Get Your Flat Discount On Every BSNL STV Recharge

We think about discounts to recharge, if not available we can wait for the same. In India some people approach PAY TM, Cash Caro coupons or any other cash back offer websites to get additional discounts. Now there is no requirement to contact all because our operator is straightly offering BSNL Recharge discount at a flat rate on all STVs.

As of now, we get extra talk time and full talk time offers. Now we can see BSNL recharge discount for STV’s. Here you can avail this at any time. Just in 10 seconds of time, you can activate the subscription with fantastic BSNL mobile recharge discounts. So just follow us. We will explain how much discount you will get and how to avail this?

BSNL Recharge Discount

Rather than using the affordable recharge, you can now find the best discount. According to BSNL, we explain how to save your money as a rebate for your subscription. Many of the mobile users in India subscribes with BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans and using STV’s to reduce tariff, but following the old procedure for activation. We explain with a newly discovered solution about how to get more BSNL recharge discount.

You can get this BSNL mobile recharge discounts in three hidden opportunities. It is applicable for all activations related to BSNL 3G data plans or to reduce the voice call charge.

Options to activate STVs for BSNL Mobile Recharge Discounts

  • Sending SMS: You can do it by just sending an SMS to 123, then you will get an activation SMS instantaneously. It can use for a new subscription or renewal of the special pack.
  • USSD Code: Dial the code from your mobile as *124# and your will the options. Subscribe with your required special tariff voucher to activate.
  • Selfcare Portal: Login to the BSNL Mobile Selfcare Portal with OTP with OTP and subscribe for your required STVs and get your new BSNL recharge discount.

One more trick is If recharge with extra talk time and activates the Special Tariff Voucher with USSD Codes with any of the above mode. You will get up to 20% BSNL recharge discount on STV subscription. How it is possible, check now.

If you see the most popular BSNL Unlimited Data and Calling STVs (BSNL STV 333, 339, 349, 395 and BSNL 444 Offer), you have to pay the full amount equal to MRP on recharge through a retailer, online portal or BSNL App. But the following discover methods deduct the discount amount from the main account balance for the same recharge. Here we submit the information about South India.

Amounts Charged with BSNL Recharge Discount

Through Portal Through USSD Code Through SMS Code to be sent to 123 Amount deduction from main account balance in Rs.
Recharge through Selfcare Portal *124# STV COMBO349 303.48
STV DATA333 290.43
STV COMBO395 343.48
STV COMBO339 294.78

We mentioned only data recharges as above, like this you can recharge for Voice and SMS categories also. If your recharge with extra talk time offers as said below, then you will get more talk time than MRP and also the additional BSNL recharge discount as above.

The competition in the Indian mobile market space touches peak. Nowadays, BSNL becomes the best choice for mobile users by providing great deals through discounts. Recharge swiftly and avail BSNL mobile recharge discounts greatly on every STV Subscription.

Be sure to grab this offers, you never find such exciting BSNL recharge discount offers. Get maximum with simple codes on your STV recharge at every time. Let us share your feedback through comments about any other to get more discount on BSNL recharges.


  1. It is an exciting offer we have from BSNL. If we are allowed to enjoy some additional discounts on this BSNL offers, then we may be very thankful.


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