rehne wala hu.sir hamare baliapur post ke gao tak bsnl ki 3g sewa nahi ati hai sir jab ki 2km ki ranj me bsnl ke do tower lage hai, firvi 3g nahi ata kripya network ki sudhar kijiye tavi na user sim kgaridega.

  10. My mobile no is 9490120270. I think I get more bill for August. So I want to check it, but I don’t know how to get the detailed bill statement. So please help me and send a reply to my mobile.

  11. My BSNL Mobile no 9490188568 F and F numbers in five numbers are available on my mobile, but charge as usual for three numbers. So many times complaints issued not taking any action, please check and rectify it.

  12. BSNL prepaid no- 7380045735. I am unable to use sim it is not activated yet, calling 1507 for activation isn’t connecting. Anyone, please help me, my cell no 8437965268.

  13. BSNL Prepaid number:- 9435249243. I am unable to download any big files or any files of any size from the Internet. I just inserted Rs. 333 pack of BSNL 3G and the speed does not extend beyond 150kbps, and data of 100 MB-200 MB are taking approximately 5 hours to download. At this moment I humbly request you to improve my GSM BSNL Signals of 3G in my Locality. The location is Pragjyotish Nagar B.G.COLONY Guwahati Assam.

  14. After new state Telangana, we are not getting 3G, and 4G communication net survives in Telangana richest dist Adilabad. From last 70 years, it diminishes and my dist Adilabad in Andra region giving 4G and 5G in some areas. We are getting only 2G.

    God has given all respects to my district, due to loot of Andhra admin and Govt of India. we can’t get our rights, and my district has black gold mines in the east. In west, white gold cotton. In the world, five crore bales cotton among 70 lack bales in my dist Adilabad. More than 15 lakhs of employment get in Andhra with my cotton.

    In south 300 TMC water with 1 TMC 6000 Acers irrigation, but all water going to Andhra and in North green forest and mines more than 117 and in sky more than 1100 cm rain fall. This is my land Adilabad.

    Due to the communication problem, we are not getting benefits. Please give best internet survives. Now we are getting 2G and 3G services only. Please give 3G and 4G to my district, my place is Bhainsa and proves the justice in the federal structure. Remove all concussions who stop development of my area and my people.

  15. My mobile no. is 9445203707. My residential address is 2/30,7th cross street, Elumalai Road, NANMANGALAM, Chennai-600129. Nearly for the last two months, the mobile signal tower namely, Kovilambakkam A 3 is not functioning. With the result, we are not getting any signal to our cell phones. In spite of several complaints to local AE/DE the problem still unresolved.

    A claim in this regard was also made on the site last month. In response to that, the signal from this tower temporarily restored which last for few days only. Due to the signal problem, we are not able to use our BSNL mobiles, and we are very much frustrated with BSNL Services. So please try to work around this issue permanently so that we can continue to be the BSNL customers.

  16. BSNL postpaid mobile 9432220008 SIM has been replaced for a NANO SIM on Monday 3 July 2017 around 12.30 PM. According to the guy at the counter (where the replacement SIM was received – charge Rs. 30), the new SIM should have been activated within 2 hours i.e. around 3 PM.

    Today is Tuesday (4th July 2017). Still, the old SIM is working. The new SIM has not been activating.

    The representative in customer care service could not do anything about it but advised me to go to BSNL office where I got the replacement for the SIM and complain.

  17. Unable to Download Chrome through 444 plan 3 G with Intex 3.5 Dongle NOT GETTING SPEED OF EVEN 2 G
    EVEN BSNL me mere 3 numbers MNP karvaye wo bhi sahi nahi chal rahe he / Card Number 9426454031 used in Intex 3.5 Dongle
    I am from Vadodara CITY Very Near To BSNL TOWER?OFFICE

  18. BSNL 3G network not available in my village address Salkod, Honnavar TQ in UttaraKannada district 581334. A lot of customers are suferring due to BSNL 3G signal problem. Please solve them.

  19. BSNL Mobile network not available in my village address at Dhorlamunda Post, Nuapada, Jhagrahi Dist 766106 due to tower issue. Please rectify the problem. A lot of customers are suffering due to BSNL signal problem.

  20. Sir, I am a media professional residing at 72/21 A Patel Marg Mansarovar, Jaipur, having a landline No 2784180 with the BSNL broadband network since long.

