BSNL SIM Card Charges for New Activation | Replacement

PAN India 3G Mobile Service operator, introduced BSNL SIM cards in various sizes like Normal SIM, 32K / 64K / 128K Micro SIM, NANO SIM, USIM ( 128K 256K ) and Smart SIM with 64K having Normal and BSNL Micro SIM Slot for using in Feature Phones, Smartphones, iPhones, Tablets, iPads etc., accordingly from to time as per market trend and customer requirements for new BSNL Prepaid & Postpaid Mobile connections as well as for BSNL Replacement SIM at cheapest rates never given by any operator in the market.

BSNL USIM(Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) is a tiny computer which is able to handle several mini applications, for instance a e-purse for the subway, a local service portal giving you access to many M2M (Machine to Machine) applications with a Public Phone Book Capacity having minimum of 1000.


BSNL USIM Card provides for its 3G Services having 128K / 256K memory. Most 2G SIM cards will have a memory of 32K, with some latest 2G SIM having 64 K memories. UMTS network is 3rd generation network which is responsible for providing high data rate luxury to customer, the video call facility and other special facilities along with security on UMTS network to be used at any / BSNL Dongles / Mobile Phones.

USIM(Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) or 256K SIM card is a tiny computer for 3rd generation (3G) network which is able to handle several mini applications for providing high data rate luxury to customer with video call facility.

BSNL Nano SIM cards are the cards of fourth version or 4th Form Factor(4FF) introduced early in 2012 and Nano SIM(64K) is the smallest SIM on the market components such as additional memory or larger batteries, where BSNL slashed these NANO SIM card rates by 40% from old rates and offered with new introduction.

Due to many variations in SIM cards, Telecom major introduced BSNL SIM Card rates at a flat rate at Rs.20 for Normal & Smart SIM, and Rs.59 for 32K, 64K, 128K, MICRO & NANO SIM cards and Rs.200 for 256K (USIM) as charges for New Activation & Replacement / Dummy activation of defective/lost BSNL SIM of any below mentioned subscribed mobile plans.

BSNL Mobile Plans

These BSNL SIM charges will be common in all the BSNL service areas across India under 2G & 3G BSNL Mobile Services upto the time if any offer announced, where these rates are inclusive of service tax at existing rates for various types of SIM cards as follows.

Particulars of SIM Card Normal /Micro SIM / Nano Smart SIM (Repluggable) of 32K to 128K Nano SIM 256K SIM
SIM Card Price in Rs. for New Prepaid Mobile Connections
Paired SIM (For New Connection) 20 30 100
Unpaired Choose Your Mobile Number (CYMN)
MNP (Mobile Number Portability)
SIM Card Price in Rs. for Replacement / Duplicate / Dummy Prepaid SIM
Unpaired Replacement 20 30 100
SIM Card Price in Rs. for Replacement of Postpaid SIM
Postpaid Unpaired Replacement 20 30 100

BSNL SIM Card Replacement charges for CTopUp SIM of authorized BSNL Retailer / Franchisee will be fixed at Rs.20 with inclusive of service tax for all prepaid and postpaid connections, and the above mentioned charges shall be applicable for all GSM Mobile Plans including data card plans.

At present BSNL didn’t offers any online facility for replacement of BSNL SIM, So authorized BSNL Prepaid & Postpaid Mobile Connections customers shall approach BSNL Customer Service Center and submit Valid ID Proof (POI) + Valid Address Proof (POA) to get the Replacement SIM of Normal, Micro SIM and Nano from BSNL.

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  • My mom uses a BSNL sim card for the past more than ten years. Need a nano SIM of the same number for her new phone. How do we get it?


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