The Most FAQ’s On BSNL Tamilnadu Police CUG Numbers

We all prize about BSNL CUG extended service publication for TamilNadu Police Department and their family usage. And we already presented about the tariffs of Police CUG SIM including voice and particular data plans. Many of the patrons having some doubts. To rid all of them, we are addressing the most frequently asked questions and solutions on this BSNL Tamilnadu Police CUG Plans. Have a glimpse at all of them to illuminate your doubt before subscription.

  1. How the current BSNL CUG plan for Tamilnadu Police designed and How it varies from the old scheme?
  • New CUG plan for the Department of Police will expand with Rs.3.288 Crores, through which, about 1.20 lacs of government officials can exchange information with one another.
  • It designs on an enormous scale where the Director of Police, Guards and even Ministerial Staff can utilize this plan.

2. Is there any restriction to use the CUG plans as Old?

  • Old BSNL CUG plan can utilize only by the officials from the category of Superintendent of Police to Assistant Auditors.
  • Under this brand-new program, everyone from the Police Department and Ministerial Staff can communicate easily with all Police CUG Numbers.

BSNL Police CUG SIM FAQ's3. Whether this new Police CUG SIM card will offer in the name of Official or Department?

  • New SIM Card will provide the official/employee name of Tamilnadu police department. The officials can use the same Police CUG Numbers in other Districts / City / Special Units in the case of transfer to other location.

4. For how many days/years the employee can use the Police CUG SIM card?

  • Every employee/official can hold the SIM card until their retirement.

5. According to Police CUG SIM plan, what does “Family” refers?

  • “Family” refers to the Government Employee, Spouse, Children, Parents, and Siblings.

6. How many Police CUG Numbers will allow to an employee and his/her family?

  • Each official can avail a maximum of 7 (Seven) Family SIM Cards for their family members

7. How are the calls charged in this Police CUG Numbers?

  • No charges will deduct for the calls made within the CUG Group.
  • Calls will cost, only if made using Police Station / Office Landline Number to any CUG number and by any CUG user to Police Station / Office Landline number.
  • To avoid this, a Fixed Wireless Telephone that works with 1819 SIM Card which will fix in all Police Station / Offices. Calls made with this FWT to any CUG user are free of cost.

8. How much need to pay as subscription amount for Police CUG SIM cards?

  • For an Official number, the employee has to pay Rs. 274/- as an Annual subscription for Pre-paid CUG.

9. How much amount to pay a subscription fee for Family SIM?

  • The user has to pay Rs. 264/- as Annual Subscription for each Family SIM Card to include in CUG plan.
  • Apart from CUG numbers, the user has to Top-Up / Recharge their Pre-paid SIM cards to call other numbers
  • The user has to Top-Up / Recharge their Pre-paid CUG numbers(official and family) to call other numbers (Minimum Rs.10/- & Maximum Rs.6000/- Talk Value = Top Up value – 18% GST).

10. What are the features available as free of charge using Official Police CUG SIM Card?

  • Using Official SIM, Government Employee can contact any Police Department Staff, Ministerial Staff, TSP Battalions Staff with free of cost
  • Call charges are not applicable in Police CUG Numbers if calls are made using FWT number of any Police Station / Office.
  • Free 50 SMS / Month for official purposes (BSNL CUG Network)

11. What are features available in Family SIM Card?

  • Using Family SIM Card, No call charges for Official SIM Card / other Family SIM Card related to Police CUG Numbers.
  • No call charges, if calls are made to Tamilnadu Police contact numbers using FWT number for any Police Station / Office. Free 50 SMS / Month (BSNL CUG Network).

12. What are the Call Charges in the new plan?

13 How to activate 3G and other services?

14. Is there any amount deducts as Roaming Charges?

  • For Incoming Calls in Roaming, there are no charges. For outgoing calls, it is as per the tariff.

15. Can, we use existing mobile number for Police CUG SIM of BSNL Tamilnadu?

  • Existing Prepaid/Post-paid BSNL users of Tamilnadu can submit an Application Form to avail the new Police CUG scheme.

16. Whether the Port In numbers accepts for Police CUG SIM?

  • Yes, any user can opt for Number Portability by contacting their service provider and then they can apply for new Police CUG scheme with their existing number.
  • The same procedure can apply for Family SIM Card also.

17. What happens to CUG plan if the payment delays for the Family SIM cards?

  • Family SIM Number will be expelled from the new CUG plan if failed to pay the yearly subscription amount. Once the due amount evident, then it will be added to new CUG plan.

18. Where to get the Application Form for the new BSNL CUG plan of Tamilnadu Police?

  • Ten types of Application Forms, from which you can download and fill the suitable Application Form from BSNL Chennai website, i.e.,

19. Whether all the Data STVs are applicable?

Exclusive Data Plans of BSNL Tamilnadu Police CUG should activate only through Easy Recharge and BSNL Portal. All other existing STVS is appropriate as usual for this Police CUG Numbers.

20. What documents have to submit along with Police CUG SIM Application Form?

  • Should provide Xerox Copy of any one of the document – ID Card, Photo Address Proof, Ration card of the state, active Driving License, Voter ID, PAN Card and Aadhar Card of India.
  • Likewise, to get Family SIM Card, should provide the family members photo and Address Proof Xerox Copy.
  • Also, attach Family Members Certificate (as prescribed) duly signed by the respective station Police Officer or by the Deputy Superintendent of Police

21. Where to submit CUG Application Form?

  • CUG Application Form can submit to the nearest DPO/COP and collect the new SIM Card. Officials working in the Special Units can also submit the application form to the respective DPO/COP and receive the SIM card.

22. When can we avail the Police CUG SIM?

  • At any time, BSNL New CUG SIM Cards will issue to the customer.

23. When does the Police CUG SIM will get activate?

  • After collecting BSNL Tamilnadu Police CUG SIM Card from the operator, within 24 hours, the SIM card will activate.

24. If anything wrong with new Police CUG SIM, then how to log a complaint?

  • BSNL designs a “CUG Complaint Redressal Software” to solve the grievances. Using this software anyone can directly register complaints providing only Name and CUG number.
  • A Special Help Line will also be installed to record complaints on Tamilnadu Police contact numbers related to new CUG.
  • Additionally, CUG Liasion Officer will appoint in Technical Services Division, and claims can submit in written format to him.

25. What will happen if you change from Police CUG plan?

  • Official SIM Card programs will not allow changes. In the case of Family SIM Cards, if the user personally approaches BSNL and changes the plan, then the Police CUG SIM card will remove from group plan and might lose the concessions provided.
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