BSNL Free Caller Tune Special Tariff Vouchers With More Data

In every groundbreaking statement, Operator announced the exclusive news. Now, this is about BSNL free caller tune to facilitate their customers with well-based features.

With this new BSNL free caller tune facility, you and I can restore the order of our days by greeting our callers with musical enjoyment. It is between at any time of our work and activities.

Now our mobiles can also simplify our life for everything with many Apps. For any activity, we are installing an application in mobile to act accordingly.

But it all depends on how we use them. To activate the required BSNL caller tune, now the easy way is installing BSNL tunes app on your mobile phone.

BSNl Free Caller Tune

BSNL desires to promote BSNL free caller tune packs effectively, as no operator is offering Premium Ring Back Tone (PRBT) service at free of cost except Reliance Jio which can be a big product differentiator. To compete in the market with Jio, now BSNL introduces free caller tune services to customers. It is also the provision of BSNL PRBT bundled STV’s at very attractive pricing.

After the launch of this BSNL free caller tune special tariff vouchers, significant numbers are getting activated in some zones immediately. Previously, Free PRBT services have bundled with only high-value packs, but now BSNL offers this for low-value packages also presented in the below-mentioned table.

Despite the price tag for BSNL caller tune, users like you and me are hesitating to activate the Ring Back Tunes on our mobile as of now, and even we have a chance to greet our callers. Now with the launch of BSNL free caller tune STV’s and Plan vouchers, mobile users do not yet think about charges. Just activate BSNL free caller tune for your mobile at any time during 24hours.

How To Activate BSNL Free Caller Tune

To set your favorite song as a caller tune for your BSNL mobile. First, you need to check what are the available possibilities to get BSNL free caller tune.

Can we activate BSNL name tune service also at free of cost?

  • Yes, you can enable BSNL name tune services at free of cost, but the tune cost only you have to pay every month.

The possibility to activate the free Premium Ring Back Tune service is a subscription to BSNL combo special tariff vouchers. If you subscribe the combo pack STVs as mentioned below, you have a chance to activate BSNL free caller tune service immediately.

Let’s have a look at the latest BSNL free caller tune special tariff vouchers introduced in the market.

BSNL Special Tariff VoucherTotal bundled free usage offered to customerValidity in calendar days
109 (East Zone)1536 MB + free PRBT (Premium Ring Back Tune) service25
198 (including South Zone)1 GB/day + free PRBT24
291 (including South Zone)1.5GB/day + free PRBT25
Triple ACE STV 333Unlimted Data (speed reduced to 80kbps after 1GB /day) + free PRBT41
“BSNL CHAUKKA” STV 444Unlimted Data (speed reduced to 80 kbps after 1.5GB/day)+ free PRBT60
5492GB/day + free PRBT60
5611GB/day + Free PRBT80
1099Unlimited data without speed restriction + unlimited voice (Home/ National Roaming) + Free 100SMS/day + free PRBT84

What is the song will activate on my mobile number when recharged with above BSNL free caller tune STVs?

  • A new PRBT subscriber who recharges with any of the above combo packs, default BSNL signature tune may be activated on your mobile, which can further be changed by the customer.

Modes to change BSNL caller tune

There are two modes to replace BSNL free caller tune to new required album song as your best melodious caller tune.

  1. Login to BSNL Tunes Portal
  2. Install My BSNL Tunes App on your mobile

When I change my required song to my caller tune?

  • After activation of BSNL caller tune service, you can change the default PRBT to your required song.

Are there any charges for the provision of caller tune?

  • BSNL caller tune service (Rs.30 per month) will provide you with free of cost. But the song which your selects under Premium Ring Back Tune (commercial song) will cost you at Rs.12 per month.

With this above simple info, now you can know, how to activate your favorite song as your BSNL caller tune. So, try this and activate your BSNL free caller tune on recharge with new special tariff vouchers to use mobile data and a free theme.


  1. Can you tell me if there is any speed restriction in 1099 STV after modification because many websites are reporting that it provides high-speed internet Up to 3GB and at 80 Kbps after FUP?


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