    I am facing problem broadband interrupted connectivity from last two- three months. I also complain the same to the regional officers through proper channel. Your Deputed linemen use to visit the site and always mention that we need to remove internal wiring to eliminate the broadband problems.

    We say that entire world is using underground wiring including BSNL LAYING DOWN UNDER ROAD/ land Cable network then why perusing the external connectivity. My said connection is working interrupted but not failed facility. He is not able to understand, and no senior officer is contacting to remove my broadband problem.

    My BSNL broadband modem DSL light is blinking continuously, As this one should continuously light, as line staff mentioned, but he is not doing any permanent measure for activation.

    Kindly make this sorted out at an earliest and restore the BSNL broadband connectivity problem for which I am paying the charges without beneficial using.

    Dr. Pradeep Chaturvedi

  21. Sir my name is Jeevan, and my mobile number is 9160115501. Recently my number is deactivated without any reason. It is my primary contact number known to all my friend’s. Please help me to activate my number.

  22. I had subscribed to BSNL 333 data plan and got only 60 days validity. But now the BSNL 333 plan plan is for 90 days. I called customer care 1503 with no solution, only telling vague answers. No problem people will come to know the truth. I m disappointed by using bsnl.

  23. I have applied for a landline to my residence, 12 Matrivihar Socy, B/h Ganga Jamna Socy, Subhanpura Baroda 390023 from your Subhanpura exchange, in March last week 2017. Landline No 2398412 was allotted to me. Since one and half months passed, but I didn’t get the land line connection to my residence. Meanwhile, I got the message on my cell phone bill for the month of April 2017 for Rs. 991/00.

    I immediately contacted concern Officer and told him that without telephone connection how you can be raised the bill on me?. He replied that they would withdraw the bill raised on me. Then On 28 April, I gave in writing in the form prescribed for disconnection of my land line as allotted to me 2398412.

    Thereafter on 11 may 2017, I got the message for the bill for the month of May 2017 for Rs. 992/ Immediately on 28th May 2017 I received the message Which is as under
    Dear Customer, Your service 02652398412 has been Disconnected. Pl contact 1500 (BSNL customer care) for any queries.

    Now on 10 June, I got the message for the latest bill of June 2017 for Rs, 1,555. From the above, I observed that there is no coordination among the various departments in this office. Otherwise, it will not happen to raise the bill from the month of April 2017 and onwards.

  24. I have taken a picture of the comments that I mentioned earlier, only to find now that the comments are completely edited…the comments are not the way I had posted earlier, kindly guys take a picture of your comments and see after few days its totally getting edited…you will find full of mistakes in the comments and some part of the comments are removed. BSNL is doing a great job

  25. I have disconnected my landline no 02661 272066 since from OCTOBER – 2016 and I submitted necessary documents with a cancelled cheque and returning the instrument for a refund of my deposit amount.

    As a subscriber, I requested so many time at local BSNL office and customer care about my return charges, but till today I haven’t received my REFUND AMOUNT, so I request to do the needful.

  26. I had subscribed to BSNL 333 data plan and got enough bandwidth at the beginning with about 1.8 Mbps for 25 days of 90 days validity. But now the BSNL 333 plan speed had dropped to 20% or less with hardly 200 to 300 kbps since 10 to 12 days. It is understandable that since many subscribers grew at this price of internet, the speed is divided. I called customer care 1503 with no solution, only telling vague answers. No problem people will come to know the truth.

  27. My customer account number is 4022940513. I have been having issues since the time I have taken the BSNL internet services. I am paying all my dues despite the service not working without delay, and still, I am unable to use the services. Recently I was asked to change to fiber net and cancel the old service which I did, but even though the service not provided for almost two months. I have charged for the old connection and the new BSNL FTTH connection.
    The guy who connected the service told us not to pay the dues which were amounting to about Rs.7300 until he sorted the issue and finally said to visit the office and speak with the customer services. My wife visited the BSNL customer care Bangalore in Banashankari near BDA complex. She acknowledged that we need to pay all the outstanding around Rs.7300 roughly despite not using services was paid. But still, the BSNL internet connection does not work, and complaints continue, and it’s been more than three weeks we spent the money, the internet does not seem to work. What to do now?

  28. I am a retailer of BSNL recharge services for last 3-4 years.
    I am getting demo internet data to my BSNL retailer SIM regularly. The data I am receiving on BSNL CTopup SIM is of no use unless can transfer data to another BSNL SIM. Because the card I am using is for recharge purpose only, it can’t use for both purposes at the same time.

