BSNL Maha Krishi Plan (MKS New) Offers Unlimited Call + Free Data

Maharashtra telecom circle came with a unique concept BSNL Maha Krishi plan. The tariff defined as BSNL MKS New plan. It covers all Farmers and Department of Agricultural Employees along with their families of Maharashtra circle.

BSNL MKS (Maha Krishi Sanchar) New is a CUG plan launched under prepaid and postpaid services. It is an excellent lead from BSNL to make the benefits of the corporate world to our Kisan/Annadata.

Farmers are the torch bearers in India for any financial growth of the country whom we all knowingly ignore them. BSNL which is becoming much more sensible day by day is going to introduce like this BSNL Maha Krishi plan.

This new BSNL Mobile CUG tariff is a beneficial offer for all farmers/ Kisan along with their departmental employees and families. It is applicable for all in entire Maharashtra and Goa states under MH telecom circle.

BSNL Maha Krishi Plan

BSNL MKS Plan Details

  • The most beneficial thing in this is offering both prepaid and postpaid services. In prepaid BSNL Krishi plan recharge, it offers unlimited free mobile calls within Maha Krishi Group with everyday free 3G data
  • There is no limit in this BSNL CUG (Closed User Group) plan.
  • Apart from free group calling, BSNL Maha Krishi plan allows 1000 minutes free calls to any network along with 100SMS per month.
  • All the incoming calls are free while in roaming in India as per the conditions.
  • Also, this BSNL MKS plan is offering lowest additional data usage charges for 3G net download at two paise per 10Kb.
  • In prepaid, BSNL MKS recharge plan offers half yearly and Annual packs. In postpaid, new annual advance pack named BSNL MKS New CUG postpaid introduced.

BSNL Maha Krishi Plan CUG Tariff Conditions

This new tariff allows a maximum of 5 CUG mobile connections. The primary cellular service is for Farmer/Agricultural employee and the other four for their family members. This condition is applicable for both the Farmers and Agricultural employees of Maharashtra and Goa states to obtain BSNL Maha Krishi plan.

BSNL MKS Plan For Farmers and Agricultural Employees

BSNL Maha Krishi Sanchar new scheme will offer to all the Farmers in two states who are submitting a certificate from Taluka Agriculture officer (TAO) Or Mandal Krishi Adhikari or latest extract of 7/12. It is not older than 90 days/three months.

For Agricultural employees, BSNL MKS plan will provide on submission of POI/POA along with employer certificate and photocopy of employee departmental ID card.

BSNL MKS Plan for family members

Customer Application Form (CAF) of the actual customer for each connection should submit with the Proof of Address and Proof of Identity. It is such as Aadhar card and photographs attached to the real user (Family member).

If the applicant is a member of Farmer, He/She should submit the above along with a certificate from TAO or Mandal Krishi Adhikari showing the family relation or Latest Extract of 7/12 not older than 90 days/three months.

The mobile connection required under BSNL Maha Krishi plan by employee family member, he/she should submit the CAF with POI/POA showing the relationship along with employer certificate of an employee from agriculture department and photocopy of departments ID card.

BSNL Maha Krishi Plan CUG Tariff

This below mentioned new BSNL MKS plan tariff is standard for all the prepaid and postpaid services. Only the rental charges are varied for both the services. Have a look at the complete BSNL Maha Krishi plan CUG mobile tariff submitted.

