BSNL Roaming Recharge STV Plans for Mobile

BSNL Roaming Recharge STV Plans for mobile to reduce the outgoing call tariff in Roaming. A revolution came in mobile roaming charges by announcing the launch of national free roaming facility by BSNL. Now, PSU reduced roaming voice call tariff with new BSNL Roaming Recharge plans under prepaid category.

We all thank about for this new BSNL roaming recharge plans. It is going to reduce mobile outgoing call voice tariff up to 40%. It’s time to be proud as a BSNL customer, in particular to subscribers who roam more.

This reduction of outgoing roaming call charges will come to you with a new launch of BSNL Roaming Recharge plans. These starts from Rs. 9 for One day and Rs.79 for 28 days having a change in price tag according to with BSNL zone wise mentioned.

BSNL Roaming Recharge plans

BSNL mobile prepaid plan customer who is already enjoying the Free Mobile Roaming (Free Incoming Calls) can now have a new chance to enjoy this also.

  • After recharging with this new BSNL Roaming recharge STVs. You can make an outgoing call at 70 paise per minute against Rs 1.15 paisa per minute, while in roaming across India.

BSNL is trying to offer more and more benefits for its clients while realizing its strengths. This very nice to see, there is a two-way benefit for BSNL and as well as to the customer. The client helps to get better tariffs against which BSNL is winning the loyal user base. Have a look about the price tariff of roaming recharges available in all the states differently.

BSNL Roaming Recharge STV Plans for Prepaid Mobile

BSNL East BSNL West BSNL North BSNL South Validity in Days
Kolkata, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Adman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat Haryana, Punjab, UP(West), UP(East), Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir AP / Telangana Pradesh, Chennai, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu
Special Tariff Voucher Price in Rs
11(+2) 9 9 9 1
32 33 36 33 6
79 79 77 79 28
All Outgoing Calls while in Roaming will be charged at Rs.0.7/Minute Only.
STV91 offers 120 free minutes and 40SMS to any network for 30days.

There are many plans for BSNL, offering for the past four months. Plans like Unlimited calling from BSNL landlines since May 2015, is still driving many customers into its flag.

This new BSNL Roaming Recharge plans for cheapest outgoing call tariff is bound to help roam clients who frequently travels. They will be able to use their home circle number for receiving unlimited incoming calls and lowest outgoing call charges. It is applicable while in roaming anywhere in India at nominal charges.

These BSNL Roaming Recharge STVs are available from 7th September 2015 as a regular tariff. This is a good option for BSNL prepaid mobile users to have real worth prepaid roaming plans. So, with this new BSNL Roaming Recharge STVs, you can make the cheapest voice call, when you are in Roaming.


  1. Is there any plans without outgoing call charges on calls as I do have activated 1200 min plans, but I do have to pay heavily for Outgoing charges. Kindly help if such plans or STV is available. Your help will be appreciated.


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