BSNL Gujarat Prepaid Plans at Rs.6, 7 – Why this rate?

Every state has a unique mobile plan. Now PSU launched BSNL Gujarat Prepaid Plans in two variants with second billing and minute billing. These mobile plans offer to the customers at the lowest price never given by other operators also.

BSNL Gujarat introduced these particular programs with First Recharge Coupon (FRC) at just Rs.6 and Rs.7 for every new customer. These new BSNL Gujarat Prepaid Plans are available as a promotional offer. In these days, all are pricey, but our BSNL makes everything possible. So released two plans with free bundled top up of Rs.100 with full talk time to the main account balance.
BSNL Gujarat Prepaid Plans special mobile tariff

A small doubt also can have a chance to raise in your mind about the facilities offered in these BSNL Gujarat prepaid plans due to lowest rupees charge. Don’t be panic. All the services are available in these BSNL Gujarat prepaid plans. The Special attraction is lowest call charges. At present BSNL offers 1ps per 3seconds in Plan 6 and ten paise per minute in Plan 7 for BSNL network.

These individual BSNL Gujarat prepaid plans are available as an additional All India BSNL Mobile Plans for the customers. The two programs design to attract new clients to a large extent. Two mobiles tariff plans were offered 300MB free mobile data for 30days from date of activation. Take a look about the detailed prepaid tariff as mentioned below.

BSNL Gujarat Prepaid Plans – Special Tariff

Particulars FRC – 6 FRC – 7
The price of FRC/PV in Rs. Rs.6 Rs.7
Special Benefit (1) Free Bundled Top up of Rs.100 with full talk value.
Special Benefit (2) 300 MB (To be consumed in 30 days).
National Roaming (Incoming) FREE FREE
Local / STD calls on BSNL network 1p/3 seconds 10p/Minute
Local / STD calls on Other network 2p/3 seconds 30p/Minute
Validity of above reduced tariff 120 days 120 days
Plan Validity 180 days 180 days
Voice Call Charges
Local Mobile On-net / Off-Net and Local Fixed On-net Rs.0.02/sec. Rs.1/min.
Local Fixed Off-net Rs.0.02/sec. Rs.1/min.
STD Mobile and Fixed On-net / Off-net Rs.0.024/sec. Rs.1.30/min.
Local 80 paisa/SMS 80 paisa/SMS
National Rs.1.20/SMS Rs.1.20/SMS
International Rs.5/SMS Rs.5/SMS
National Roaming
(a) Voice Call
Local On-Net / Off Net Rs.0.8/min. 80p/min.
STD On-Net / Off Net Rs.1.15/min. Rs.1.15/min.
Incoming Call Nil Nil
(b) SMS
Local SMS 25Paisa/SMS 25Paisa/SMS
National SMS 38Paisa/SMS 38Paisa/SMS
International SMS Rs.5/SMS Rs.5/SMS
Incoming SMS Nil Nil
(c) Video Call
Local/STD On-net/Off-net Rs.0.05/sec. Rs.2/min.
Incoming Call Rs.0.05/sec. Rs.1/min.

These BSNL Gujarat prepaid plans are available as a promotional scheme available for 90days only for Gujarat circle mobile customers with effect from 20th January 2017 and up to 19th April 2017. This promotional scheme is applicable for all new customers of Gujarat. Hurry up, Join BSNL family and get your free national roaming available with this Special BSNL Gujarat Mobile Plans.


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