Ultra Fast BSNL 100G NG Optical Transport Network Launched

On Friday 14.07.2017, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited launched its 100Gbps Next Generation Optical Transport Network (BSNL 100G NG OTN). It is the state of art of new technology to provide super express highways in tune with our dynamic PM’s digital India programme.

Hon’ble Shri Manoj Sinha Minister of state for communication has launched this upgraded technology. This new ultra fast broadband services will enhance the current 10G speed to 100Gbps on Optical Fiber infrastructure.

It means, at present BSNL have 10Gbps OFI capacity to provide the data service at the back end. Now with this new launch, BSNL acquires Ten times more capacity i.e. 100G as NG Optical Termination network.BSNL 100G NG ONT

This new 100 Gigabit OTN project will transmit massive bandwidth across the nation. It cost around Rs.330 crores which cover 100 cities across India. It implements in three phases.

This prestigious super express next generation OTN has equipped with intelligence a zone automatic switched optical network. It is to provide automatic protection and to route through the network. Enables improved support from end to end provisioning rerouting and restoration.

BSNL already starts the up-gradation of the network in 45 cities across the country. The rest in 100 would be completed by March 2018.

The core network of BSNL has successfully implemented a major project of super express highway transport system. BSNL 100G NG OTN allows two * hundred gigabits per second line capacity in 44cities in India covering state capital and major cities.

For implementing this BSNL 100G NG OTN super express highway transport network, BSNL has partnered with Fiber Home India Private Limited.

What Fiber Home India will do in this project

  • This company manufactures next generation optical transportation equipment’s in India only.
  • The newly launched products will supply to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited to establish Super Express information highway network by installing these next generation equipment.

For this super express highway network, BSNL and Fiber Home India have created two network operating centers for centrally to manage the system.

  • NOC established at Bangalore WMS compound.
  • Disaster recovery knock at Lodi Road New Delhi

The new 100 Gigabytes NG OTN technology helps in rendering the central Governments prestigious projects BharatNet, SWAN, NKN.

This new BSNL 100G NG OTN project will provide up to 100% uptime by starting a new network operating center at Bengaluru towards round the clock.

How this BSNL 100G NG OTN will help the customer

  • All the mobile towers, wired and wireless broadband services will connect on Optical Network termination with allotted bandwidth.
  • If the exchange incoming bandwidth increases, automatically end to end retail customers download speed will also increase.
  • The bandwidth of a customer also increased up to 10 times faster than now.
  • With this 10Gbps to 100Gbps NG OTN up-gradation, the entire subscribers of BSNL Landline, Broadband, Fiber to the Home (FTTH), Mobile services, and leased line customers of enterprise business segment will taste up to the ultra fast data services soon.

On this new occasion, BSNL dynamic Chairman and Managing Director Shri Anupam Srivastava expressed that BSNL has around 115 million of customer base across the India.

All will experience the BSNL 100G NG OTN services shortly. It is the new step forward with Fiber to Home to ensure customer delight in support of Government of India.

As of now, BSNL provides up to a maximum of 24Mbps speed on copper line based data network and 100Mbps broadband speed on Fiber to the Home technology.

Additional facilities with BSNL 100G NG OTN

  • Now this BSNL 100G NG OTN provides the data at lightning speed at 1 Gigabit per second on FTTH networks. At present, it is around for 100 cities which will give resilience to BSNL core network.
  • These cities will be covered with entire 209 long distance routes with 2 X 200 gigabit per second capacity on each route. Near soon this project will extend to all India.
  • The new BSNL 100G NG OTN technology has the best future held in a quick restoration of the telephone network. It is at any mid-location damaged even due to natural disasters happened.

Telecom experts say that this new launch of BSNL 100G NG OTN (Next Generation Optical Transport Network) will surely boost the telecom operators enterprise business.

BSNL along with India is marching fast the world towards its futuristic high-speed network. It is possible only with this BSNL 100G NG OTN super express highway transport system.

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