BSNL Prepaid Closed User Group(CUG) Mobile Tariff Plan

BSNL brings Closed User Group(CUG) Plan in Prepaid Mobile Services to facilitate the 2G/3G GSM Mobile customers of BSNL, who made the voice calls frequently to their well wishers or in their business etc.. The calls which were made in the CUG are charged as totally free around the clock, except in Roaming.

New customers shall activate the CUG plan by submitting a request for CUG, as well as the existing customers also shall activate the CUG plan by approaching the nearest Customer Service Center(CSC) with requisite documents.BSNL Prepaid Group Plans

BSNL Closed User Group (CUG) Plan in 2G / 3G Prepaid Mobile Services

  • Minimum connections for BSNL Mobile Prepaid CUG services is 3 and maximum is indefinite, according to the customer requirement.
  • Group size 3-25 mobile numbers are charged Rs.80 per month as CUG Charges, Group size 26-last mobile number are charged Rs.60 per month as CUG Charges.
  • CUG facility is provided for all the existing 2G & 3G prepaid plans(Circle Plans & Corporate Plans) except New Life Time Plan and all the mobile numbers will be in the same plan only, Local & Zonal/National CUG will be valid for one calendar month.
  • Local CUG means with in the circle.¬†Ex: – Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Karnataka and Zonal/National CUG meant for other than the circle.

BSNL Prepaid Closed User Group(CUG) Plan Charges / Tariff

Group Size Local CUG Charges per month in Rs. Zonal/National CUG Charges per month in Rs.
3-25 80 180
26-249 60 160
250-599 60 140
600-999 60 120
>999 60 100

BSNL National Prepaid Closed User Group(CUG) Plan and Tariff in 2G/3G Mobile Services is applicable where it is technically feasible only. BSNL Prepaid CUG monthly charges are applicable to each and every mobile connection and the charges will be automatically deducted from the account balance of all the customers in the CUG Group.

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