BSNL Mobile Recharge Plans | Latest Prepaid Tariff

BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plans are available at cheapest tariff charges in existing mobile market. It is available with more Free Talktime for new subscription and migration. Also, applicable for Full Talktime on Top Up Recharges for the best valued BSNL prepaid mobile plans by enabling all mobile customers with online recharge facility. With this new subscription, you can now have a choice to get lowest ten paise per minute calling.

PSU introduced new BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plans in time to time with the lowest tariff. It is like Per Second Plan, Per Minute Plan for all by enabling ten paise per minute calling as per free plan opted. And Pyari Jodi which gives 20 minutes free talk time daily to BSNL Landline customers. JaiJawan for Paramilitary forces and New Roaming Free Plans for all mobile clients. All this recharge tariff is more comfortable to frequent travelers in National Roaming Area also.

BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plans

Jai Jawan prepaid plan shall provide the FNF(Friends and Family) numbers. It is along with 20minutes free talk time to their registered home landline/mobile number across anywhere in India without any extra charges. PSU enables all BSNL prepaid mobile plans customer to recharge with Voice / SMS / DATA Special Tariff Vouchers to reduce the raising cost.

BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plans – Latest Recharge Tariff 2017

Plan Voucher Per Second Plan Per Minute Plan Pyari Jodi Jai Jawan Student Special Plan Freedom Plan SRTP
MRP of Plan Voucher in Rs. 36 37 75 99 118 136 199
Free Usage Allowed in BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plans with Plan Voucher
Free Voice Calls  On-net + Off-Net Not Applicable 2000Sec + 2000Sec 2700Sec + 2700Sec Nil 2000Sec + 2000Sec
Free Data Usage offered up to 29.05.2017 (To be consumed within 30 days) 310 MB 1 GB 2 GB 310MB
Extension of Plan Validity / Migration Through Plan Voucher Only
Special Benefit(1) Rs. 100 talk value to main account balance (only for new BSNL prepaid connection) See the benefit as below** See benefit as below*** Rs. 100 talk value to the main account balance (only for new BSNL prepaid connection)  NIL
Special Benefit(2) Full Talk Value on Top-up of Rs 500/- and above (South, East and North zone see note # below) Full Talk Value on Top-up see note# below  NIL
Special Benefit(3) NA Not Applicable Free bundled Top-Up of Rs. 10 with full talk value BSNL Freedom Plan Special benefits Nil
**Local Call to one BSNL number in his/her name will offer as free for up to twenty minutes per a day.
***Local Call to one BSNL number in his/her name will provide as free for up to twenty minutes per a day from anywhere in the country while in Home LSA or National Roaming.
# For South Zone-Full talk value from top-up of Rs. 500/- to 1100 and for top-ups Rs.1500, 2000, 2200, 2500 and 3000 only.
For North and East Zone-Full talk value for Rs. 500, 550, 1000,1100, 2000, 3000 and 5500 only.
Additional features in Student Special Plan BSNL Students Plan Special Benefits
Initial Plan Validity in days 180 180 180 30 365 730 180
Voice Call Charges for first 60days
Local/STD Mobile and Fixed ^^ On-net 1 paise/3sec 0.1 0.018 0.012 0.1 0.25 0.015
Local/STD Mobile^^ Off-net 2 paise/3sec 0.3 0.018 0.015 0.3 0.25 0.015
Local/STD Fixed^^ Off-net 0.018
ISD Call ISD Calls Tariff (Same as for Landline ISD Call Tariff) Click here
Voice Call Charges after 60days
Voice call Charges Rs./Sec Rs./Min Rs./Sec Rs./Sec Rs./Min Rs./Sec Rs./Sec
Local/STD Mobile and Fixed Line ^^On-net 0.02/0.024 1/1.3 0.02 0.012 1/1.3 1.3 0.015
Local/STD Mobile^^Off-net 0.015
Local/STD Fixed^^ Off-net 0.018
 National Roaming
Local On-Net 0.8 1.3 0.0133
STD Off-Net 1.15 1.3 0.019
Incoming Call ( Free from 15.06.2016 for 1 Year ) Nil
Local SMS 0.25
National SMS 0.38
International SMS 5
Non- P2P SMS (From Home LSA/While Roaming ) 3
Data Service All BSNL Data Plans applicable for all BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plans

The MRP of First Recharge Coupon = FRC(Plan Voucher) in BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plans varies from circle to circle accordingly to technical feasible condition.

  • For North East, Assam and Jammu and Kashmir, Freebies will differ in this BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plans.
  • Friends and Family(F and F), each change in number per occasion (Rs./Number) at Rs.5 in specified BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plans.
  • Pyari Jodi Plan name changed in BSNL Circles according to regional languages. (Tamilnadu AmbuJodi, AndhraPradesh Bandham).

New Mobile Customers can subscribe to the above mentioned BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plans at any time. Existing customers can migrate to this BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plans through Online Recharge Portal or with BSNL App. Also through retailer/franchisee CTopUp recharge. It is to avail ten paise per minute calling and always full talk time available in BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plans.


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