BSNL Tamilnadu STVs for Voice, SMS, ISD, Combo

BSNL Tamilnadu STVs are also called as Boosters or Ratecutters. These Special tariff vouchers(STVs) can be used only by the prepaid mobile customers. It is to reduce the base plan charges up to 95%. Up to 95% means, it is not a simple thing. With this BSNL Tamilnadu STVs, the prepaid subscriber can reduce their Voice(Local/STD/ISD), SMS and Data tariff.

To reduce the charge, the customers have just to subscribe any required STV from that category. Here, we are presenting updated BSNL Tamilnadu STVs in many categories. They are Voice, Unlimited Voice, Roaming, ISD, SMS and Data. You can choose any of this as per your requirement to reduce the prepaid tariff of your BSNL Tamilnadu mobile.

BSNL Tamilnadu STVs as on 26.03.2017

Special Tariff Voucher ParticularsMRP of STV in Rs.Validity in DaysSMS Keyword to 123
BSNL Tamilnadu STVs – Normal Voice
U/L Voice(Local/STD) OnNet/OffNet in Home LSA (Available from 25.01.2017 to 31.03.2017)2626 HoursSTV VOICE26
72 Min Local/STD Any-Network341STV VOICE34
For Per sec Plan: 1paisa/3sec for Onnet voice calls(Local/STD) b) 2paisa/3sec for Offnet voice calls (Local/STD)4221STV VOICE42
For Per minute Plan:

10paisa/Min/Student Special Plan for On-net voice calls(Local/STD)

0 paisa/Min/Student Special Plan for Off- net voice calls (Local/STD)

Voice Any Network @ 1.4p/2Sec in Home LSA4425STV VOICE44
Local OnNet @ 20p/Min +Rs 20 TALK Value4721NA
Local Onnet video calls free 125 minutes5730STV VOICE57
5600 Seconds Local/STD Anynetwork588STV VOICE58
Rs.35 + Local/STD Rs.1.00 / 3 Minutes(On-Net) & Rs.1.20/3 Minutes (Off-net)6230NA
Local On-net @ 15ps/Min6527STV VOICE65
Local call –any net @1p/2 Sec6930STV VOICE69
All STD Voice Calls @ Rs0.35/Min + Rs.24 Talk value8460NA
For Per Second Plan: 1 paisa/3 Sec for On-net voice calls (Local/STD) b)2 paisa/3 Sec for Off- net voice calls (Local/STD)8848STV VOICE88
For Per Minute Plan: 10paisa/min/Student Special Plan for On-net voice calls (Local/STD) b) 30paisa/min/Student Special Plan for Off- net voice calls (Local/STD)8848STV VOICE88
Local Calls From BSNL Mobile to BSNL Mobile @10P/Min.

BSNL Mobile to Landline/WLL/Other N/W @49P/Min.

Local SMS @40P/SMS

Local Any Network @ 1.4p/2Sec in Home LSA12275STV VOICE122
275 Min Local/STD Any Network13528STV VOICE135
U/L On–net (local/STD) voice calls + U/L Off-net * (local/STD) voice calls (in Home LSA Only), Off net calls limited to 20min/day.14330STV VOICE143
19,800 Seconds Voice Calls (Local/STD) Free to any network in Home LSA Only. (Available from 22.03.2017 to 19.06.2017)14926STV NEOVOICE149
Local & STD Voice Calls ON-net 10p/Min & Off-net 30p/Min15230STV VOICE152
20,300 sec loc/STD Any network15930STV VOICE159
Unlimited Local/STD On-net1645STV VOICE164
26,800 sec Local/STD Anynetwork20128STV VOICE201
Local call –any net @1p/2 Sec+Rs 25 talk value in main account20990NA
Local Call Charges :

1) To BSNL Mobile N/W @ Re.0.10/Min.

2) To LL/WLL/BSNL N/W @ Re.0.49/Min.

