BSNL Cordless Landline Phone To Be Introduced Soon In Market

BSNL cordless phone a new concept designed and ready to launch at an early to provide all the Indian customers with BSNL cordless landline phone.

BSNL strongly desires to retain the existing landline subscriber and also to create new customer base with further growth in landline segment under BSNL consumer fixed access (CFA) vertical.

Now BSNL corporate office has decided to procure cordless telephone instruments on a trial basis. The latest launch didn’t include BSNL cordless phone with SIM. It is an alternate solution for wired line device to enhance the talking power of BSNL landline connection.

BSNL Cordless Phone Landline

In this mobile age, it is the best idea from BSNL to offer a cordless landline phone. Also for every customer to enjoy radiation free wireless voice services on a wired landline.

At present, the brand offers BSNL landline instrument at Rs. 600. After the launch of BSNL cordless landline phone, we can update the charges for new and replacement of landline device and also BSNL cordless phone price to a customer.

Presently many device manufacturers are providing cordless phones in India. In all of them, Panasonic cordless phone is the most buying option in the industry. The price of this Panasonic cordless phone starts from a range of Rs.1700 and to a maximum cost up to Rs.80000.

Recently the telecom service provider launches BSNL cordless app for landline users to utilize their existing fixed-line service from mobile. But it is interlinked with a broadband connection, so there a gap in utilization of the same.

With this new launch of BSNL cordless phone, the bridge is creating to remove the Gap for user and BSNL. So shortly, all landline users can have a facility to talk with BSNL cordless phone directly without using any BSNL cordless app.

In this regard, a committee constituted by the competent authority for provision of BSNL cordless phone with the following specifications

BSNL Cordless Phone Features

  • All the existing features supported by CLIP (BSNL Caller Line Identification) instruments will supply to the customers.
  • The BSNL cordless phone handheld device must be able to latch with its base device only securely. It means that it should not interfere with the other base device if existing within its frequency range.
  • BSNL cordless phones India applicable for all postpaid and prepaid landline service customers.
  • The battery backup may be at least 4 hours of talk time.
  • Must support for at least 12 hours of standby time.
  • BSNL cordless phone must be able to provide a mobility of at least 25 meters within the residential periphery without any break in voice signals.

BSNL corporate office has also asked their circles to provide valuable comments and technical specification other than above. So India telecom users can provide with BSNL cordless landline phone soon.

The customers who subscribe broadband with WiFi modem can already treat as BSNL wireless landline internet. With this launch, the user can enjoy wireless calling from a landline phone in anywhere in home or office.

Soon, we update the price of BSNL cordless phones India. If you want to try to suggest something more on this BSNL cordless phone service, submit all through the comments section to reach BSNL.


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