BSNL Karnataka Data Plans for Latest 3G Recharge

Karnataka Telecom Circle has introduced new unified Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs)/plans as BSNL Karnataka Data Plans. These plans applicable for 2G/3G prepaid internet recharges of GSM prepaid mobile services. All the packs are in various denominations to serve the best and to cover all categories.

Customers who activate 2G/3G data facility to their Feature Phones, Smartphones, Dongles, and Tablets can use this. These BSNL Karnataka data plans/special tariff vouchers can use to reduce the data cost according to their monthly budget.

Customers shall activate these BSNL Karnataka data plans or longer validity 3G STVs through Easy Recharge/C.TOP UP. Also, you can activate the 3G STVs by sending corresponding SMS Keyword to 123. On sending an SMS, the amount deducts from main account balance for activation of the 3G pack. All these 3G STVs are available even through BSNL Online Recharge or with BSNL APP.

BSNL Karnataka Data Plans

These BSNL Karnataka Data Plans/ STVs are applicable for all prepaid mobile customers under 3G GSM Services. We are presenting here the updated 3G tariff list of BSNL Karnataka data plans. Have a look at the below-mentioned charges and validity with SMS keyword for activation.

BSNL Karnataka Data Plans as on 24.04.2017

3G Net Pack STV Price Bundled Free Usage Offered Data available from 06.02.2017 t0 06.05.2017 Validity in Calendar Days Keyword for activation through SMS
4 20 MB 1 STV DATA4
17 110 MB 1 STV DATA17
29 150 MB 3 STV DATA29
39 200MB 5 STV DATA39
68 1 GB 1 STV DATA68
78 1 GB 2GB 5 STV DATA78
98 650MB 1GB 14 STV DATA98
155 1GB 2GB 15 STV DATA155
156 2 GB 3 GB 10 STV DATA156
198 1GB 3GB 24 STV DATA198
241 1.2GB 30 STV DATA241
292 2GB 8GB 30 STV DATA292
444 3GB 8 GB 60 STV DATA444
549 10 GB 15GB 30 STV DATA549
561 5GB 11GB 60 STV DATA561
821 6GB 15GB 60 STV DATA821
1949 21GB 90 STV DATA1949
BSNL Karnataka Data Plans Unlimited Internet
398 Speed 80 Kbps after 2GB 30 STV DATA398
629 Speed 80 Kbps after 3GB 30 STV DATA629
1099 Unlimited Internet without speed restriction 30 STV DATA1099
2399 Speed 80 Kbps after 16GB 60 STV DATA2399
BSNL Karnataka Data Plans Yearly
1498 18GB 365 Available through Online Recharge / App or Easy Recharge from Retailer
2798 36 GB
3998 60GB
4498 80GB
3G Night Internet STVs (2 AM to 6 AM)
3 Night usage @ 9Ps/MB 1 STV DATA3
46 Volume based usage @ 5Ps/MB + 1GB 2 STV DATA46
63 Night usage @ 9Ps/MB 28 STV DATA63
3G Combo Vouchers
339 Unlimited BSNL to BSNL Calls + Unlimited Data (3GB/day Unrestricted speed, after 80kbps) + 25Minutes free to other networks, after 25ps per minute. 28 STV COMBO339
349 (Dil Khol Ke Bhol) Unlimited Calls (Local+STD)+ 2GB FUP data after 80Kbps 28 STV COMBO349
333 (Triple ACE) Unlimited Data (3GB per day unrestricted speed, after 80kbps) 90 STV DATA333
395 (Nehle per Dehla) 3000 Minutes own network + 1800Mins other network + 2GB per day high-speed data and after 80kbps 71 STV COMBO395
15* 10MB + Rs.15 2 Available through Online Recharge / App or Easy Recharge from Retailer
76* 30MB + Rs.80 10
139 500MB + Unlimited BSNL to BSNL Calls 28
177* 50MB + Rs.180 15
158 250MB + Rs.80 30
239 1GB + Rs.80 14
319 3GB + Rs.40 30
399 2GB + Rs.200 30
451 2GB + Rs.80 6GB+Rs.80 60

Note: All The above BSNL Karnataka Data Plans / STV will be valid till 23:59 hours of the of activation, irrespective of time of Recharge during the day.

3G usage charges beyond free usage limit are 3Ps/10 KB in Home LSA and National Roaming. The reduced tariff of free data usage will also be available while in National Roaming. 3G prepaid data users can recharge this BSNL Karnataka data plans through BSNL App also with any charges mentioned above. So it’s time for BSNL Karnataka Mobile plan users to recharge with any mode and get your additional data offers.


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