Prepaid Plan (MKS-New) ParticularsTariff
Special Tariff Voucher (Minimum recharge per month per connection to avail CUG facility)Rs.141 for Prepaid and Rs.124 for Postpaid
Billing pulse60 Sec
SIM Card chargesRs.10
Free local calls to any network1000 minutes
Any network Landline/Mobile call chargesRs.0.5 per 60seconds
Free SMS Local/National any network100
SMS local chargesRs.0.8
SMS national chargesRs.1.2
SMS internationalRs.5
Roaming Local calls in Rs.Rs.0.8
STD call charges in Roaming in Rs.Rs. 1.15
Roaming incoming callsRs.0.45#
GPRS RentNil
Free Data1GB per day for Prepaid and 20GB per month for Postpaid.
Additional charges for data after free usage2paise/10Kb
  • # Free roaming facility will extend as per BSNL policy, and at present it is FREE. All the free calls are within LSA Maharashtra and Goa.
  • All the other charges of BSNL Maha Krishi plan not included in the above table will charge according to BSNL Per Minute Plan. This unique prepaid scheme will allow all special tariff vouchers to reduce the tariff apart from free usage.
  • In this new CUG tariff plan, if the prepaid user of BSNL Maha Krishi plan fails to recharge the plan voucher of Rs.141, the customer automatically treated as the general prepaid customer.
  • The call charges will apply to him as per BSNL Per Minute prepaid plan only.

BSNL MKS Recharge Plan (Half Yearly and Annual Packs)

  • This CUG special recharge voucher of Maharashtra is also available with more extensive validity options. It is possible with six months and one-year validities.
  • Both the options of BSNL Maha Krishi plan will provide Free calls and Free SMS in advance.
  • The most exciting thing in BSNL MKS recharge plan is advance packs providing 1.2GB and 1.5GB free data per day.
  • This Maharashtra circle provides a discount on advance packs of 6months and one year.
Particulars of Special MKS New PlanMKS SPV 776MKS SPV 1551
Plan Voucher Recharge Amount including GSTRs.775Rs.1565
Free local calls to any network (Local/STD)600014400
Free SMS to any network6001200
Free Data1.2GB per day1.5 GB per day

BSNL Maha Krishi Postpaid plan Annual advance pack details

  • This BSNL MKS new postpaid plan will also available in the form Annual advance pack. It offers one month rental discount for the subscription.
  • This postpaid annual advance pack will give 30GB free data per month for each connection.
ParticularsAnnual Advance Pack Tariff
Fixed Advance chargesRs.1360
Free local/STD calls on any network14400
Free SMS1200
Free Data30GB per month

BSNL Maha Krishi Plan Additional Info

Is it a promotional offer of not how many days/years this plan is available?

  • This BSNL Maha Krishi Sanchar new plan shall be applicable for three years only. BSNL revises the tariff every year after mutual consent with Department of Agriculture (DOA).

Can I recharge the advance packs in online or not?

  • You can renew BSNL Maha Krishi plan with online for validity extension of every month.
  • Also for migration to advance packages through online recharge.

BSNL is showing the path for all service providers by bringing these type of mobile plans in rural India. This kind of BSNL Maha Krishi plan leads to a happy life of our Kisan/Annadata with their family for such importance.

All the old Krushi Plans (MKS I/II/III) will merge to this new BSNL Maha Krishi Sanchar Plan (MKS New). It is from 01.11.2015 under prepaid and postpaid services with some revision.

Now in 2017, BSNL Maha Krishi plan revises with increased talk time and SMS along with more free 3G data. If you have any doubts about this BSNL MKS plan, please do comment.


  1. Trust me don’t go for the yearly or half-yearly plan. Data or free calls get vanished without using. If your complaints about same, customer care are answering like a machine and without solutions and you get helpless as you had already paid. It was personal experience when I was recharge for the yearly plan last year.

  2. The annual payment of 1599 made on Oct 28, 2016, for MKS plan, but BSNL abruptly withdrew the promised benefits, whether the benefits as mentioned above will be available?

  3. Other cell phone companies are giving all free instead of charges compare to BSNL Maha Krishi plan. High competition in the market, free will be offered at least for own network BSNL to BSNL, it is the most required.

  4. BSNL MKS plan was Rs. 109 per month and also get 1GB data and 400 min to other networks. But bsnl increased value recharge 141 by giving only 400 MB data + 50 min to others While getting these bsnl officers told 109 plan for a lifetime, but it changed.


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