    I request you to please make an option to transfer data benefit to my another desired BSNL number, like other companies like Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone is doing.

  29. My residence Landline Number is 02762-225090 which is having the combo data broadband plan. The broadband data connectivity is not working since last 15 days. I have lodged my grievance on BSNL complaint number also at some eight days back, but still, it is unattended. Voice connectivity is working alright.

    Somebody called from BSNL office (Mehsana, Gujarat) and asked me to bring modem in the room for re-configuration, whether the customers can expect this type of service from BSNL.

    I can’t take leave from office (ONGC) to take my ADSL Wi-Fi modem to BSNL service center. Requested to rectify the same or close the landline connection kindly.

  30. I have landline no 08023621616 and I have given my shifting landline to new premises eight months over old connection also disconnected. Every month with out fail bill generates and keep on increasing, but as of now no one called us and bothered to shift. Also making to pay money will not make sense to us creating the bill. What kind of service is offering to the customers? BSNL complaint is like giving a donkey it will eat papers like what I gave shifting papers all to same.

  31. I am unable to complain about non-rectification of landline telephone ending 0463 in Bangalore. The department clears every complaint about the last 20 days without rectifying the fault.
    Please refer docket # 117811509892 of 19th may 2017 resolved on 27th may 2017. Fresh complaint vides docket 117856703642 registered today itself, as the fault has not meant rectified.

  32. Online complaint booking is not working. Guess BSNL has willfully disconnected it as a result of a need to answer to all the complaints.
    If such attitude is shown then a petition has to be sent to the Ministry through the court to reply to such acts.

  33. The service is destitute. Appalling experience. Last five days I was called nobody is given a response. my number 27685195. It’s showing much noise till also not working. Every time picked my phone and told today we are sending the technician but nobody coming till today. Why people are very rough talk. It’s atrocious. I will disconnect the service.

  34. The cable damaged since three years the service man comes on repairs when complaint in lodging. After some days again the same problem for which I had to disconnect broadband connection the SDO is obscene as if he have to pay for the cable.

  35. It is poor service. I did recharge Rs.395 2days back. The offer is 2GB data per day and unlimited calls, but from my mobile i can’t make out going calls. So tried to call customer care, but i didn’t get any proper response and my problem not solved.

  36. I am having a very bitter experience with BSNL broadband services. It’s not working since last one month efficiently, and repeated visit to CTO office went futile as no one is bothered to address and rectify the problem. My phone 05812510960 and customer account 1024047763. On a suggestion from the staff have changed modem twice, but the problem is not with the modem but with BSNL lethargic attitude and hope for some hidden remuneration to fix this issue. Please help as soon as possible to use of digital India as announced by our revered PM.

    • Complain this issue to BSNL higher authorities through online complaint portal or social media. Then only lower staff will attend you promptly.

  37. I Kabita Mahapatra, Accounts colony Qr No.G-55/B, Jatani, Odisha, Dist-Khurda need you tell you that my phone 0674-2490034 create disturbance whole day and in evening time we are unable to talk with others due to this noise disturbance. I have complained in BSNL Exchange Office Jatani SDO- 09437001877, G.M. Office BBSR 0674-2540000, C.G.M Office 0674-2533995 so many times, and they told us there is a cable problem. It is about to 10 months I am complaining continuously no positive response.

  38. I paid for the unlimited internet of 339 rupees.for few days there was no problem.but now the speed is weird. It’s very slow. BSNL demands full speed till 2GB. but I’m not getting it.

  39. I am from Kerala. District Kollam under Sasthamcotta. I am forced to port from BSNL. Because the other telecom services have 4G signal Still BSNL has only 3G. But you made us fools, why because we complained lots of time about the network problem. But still no positive result. You have the only 3G network I understood that and fantastic offers, please provide the 3G network to me without any mistake. My mobile number is 9048353286.

  40. I am from Manalurpet town in the Villupuram district at Tamilnadu circle. This town more than 25000 people is living here. Moreover, 2000 people are using BSNL services but the local exchange was not working and still now many private networks providing 4G or 3G services but BSNL provides the only 2g speed for data. If any BSNL officers see this, Kindly update to the new 3G/4G tower and solve the problems.

  41. We have applied for a BSNL Land phone connection for our ladies hostel KCHR, CET BBSR since 9th Dec 2016 at Baramunda BSNL office Bhubaneswar, but the connection hasn’t provided till today. Local authorities are not taking any action in this regard. What to do next? Anyone suggest me.

