What a corporate customer requires at present? It is nothing but unlimited mobile calls and unlimited data required for them and their family members.

For this, Telecom giant recently introduced BSNL Tamilnadu Police CUG Plans for Official and Family mobile usage. Now to extend this, BSNL offers special exclusive Tamilnadu Police CUG data plans in eight different types under limited and unlimited categories.

BSNL will customize this Police CUG data plans according to the requirement of the customer to offer maximum cost savings. These new data plans of Tamilnadu police CUG enable smarter choices for the customer to connect to the world seamlessly.

Tamilnadu Police CUG Data Plans

When you are searching for any individual net packs like this, you will get many on Google search, but none will offer like this BSNL Tamilnadu Police CUG data plans.

All these below data STV packs are only applicable for Tamilnadu Official VPN and Tamilnadu Police Family Mobile CUG. Let’s take a look at the elite data packs.

BSNL Tamilnadu Police CUG Data Plans – Exclusive Tariff

Data STV Price in RsFree 3G Data allowed in Police CUG Data PlansValidity in Days
Limited Data Packs
861 GB30
Unlimited Data Packs
5185GB data without speed restriction, beyond 128Kbps speed unlimited mobile data.30
7667 GB high-speed internet, after that 128Kbps Unlimited
1036FUP Limit up to 10GB downloads and uploads. Beyond 128 Kbps
1264Unlimited Data Without Speed Restriction

If anyone subscribes to 1264 plan, there is no question of buffering whatsoever even in the journey. You can also watch this separate Data Plans of BSNL Tamilnadu allowed for Police CUG in Tamilnadu.

You can activate BSNL Tamilnadu Police CUG data plans only through Easy Recharge or with BSNL Online Recharge Portal Only.

So choose a right plan for your needs from the above list of BSNL Tamilnadu Police CUG data plans which treats as truly unlimited data plans.


  1. These are applicable only for Tamilnadu and also for Police Department If these type of offers introduced in every state, BSNL data plans business will determine to a large extent.


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