BSNL to Offer Unlimited Data for Three Months

Do you know the high-speed data war in modern Indian telecom market of India? You see here how it is going on. The maximum of Indian mobile operators allows free 3G or 4G data in the market with their individual packs having FUP limit. Also some with Unlimited data. Recently, Reliance Jio launches Dhan Dhana Dhan offer with three months validity.

To give a strong counter to all the GSM operators, BSNL launched new unlimited packs for data and voice with maximum validity. And also revised the existing unlimited data package tariff to a great extent. Let us see, what are the BSNL new launches and how they offer for mobile users to grab the market. At present three new unlimited data packs launched by BSNL. These are cheapest cell phone plans for data and voice calls in the current market. The new stunning plans are

At the moment three new unlimited data packs (combo) launched by BSNL. One package offers unlimited calls+data, one offers only data, and the last allows almost unlimited calls per month with unlimited data. These are cheapest cell phone plans for data and voice calls in the present market. The new stunning plans are

  • Dil Khol Ke Bol at Rs.349 for 28 days
  • Triple ACE at Rs.333 for 90 days.
  • Nehle Per Dehle at Rs.395 for 71 days.

BSNL New Special Tariff Vouchers for Unlimited Data
BSNL New Unlimited Data Stvs Triple Ace

Apart from the new launches, the most trending plan initiated by BSNL from 16.03.2017 is STV339. Now, this special tariff voucher revised with new enhanced data. As on date, this STV339 allows 2GB per day FUP limit, but now this unlimited data pack offers 3GB data per data without speed restriction, after that, it restricts to 80kbps. Have a look at the new tariff here.
BSNL STV 339 New Tariff

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All the above new launches and revision of STV 339 will hit the market on 24th April 2017. We think these are the major changes required by a mobile user in the present telecom market and the productive things never happened. These are also the solid counters to Reliance Jio, Airtel, Idea, and other Telcos. So, if you require more than this unlimited data plans or suggest any other, let us know.


  1. Sweeping Plans, it also came too late, but it is the best package than others, then you should maintain these forever especially Rs.333 offer, I love it so much

  2. Increase signal towers then challenge others. You travel from beach railway station to Velachery and see how bad is the signal strength. Pull up your socks before its too late.

  3. Why BSNL so late when we have already ported to Reliance Jio. It is competition , here late comers always loses. Hence BSNLl too has come too late. Rs 303 plan of Jio is there from march. But you cap 25 minutes on calling other network. Disgusting it is. Inspite of poor network if anyone chooses BSNL then still you force customer to think when calling. That was really bad. Every person disliked your 339 pack was just due to of that silly 25 minutes cap.

    • All operator giving the unlimited call to any network and 1 GB/day for 28 days which is enough. But BSNL 25/day to other network and 2GB. I just wanted to say 1 GB/day is enough to given unlimited to another network also which very important. In my 232 contact list, only 3 persons are BSNL. Make the plan which suitable customer useless offer 339 I m also going port to another operator.


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