BSNL Mobile Group Calling Plans – Postpaid Tariff

India’s Telecom gaint Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited – BSNL brings the combined Closed User Group calling plan facility which the groups of GSM mobile telephone subscribers make the calls and receive calls with free tariff, from members within the group.

BSNL Mobile Group Calling Plan for Corporate Customers /Business Organizations /Other Institutions under Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Services, facilitates the 2G & 3G GSM mobile customers to reduce the charges in a large extent who made the calls frequently to their well wishers or in their business etc..

BSNL Group Postpaid Plans

Combined CUG package allows the CUG customer to make unlimited Voice calls anywhere in India or in the Circle within the closed user group(CUG) which will charge as totally free round the clock, except in Roaming, at unbelievable cheaper FMC rates accordingly under BSNL CUG Prepaid and Postpaid services.

Minimum connections for BSNL Mobile Prepaid and Postpaid CUG services is 3 and maximum is indefinite, according to the customer requirement. Monthly CUG charges are applicable to each and every mobile connection. The charges will be automatically deducted from the account balance of all the customers in the CUG Group for Prepaid Customers and through bill for Postpaid customers.

BSNL CUG Tariff under 2G/3G PostPaid Mobile Services

Particulars Plan-99 Plan-225 Plan-325 Plan-525 Plan-725 Plan 799 Plan 1125 Plan 1525
Post Paid Local CUG(Closed User Group)
Group Size Fixed Monthly VPN charges per DEL in Rs.
3-25 80 70 50 5 Not Applicable
26-249 60 50 30 5
250-599 40 30 15 5
600-999 20 15 10 5
>999 0 5 5 5
Postpaid Zonal/National CUG(Closed User Group)
Group Size Fixed Monthly VPN charges per DEL in Rs.
3-25 180 170 150 100 80 Not Applicable
26-249 160 150 130 80 60
250-599 140 130 110 60 40
600-999 120 110 90 40 20
>999 100 100 70 20 0
  • Service tax as applicable will be charged extra.
  • The Fixed Monthly CUG charges mentioned above is in addition to the normal Fixed Monthly Charges of the Postpaid Plan.
  • The Call charges Within the CUG group is “free” and charges outside VPN/CUG group are as per respective tariff plan.
  • The CUG number can be from BSNL 2G or 3G mobile numbers and there is no restriction on the mix of plan for formation of CUG group.
  • National CUG tariff is applicable where it is technically feasible.
  • The above Fixed Monthly CUG charges is applicable to voice calls within CUG.
    Video calls and other charges will be as per normal tariff.
  • This service is not applicable to Short messaging service (SMS).

New customers shall activate BSNL Mobile Group Calling Plans by submitting a request for CUG, as well as the existing customers shall activate the CUG plan by approaching the nearest BSNL Customer Service Center(CSC) by placing a request.


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