  42. My BSNL SIM NO is 8277495682, I have put the sim in the dongle and opted for 1099 unlimited plan 3G, but it gets buffered often and cannot be accessed. No proper gestures from 1504 customer care, please look after the same, put into the huge loss.

    • Open your settings after connecting the dongle, change the settings from Auto to WCDMA or Only 3G.
      Hope this will work for you.

  43. Broadband performance at 0129 2428501 at Sector 21C, A 01 Jal Vidyut Apartments is frustrating and distressing. For more than two months, I am paying full amount without any service. After repairs, it works for few hours and mostly remains dysfunctional. It is quite a demanding job to keep always on complaining. I am so disappointed that I would like to get rid of it and go to private operators. Can any authority in BSNL track the performance of my broadband?

  44. I am Chaman khan from Hathras,
    Sir mai one Year se 9411855037 no ko Port out karane ke liye stor par apply kar raha hu lekin no port out nai ho pa raha hai 10 bar se adhik kara chuka hu har bar rejected ka SMS as jata hai kyuki ki sir mujhe yaha par network ki as subidhaye mil rahi hai call karte samay achche se bat bhi nai ho pati hai or eske alava mera yah no 9411855037 lagbhag 8000 thousands people mai bat chuka hai mai koe doosara no bhi chala sakata or esake alava mai BSNL office bhi gaya Lenin baha par hamari koe sunabae nai ki ja rahi hai had bar bol dete hai ki yaha se kuch nai hoga sir ap se nibedan hai agar ap mere no ko port out nai kar pa rahe hai to mai apse bhi upar Cort mai sikayat darj karunga krapiya ap no 9411855037 port karne ki krapa kare apki ati krapa hogi.

    Chaman khan, Vill- Chamarpura (Nohra), Post-Mursan, Dist- Hathras
    Mob- 9761163126, 9411855037

  45. I am using mobile no 9482803893, and I have a Data Plan of Rs 501 and Voice Rs 225 and plan charges Rs.100. But past two months, I am unable to use DATA, as the data is not working at all. I have complained several times to 1503 but for my shock, nothing is working, and I have been asked to pay for the DATA plan which I have deprived of USING, Please help.

  46. I am using bsnl mobile combo pack 339 but not reading e mail /attachments. Available speed is less than 2G in thodupuzha town(bus stand). I have complained 2times to the customer care and said within 24hour problem will solve said the customer care officer. After 10days also my complaint not resolved.

  47. My mobile no. is 9445203707. My residential address is 2/30,7th cross street, Elumalai Road, NANMANGALAM, Chennai-600129. Nearly for the last three months, the mobile signal tower in our area namely, Kovilambakkam A 3 is not functioning. With the result, we are not getting any signal to our cell phones. In spite of several complaints to the concerned AE/DE, BSNL the problem is still unresolved.

    Complaints in this regard were also made in this site in FEBRUARY 2017 and also in last month. In response to that, the signal from this tower was temporarily restored but it did not last long and the tower(Kovilambakkam A 3 )is not functioning again. Due to the signal problem, we are not able to use our BSNL mobiles, and we are very much frustrated with the BSNL Services. So please try to solve this issue permanently so that we can continue to be the BSNL customers.

  48. BSNL FTTH Service is not proper in Patiala. While in the beginning, the speed was good, but it deteriorated over time. FTTH should be the priority being costly still the staff does not bother to attend despite reminders on phone/personal meetings. On Mobile “Connected ‘No internet'” displays on WiFi icon on mobiles.

  49. I have deactivated my landline phone no 08372235153 for about 4-5 yeara. Now I want to activate it again, so I went to the BSNL office near your house. I request them to enable they told me- “k sir we will activate your number in two days” but now I wanted for 1week ok now I’m out of patience🙎 what to do now??😠🙅

  50. Hello, I have a query to be made. I have a broadband connection at home. Can I use its wifi when out of home? Is it possible somehow?

  51. Continuously getting handset configure messages. When switching off and on mobile or when change sim. One time ok, but non-stop what is this. How to stop this immediately?

  52. My mobile no. is 9445203707. My residential address is 2/30,7th cross street, Elumalai Road, NANMANGALAM, Chennai-600129. Nearly for the last two months, the mobile signal tower namely, Kovilambakkam A 3 is not functioning. With the result, we are not getting any signal to our cell phones. In spite of several complaints to local AE/DE the problem still unresolved.

