BSNL International WiFi Is Essential To Travel In Abroad

What is BSNL International WiFi? It is a high-quality mobile internet service available across the world in more than 100 countries. Also, allows a customer to access International WiFi without SIM card. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited launches this International WiFi service in association with Tata Communications. With this new BSNL Mobile service, the user need not require carrying any BSNL SIM card or abroad SIM to access Internet services in anywhere outside India.

At present majority of the users making the voice/video calls through the Internet using Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, etc.. So the telecom brand starts this BSNL International WiFi hotspot services with the best quality roam free data services across the world. BSNL has deployed Tata Communications Wi-Fi+ and WiFi® cloud communication solution to provide seamless internet access at above 44 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the globe which include international flights and rail systems.

BSNL International WiFi Hotspot

In India, BSNL is one and only one operator starts International WiFi service. It removes the friction from accessing Wi-Fi and makes simple to use Wi-Fi® data. Now the consumers of BSNL prepaid and postpaid plans under GSM mobile services which travel abroad need not worry about the internet facility in any country. Also, there is no need for International SIM card to avail internet and required to search for BSNL International roaming countries list.

With this International WiFi Hotspot BSNL, a subscriber can access the unlimited high-speed internet from anywhere in the world. It is also without any worry about the bill for international access.

BSNL International WiFi Hotspot

WiFi+ and Wi-Fi® are the services offered for BSNL mobile customers to access global WiFi network when travels outside India. Any customer is cumbersome to log in every time to access WiFi hotspots due to frequent asking for passwords to join in WiFi network when travels.

With this WiFi+, BSNL mobile customer has just register once by creating a password. Then the subscriber will connect automatically to Wi-Fi® when travels to different city or country.

So, if you are a BSNL mobile user and you are going abroad to any country across the globe. This BSNL International WiFi hotspots could help you to plan the best with seamless internet connectivity.

Where these BSNL International WiFi Hotspots available?

  • Across the globe approximately there are 44 million International WiFi hotspots of BSNL are available.
  • All these cover USA, UK, France, UAE, Brazil, Netherlands, China, Portugal, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Malta, Taiwan, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Russia, Turkey, HongKong, Switzerland, Malaysia, Belgium, etc.

How to identify the availability of WiFi hotspot in other countries?

  • Introduced WiFi lookup services so every user can easily check their destination for BSNL International WiFi roaming service at WiFi lookup (
  • This search service will access from anywhere in the world to check whether the address covers with BSNL WiFi International hotspot or not.

Can any smartphone user avail this BSNL International WiFi Hotspot service?

  • Yes, any user who uses the smartphone with Android or iOS platforms can access this International WiFi hotspot facility of BSNL.

BSNL International WiFi Hotspot Activation

The first question raised from customers is, After starting the travel, can I activate BSNL International WiFi hotspot service?

  • No, the BSNL WiFi hotspot service needs to activate before departure from India. The validity of the purchased pack will start from that activation date before 30days of purchase.

What is the difference between the purchase of International WiFi voucher and Activation?

  • When a customer buys the Voice, SMS or Data packs of BSNL, the recharge date is the trigger date only, because it starts automatically from the day.
  • But in the case of BSNL International WiFi plans, customer facilitates to purchase the pack in advance and activate them within 30 days. From the activation date, only the validity of purchased WiFi package will start.

Can I repay the packs from anywhere in the world or only from India?

  • For the first time, it should be done from India only. After activation of service, a customer can purchase the BSNL International WiFi plans online from anywhere across the globe.

How many modes available to activate BSNL International WiFi service?

  • My BSNL App is the only one way possible to enable the service.

Whether a subscriber recharges from one mobile will allow BSNL International WiFi from another device?

  • Users will enable any Android or iOS devices, but they have to register and activate on a mobile device which carries abroad by using My BSNL App.

BSNL International WiFi Hotspot Speed

Many customers were having a shadow of doubt commonly, about what is the unlimited internet speed they will get at the hotspots in abroad?

Across the world, many service providers are offering the hotspots. So, the rate of speed varies from one to one depends at the time of the users in that particular hotspot and the speed provided by that service provider partnered with BSNL and Tata.

The designed algorithm will always connect to best high-speed WiFi network only.

This BSNL International WiFi hotspots will surely enhance the user experience beyond 4G speeds while roaming internationally.

Are there any particular steps to follow for activation of service in abroad?

  1. Make sure the Wi-Fi is in ON condition.
  2. Check the BSNL International WiFi signal strength at that location, if the signal bars show tiny, try to change your movement.

What I have to do, if having trouble to connect WiFi, even the location covers with BSNL International WiFi hotspot?

  • The user will activate the service from India. When he/she enters into a WiFi hotspot location in abroad will connect automatically with high-speed data. If not done, please follow the simple two steps.
    1. Try to Stop/OFF your WiFi service once in your wireless device (Smartphone/ iPhone/ Tab/ iPad).
    2. Restart the device and On your WiFi. Immediately it will connect BSNL International WiFi hotspot services.

BSNL International WiFi Data Packs

Introduced the only type of plan to access unlimited WiFi internet services across the globe. The latest price of the pack is Plan501 i.e. INTL WIFI 501

  1. INTL WiFi 5019:  BSNL International WiFi hotspot required customer has to recharge with a Rs.501 voucher. The validity of the package is 30 days from the date of recharge/activation.
    • The above BSNL International WiFi plan price is inclusive of present GST to use unlimited internet across the globe at managed hotspots.

BSNL WiFi International Hotspot Tariff

Can I subscribe these from my existing balance?

No, you have to recharge separately with the following models, because of the service not links with GSM or CDMA mobile services.

  1. BSNL Online Recharge Portal
  2. Through My BSNL App

These above two ways allow all debit cards, credit cards, international cards, cash cards, etc..

BSNL or Tata Communications own all the hotspots?

  • No, BSNL and Tata Communications joins the hands with Hotspot providers to provide seamless access to 44 million WiFi hotspot services Internationally across the globe.

BSNL International WiFi Customer Care

If you have any problems in connecting BSNL International WiFi hotspot even after restarting the phone in abroad, please complain by e-mail to any of the following addresses


Immediately the executives will assist you through reply mail. You can also contact at the numbers +91 9409401234, +91 9427020003 and 1800 180 1503.

Is there any refund for a customer who suddenly cancels the program in abroad, but already activated the service?

  • BSNL International WiFi Plans once purchased will not be repaid in any case.

Can we have access to flights, if available is there any restriction?

  • At present, BSNL International WiFi in-flight facility is not available. In future it may be possible, soon after the launch, BSNL will intimate to all customers.

Can I use this service in India if I cancel the program?

  • This service is only for abroad data usage, and also it is named as BSNL International WiFi Roaming service. In India, the customer will access WiFi hotspots through BSNL 4G plus. Both the services designed separately, there is no interlinking between them.
  • If a customer recharges the voucher but not activated before 30days due to a cancellation in the program at abroad, It will treats as a loss only.

Do you have anything more tips or queries related to this BSNL International WiFi hotspots? Share with us in the comments below to reach all.

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