3) To other N/W (LL/WLL/Mobile) @ Re.0.49/Min

29190STV VOICE291
52,000 sec loc/STD Anynet35960STV VOICE359
1400 min loc/STD Anynet44984STV VOICE449
This New STV VOICE143 is applicable for “ALL FREE Plan144 Customers only”.
Unlimited Local On-net34424STV VOICE344
Unlimited Local On-net and 500 Min. free local/STD calls Any-net.57427STV VOICE574
Local Calls On-net Unlimited, Off-net Local Calls 1500 Minutes FREE699 *30STV VOICE699
Unlimited Local/STDOn-net Voice Calls70128STV VOICE701
Unlimited Local On-net89481STV VOICE894
Unlimited Local On-net and 1500 Min free local/STD Calls Any-net149481STV VOICE1494
BSNL Tamilnadu STVs – SMS
130 SMS127STV SMS12
3000 SMS (Loc/STD) any network – For the first two SMS charging will be made 50paise/SMS on daily basis, validity 27 Days, in Home LSA & while on Roaming (Available from 22.03.2017 to 19.06.2017)1526STV NEOSMS15
265 SMS2115STV SMS21
385 SMS3230STV SMS32
860 SMS5430STV SMS54
Local/National On-net SMS: 100 SMS per day FREE & Local/National Off-net SMS: 12p/SMS*5630STV SMS56
1650 SMS8330STV SMS83
3000 SMS14760STV SMS147
BSNL Tamilnadu STVs – COMBO
Talk Value Rs.15 + 10MB Data (Available from 05.01.2017 to 31.03.2017)132 Days
Local Any Network @ 30p/Min. + Usage Value*Rs.20/-7130STV COMBO71
Talk Value Rs.80 + 30MB Data (Available from 05.01.2017 to 31.03.2017)7710 Days
800 Minutes Local/STD On-net Night (11PM to 06AM)+Rs.20 Usage value.(usage value will be credited

Rs.20 Usage value.(usage value will be credited in the main account)

Rs. 90 UV+70 min on net11120
Rs.139 Unlimited Local/STD, For BSNL to BSNLWith 500 MB DATA (Available from 16.03.2017 to 13.06.2017)13928STV COMBO139
Talk Value Rs.180 + 50MB Data (Available from 05.01.2017 to 31.03.2017)17715 Days
Rs. 190 UV+110 min on net22240
19,800 Seconds Voice Calls (Local/STD) Free to any N/w in Home LSA.

500 MB DATA Free in Home LSA & While on Roaming

200 SMS Free to any N/w (Local/National) in Home LSA & While on roaming

(Available from 22.03.2017 to 19.06.2017)

Rs. 280 UV+180 min on net33360
Unlimited Local/STD BSNL to BSNL.

Local/STD BSNL to Other: 25 Minutes/day and 25 P/Minute after 25 Minutes/day

Unlimited Data (with FUP of 2GB /day with No Speed restriction & after that 80 Kbps. Available from16.03.2017 to 13.06.2017

33928STV COMBO339
177 Minutes Free to any Network (Local/STD) in Home LSA. 200 MB Data Free in Home LSA & While on Roaming. And 100 SMS Free to any network (Local/National) in Home LSA & While on roaming.12530STV COMBO125
1800 Minutes Local/STD On-net Night (11PM to 06AM)+Rs 25 Usage value.(usage amount will credit in the main account)14830STV COMBO148
Local Any Network @ 30p/Min. + Usage Value*Rs.50/-21390STV COMBO213
1GB and Rs80 talk time23914STV COMBO239
Rs.1402 Usage value in the main Account. And all local/national voice calls @ 0.9 paisa/sec tariff, 250 MB Data, 250SMS any network140230NA
Rs.2600 in Main Account + Rs.1300 in dedicated Account with 90 days validity. And 1 Local On-Net SMS Free (Available from 25.01.2017 to 31.03.2017)260190NA
Rs.6800 in Main Account + Rs.6801 in dedicated Account with 90 days validity. And 2 Local On-Net SMS Free (Available from 25.01.2017 to 31.03.2017)680190NA
BSNL Tamilnadu STVs – Roaming
Local and STD outgoing calls while in roaming @ 70 paise/minute91STV ROAM9
7928STV ROAM79
120 minutes Free O/G Voice Calls to any net and 40 Free SMS to any network in Roaming.9330STV ROAM93
BSNL Tamilnadu STVs – ISD
All voice calls to Nepal @ Rs.8.50 / Min.18 *30Not applicable
ISD rate for Australia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Kuwait Rs.6.49/Min & Rate per International SMS is Rs.32430
ISD rate for Bangladesh, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand Rs.2.99/Min & Rate per International SMS is Rs.32730
ISD rate for Germany, U.K*(except ISD code 0044 70,74,75,76,77,78,79,84,89 for U.K). Rs.4.49/Min & Rate per International SMS is Rs.3/-38 *30
ISD rate for Canada, U.S.A*, Singapore, China at Rs.1.49/Min & Rate per International SMS is Rs.3/-4130

The above BSNL Tamilnadu STVs especially Voice, Unlimited Voice, SMS, Combo, ISD categories can use only in Home Circle/LSA only. Other than Data any BSNL Tamilnadu STVs does not work for mobile customers to use in Roaming areas.


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