Recharge BSNL Latest Prepaid Plans To Get Unlimited Even Roaming

Make unlimited calls and data with BSNL latest prepaid plans is the word you hear in our every new announcement. Now also we are again informing you about the latest BSNL unlimited call plans to any network launched for the mobile users who want to recharge with the lowest denomination. BSNL latest prepaid plans are hitting the market continuously. All these BSNL unlimited call plans to any network are like dream chasers up to the mid of this year, but BSNL made it immensely easier on completion of a milestone in its development.

These BSNL latest prepaid plans are one of the best buys inevitable offers launched by BSNL in this month. It is after testing of technical feasibility in each circle. BSNL recently launches Micromax bundled offer with unlimited free data and unlimited free calls at just Rs.97. After that, the BSNL latest prepaid plans 485 and 186 introduced in the market with unlimited calling and high-speed free mobile data.

BSNL Latest Prepaid Plans

Will these BSNL unlimited call plans to any network is available in All India?

  • Yes, these plans are available in All India including Jammu Kashmir, Assam, North East I & II. In these said circles, the BSNL latest prepaid plans available for 90 days instead of 180 days.

Will the freebies available on blackout days?

  • The given unlimited free calls and data will apply to all the blackout days announced in each calendar year.

BSNL Latest Prepaid Plans Tariff

The most attractive thing to offering unlimited free calls even from National Roaming. It is available in BSNL 485 plan. The company released the charges and additional benefits which are evident as mentioned below

Free Calls

  • 485 and 186 are the BSNL unlimited call plans to any network allows Local / STD unlimited free calls.
  • BSNL 485  provides from Home Licenced Service Area and National Roaming (excluding Mumbai & Delhi).
  • 186 gives you the free only from HOME circle/LSA.

Free Data

  • BSNL 485 gives you 1GB free data per day for 84days.
  • BSNL 186 offers you only 1GB data for first 28days.


  • Prepaid plan validity: Both the plans are having 180days validity.
    • Free tariff validity:
    • BSNL 485 prepaid recharge plan offers you unlimited calls and free mobile data for 90days from the date of activation.
    • 186 allows you 28days from the time of recharge.

What is the difference with most attractive BSNL Digital India Plan 429 and 485?

  • The only difference is free roaming calls. BSNL 429 didn’t provide free unlimited calls in National Roaming in India. This BSNL latest prepaid plans 485 allows Home LSA and National Roaming (excluding Mumbai and Delhi).

Difference between BSNL 485 and BSNL 666

  • BSNL 666 (Sixer) and 485 offers you unlimited calls even from national roaming. 666 only gives a lot more than just. It is Unlimited mobile internet at 2GB per day high-speed and after than at 80kbps.
  • This BSNL 485 provides only One GB per day as free data without any link to BSNL prepaid data plans.

Can these available online to recharge?

  • Yes, both the new BSNL latest prepaid plans will available through digital transactions.

Any talk time offers applicable to this BSNL unlimited call plans to any network?

  • Yes, BSNL offers full talk time on both the plans 485 and 186. i.e.
    • For South Zone(Karnataka, Tamilnadu, AP/Telangana, Kerala), the full talk value for BSNL latest prepaid plans is from top-up of Rs. 500 to 1100 and for top-ups Rs.1500, 2000, 2200, 2500 and 3000 only.
    • For North and East Zone, the full talk value will provide on Top-up vouchers Rs. 500, 550, 1000, 1100, 2000, 3000 and 5500 only.
  • You can also avail any BSNL recharge offers today available, especially in your circle instead of the above BSNL full talk time offers.

After exhaust of 1GB data limit, what can I do?

  • In 485 plan, if you reached 1GB data limit, then the additional charges incurred for utilization of data.
  • To avoid that, you can use any BSNL prepaid data plans available in the market like 444, 333 or combo vouchers and also various BSNL 4G data plans which are yet to launch in the market are allowed to recharge for this idea.

Will these BSNL unlimited call plans to any network available as regular plans?

  • As per the sources, at present these offers will make available as a promotional offer.

What can I do to extend the subscribed recharge plan after expiry?

  • Before or expiry of the subscribed BSNL prepaid recharge plans 485 or 186, you have to extend the same by the recharge with the same plan voucher amount. Immediately it should continue for another 180days from the date of recharge.

In this new introduction of BSNL latest prepaid plans, 485 mobile recharge is one of best BSNL unlimited calling plan prepaid 2017. So you can have a chance to buy right now in the market to fulfill all your needs with one stop.

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