BSNL Net Sharing FAQs & Solutions – Clear Your Doubt

As we all know, our mobile operator has recently introduced BSNL Net Sharing facility. It is for all 3G data mobile data users to share their data available with their BSNL Net Packs among a group of mobile numbers. For New users and existing customers to utilize this facility, can have many queries in their mind. So here we are presenting some Frequently Asked Questions with clear clarifications on BSNL Net Sharing Facility.

  • What is BSNL Net Sharing facility and How it can handle?

It is the service allows by BSNL to their prepaid customers to create a group with their friends and family numbers.  In a maximum of five having one parent account (mobile number) to share the existing mobile data of main parent account to all without any recharges for all their group members.

  • Does customer require any balance to avail this BSNL net sharing facility?

BSNL mobile subscriber of parent account must maintain the sufficient primary account balance before/during the creation of group itself only and required BSNL FNF (Friends and Family) Group will create only after deducting the corresponding amount from the main account. After that, the required 3G data recharge packs may do depending upon their 3G usage and recharge option.BSNL Net Sharing

  • Can One member will register in many groups for BSNL net sharing?

Only one subscriber can be a part of one sharing group. If one registers in more than one group, then the member who enrolls in the first group will be valid, and latest will consider.

  • Is this BSNL Net Sharing applicable for any Unlimited Data Plans?

BSNL net sharing facility does not become relevant for unlimited prepaid STVs between any member of the group. The creation and modification of child accounts(friends and family numbers) up to Four Members will do through master account only.

  • Is this BSNL net sharing facility available through BSNL App or with short keys / SMS codes?

At present, this BSNL 3G Data Sharing service will be available only through login into the BSNL Web portal (

  • Does any member of the group allows to share data and add/delete members?

During BSNL Net Sharing sharing process, one member should be allowed to enter into their account through BSNL Web Portal. He has to share the data packs already subscribed under group account. And the parent(primary) mobile number only allows to delete/add their child accounts(Friends and Family Numbers).

  • Whom will share, and which net packs can share?

All BSNL prepaid mobile customers are allowed to share their data on subscription. It is with the newly launched BSNL 3G net sharing packages. The packs of Rs.150 and above only to share the data between all (1+4) group members.

  • Is this BSNL Net Sharing Packs can recharge only through online?

This exclusive BSNL Data Plans for Prepaid Data Sharing can recharge through BSNL Online Recharge / BSNL App / Easy Recharge or with the main account balance available on login to Mobile Selfcare portal.

  • Are these members are allowed to recharge with another offers/packs or not?

BSNL main account (parent subscriber) and group members (friends/family member in group account) allow recharging their mobile number individually. It is with any full/extra talk time top ups or any particular tariff vouchers of Voice, SMS, Data, ISD at any time.

  • What will do if a member already recharged with normal BSNL 3G Data STV?

If a group member already recharged with any available Regular BSNL Net Packs. The added group account will come into active after the expiry of their existing BSNL Data STVs only. BSNL Group Accounts for data sharing facility will have the lowest priority than regular Data STVs which is inactive.

  • Is it mandatory to share the packs, if recharged with BSNL Net Sharing STVs?

No, it is not compulsory. If a customer recharges with BSNL net sharing packs, he can utilize the total bundled data by himself also without sharing.

  • When will charge from main account balance of a member for BSNL Net Sharing?

After exhausting the Group account balance, all the members of that group will start draining his main account balance for utilization of BSNL data.

  • Are there any charges for Add / Delete the members in BSNL Net Sharing Group?

BSNL does not levy any charges to the primary mobile subscriber(parent account) or child customer (group member). It is for addition/ deletion of members in group account for data sharing facility at any time.

  • Anyone in the group of BSNL Net Sharing can view the balance data of the subscribed pack?

Child account (Group Member) will not have any access (permission) to see his BSNL shared data usage. The primary customer only can have the total control to do any activities i.e. Addition, Deletion, view balance data, etc.. for BSNL Net Sharing through the BSNL Mobile Self-Care Portal only.

With all these above Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, now you may clear, how this New Live BSNL net sharing facility works from parent account. Also how BSNL 3G mobile users linked with the main account to use their ultra-speed wireless mobile data (internet) instantly. It is through their cell phone without any recharge to their group members for BSNL Net Sharing.

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