    A claim in this regard was also made on the site last month. In response to that, the signal from this tower temporarily restored which last for few days only. Due to the signal problem, we are not able to use our BSNL mobiles, and we are very much frustrated with BSNL Services. So please try to work around this issue permanently so that we can continue to be the BSNL customers.

  53. Hello Sir,
    The broadband on the telephone 07324276422 is inactive for a week now, and after multiple complaints, no one has turned up. I called the exchange office near our residence and registered a complaint. Till then no one came and repeatedly calling that number, no one replies to our request. The technician just makes excuses now and then. What is the use of the customer care numbers and online complaints when everyone has to contact the BSNL technician?

    This thing is mentally and financially stressful.
    Hukumchand Garg-07234276422

  54. I am very frustrated with the BSNL Broadband internet service. It’s pathetic, and the employees are noncooperative. I am facing the problem from last two months. It gets ok for the 1-2 week again it disconnects, and speed is also very very slow. I have to register a complaint again and have to request the employee to get it connect. Please act ASAP. Phone no- 02024223025

  55. Sir hmare. Gaav me. 5 February 2017 se aaj tak. Bsnl ka network. Nhi. Aa raha hai
    Abhi tak koi. Sunwai. Nhi huyi. Hai
    Line bhi kharab ho rahi hai

    आपका वर्क बहुतही। स्लो है।
    इसको जल्दी से जल्दी। ठीक करवाये
    वरना आपके ग्राहक। कम हो जायेंगे
    आपका अपना गजानंद शर्मा

  56. I had applied for a BSNL Land phone connection and broadband connection before 20days, and I am asking for exchange in Eettumanoor (Thavalakkuzhi). BSNL does not provide any new land phone and broadband connection.

    John Pattithanam

  57. While I am reading one of the messages from my phone message inbox, Unknowingly I have deleted all the messages from my inbox. It includes some of the bank text messages also, but I need to recover those messages as early as possible. Is there any possibility to resend the messages to my phone.
    With regards Anand

  58. Worst Service for Broad Band, Customer care People doesn’t know how to acknowledge for complaints and to the client who is calling. We are not getting free of cost, and we are paying for broadband. While speaking, they disconnect call doesn’t listen to full complaint. Worst service will never recommend for anyone else.

  59. My BSNL landline frequently becomes dead and highly unreliable. Tired of repeated process of registering a complaint, now getting the feeling that there is no accountability or any check for ensuring uptime. I don’t think such BSNL service will last long is this competitive world.

    It seems BSNL is not ready to learn with the fact that landline customers are reducing day-by-day due to such service. I do not see any hope, there is nobody to listen (the numbers given are not responding), surrendering the land line is the only option left for me.

  60. My mobile is showing me PUK blocked and it’s only showing the SOS clicking option. It is not showing any option of putting the PUK number. So please send any solution as soon as possible.

    • Hi Srivastava, Please remove the BSNL SIM Card from that mobile and reinsert in another mobile to recheck the status of that SIM. If the card allows entering PUK in the second mobile, it is OK. Otherwise, assume that it has blocked permanently. Approach BSNL Customer Service Center with POI and POA to get replacement SIM card with that same number.

  61. Sir, My phone no is 044 26152634, and it is entirely dead for more than a week. I called the exchange office near our residence and registered a complaint.Till then no one came and repeatedly calling that number, no one replies to our request.

    So I registered my complaint electronically, but nothing happened. Today I called Tollfree BSNL customer care no and registered my complaint, and they have asked me to wait. I don’t know for how many days. In the mean time I again contacted exchange office, they are saying you better call JTO and give your complaint.

    If every BSNL customer has to contact only JTO for all our complaints, then what is the use of customer care numbers and opening a site exclusively for that. You higher authorities could publish all JTO no for all regions and ask the public to contact them. Please send someone to look at the broken line as soon as possible.
    With regards, Chitra.

    • Dear sir. My telephone, as well as the net, is quite often not working despite series of complaints. It is either due to cable cut or unknown reason, but I end up paying handsomely as monthly subscription without use.

      Add to my worry it was another fury that my one-month payment twice made by mistake has so far not rectified. Please either cancel my net and refund or assure constant internet connection.
      Rgds Jayakumar
      04952354421 Calicut Kerala


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