How To Configure Apple iPhone For BSNL Mobile Internet

To access the BSNL internet facility on your latest iPhone 7, 7+, iPad or for anything relates to Apple product. You must configure the BSNL Net settings iPhone or iPad immediately, which calls as APN settings.

Here we assist you about how to set BSNL APNs for iPhone. Before that, just have a few things. When you have a new phone or new connection. In this era, the first thing is activation of mobile data on your iPhone or iPad.

Without the Internet, everything is Null and Void. For having a new phone for partying also you need Internet, as everything is available on online order, which you can place sitting anywhere you like.

New generations may not know how people lived earlier without the internet. Data facility is becoming as another main for day to day requirements. Furthermore, if you are having an iPhone or iPad, you are the one who is carrying the most expensive, premium phone.

Also, it is the smartphone which designs with best creative features. Then If you are with BSNL, you can bet the availability of mobile internet at last mile also.

For iPhone user being a BSNL subscriber is really a good option. After getting a BSNL mobile connection and inserting the GSM SIM card into iPhone or iPad, all APN settings or parameters will be pushed by the service provider BSNL automatically.

If not or you want to check or update BSNL net settings for iPhone manually, please follow the screen shots to configure the APN (Access Point Name) on your iPhone.

Simply Configure BSNL APN Settings For iPhone Like This

Follow the each step to activate BSNL net settings iPhone manually. These are similar in any of the Apple products. We are submitting the screenshots of latest Apple iPhone 7+. All the settings may be the same for all older versions of iPhone 6, 5 and 4.

  • First Unlock your iPhone.
  • Go to Homepage
  • Click on Settings

BSNL iPhone Settings

  • Next page will open in your iPhone
  • Press Mobile Data

BSNL Net Settings iPhone 7

  • Click on Mobile Data Options

liBSNL Mobile Data Options iPhone

  • Press Mobile Data Network to get the APN Settings

iPhone Mobile Data Network

  • Finally, you reached the page in BSNL Mobile Data APN’s in iPhone 7#
  • Reset Mobile data APN page as blank (APN, Username, and Password), if your settings are activated with any other APN names.
  • At present, BSNL didn’t offer LTE or 4G network. So there is no need to put the APN’s in LTE Setup also. Keep all the settings as blank.


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With this above clear navigation, you may configure BSNL APN settings for iPhone from old versions 4 to the latest 7+. If you have any query on the configuration of BSNL Net Settings iPhone, please post us, we will assist you immediately.

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