BSNL Karnataka Prepaid STVs / Rate Cutters for 2G 3G Mobile

Karnataka BSNL Telecom Circle has issued many prepaid Special Tariff Vouchers (STVs) /Rate Cutters to reduce the tariff rates of Local / STD/ ISD Voice Calls, SMS, and Mobile Data of BSNL Karnataka Prepaid Mobile Plan customers under 2G and 3G GSM Mobile Services.

BSNL Karnataka STVs / Rate Cutters for 2G and 3G Mobile Services
BSNL has also allowed New Special Tariff Vouchers / Boosters for Smartphones, Feature phone & Tablet Services. BSNL Prepaid Customers can use any STV of different categories (Voice / SMS / Data / ISD) at a time to get cheapest tariff at reduced rates along with Unlimited Voice Call Special Tariff Voucher’s (STV’s) in voice category.

BSNL Karnataka 3G Prepaid Data Special Tariff Vouchers can also be used even for 3G Netsetter Plans. So BSNL Karnataka Mobile Plan Customer can recharge with any type of below mentioned Special Tariff Voucher(STV) / Boosters to reduce the tariff to 90% from normal rates according with their requirements.

BSNL Karnataka 2G/3G Mobile Latest Prepaid STVs/Rate Cutters as on 01.02.2016

STV Price Particulars / Features Validity in Days SMS to 123
Voice Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs) / Rate Cutters
6 Local On-Net @ 10Ps / Min 2 STV VOICE6
11 Local On-Net at 1 Ps / Sec 4 STV VOICE11
12 STD any Net at 20 Ps / Min 2 STV VOICE12
23 2000 Sec Local / STD On-Net Free 3 STV VOICE23
25 Rs.25 + 4 Min On-Net Night Calling # 4
31 Local / STD any Net 72 Mins Free 1 STV VOICE31
41 Local / STD any Net at 0.8ps/sec 28 STV VOICE41
44 Local any-net at 1.4 Ps / 2Sec 28 STV VOICE44
49 Rs.11 Talktime + 5Ps per minute Own network calling 30
65 On Net Local at 15 Ps/Min & STD at 20ps/min 30 STV VOICE65
69 1 Ps / 2Seconds local call any network 30 STV VOICE69
84 STD Calls at 40ps/min to any network 84 STV STD84
88 Local / STD any Net 0.8ps/sec 90 STV VOICE88
132 Local Calls any Network at 1.4ps/2sec 81 STV VOICE132
135 Free 300 Mins any n/w 28 STV VOICE135
145 Free 20000 sec any network 24 STV VOICE145
159 Local / STD any network 365 Minutes 30 STV VOICE159
164 Free Unlimited Local / STD Own Network 5 STV VOICE164
344 Free Unlimited Local Own N/W 24 STV VOICE344
425 Free 60000 Sec any network 72 STV VOICE425
698 Free Unlimited Local / STD Own Network 28 STV VOICE698
699 Free Unlimited Local + 1200Mins for Others 30 STV VOICE699
894 Free Unlimited Local Own N/W 81 STV VOICE894
BSNL Karnataka 2G 3G Data Special Tariff Vouchers (STVs)
ISD Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs) / Rate Cutters
43 Canada, USA, Singapore, China
Voice call @ 1.49/min, Rs.3/SMS
30 STV ISD43
27 Bangladesh, Malaysia, HongKong, Thailand. Voicecall:2.99/min, Rs.3/SMS 30 STV ISD27
38 France, Germany, UK
Voice Call : 4.49/min, Rs.3/SMS
30 STV ISD38
22 Australia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Kuwait
Voice call : 6.49/min, Rs.3/SMS
30 STV ISD22
18 Nepal – Voice call : 6.5/Minute 30 STV ISD18
SMS Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs) / Rate Cutters
13 130 Free SMS* 7 STV SMS13
20 365 Free SMS* 15 STV SMS20
34 385 Free SMS* 30 STV SMS34
53 860 Free SMS* 30 STV SMS53
83 1650 Free SMS* 30 STV SMS83
147 3000 Free SMS* 60 STV SMS147
*Free SMS shall be applicable to any network and mentioned free SMS tariff is applicable to 100 SMS per day only. All SMS beyond 100 SMS per day will be charged @ Rs.0.50/SMS or SMS Charges as per base Tariff plan whichever is higher

If a customer recharged with 2 STVs of same category before expiry of first, the 1st STV will be replaced by latest STV.

The customers can recharge / activate the above mentioned BSNL Special Tariff Voucher(STVs)/ Rate Cutters through Easy Recharge / CTOP-UP / BSNL Online Recharge Portal or by sending corresponding SMS keyword as above to 123, which deducts the Prepaid STVs / Rate Cutters amount in main balance of the BSNL Karnataka Prepaid Plan.

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