BSNL Diwali Offer To Get 50% Extra Talktime On Your Recharge

Festival season is coming up, so you might expect new slashing offers from BSNL. In this scenario, brand announces cash back BSNL Dussehra Offer and Diwali special schemes which would make you most mesmerizing.

We all know the importance of this 30th September 2017. But once again remained you about the coming festival Dussehra 2017 in India, also known as Vijayadashami. It celebrates at the end of Navratri every year.

Coming to most joyful occasion Diwali on October 19th, 2017, BSNL offers 50% extra talk time. If you are intrigued by the new BSNL Dussehra offer, and BSNL Diwali Offer introduced, then without getting late, have a look at the incredible offers of telecom brand.

BSNL Dussehra Offer Diwali Scheme

Dussehra’s ‘VIJAY’ BSNL offers

  • 50% “Money back in the main account” in the form of talk value on recharge of voice special tariff vouchers or Voice rate cutters.
  • Full Talk Value on Top Up Recharge.
  • Extra Talk time on TopUp.

BSNL Dussehra Offer Details

  • 50% Money back

The money back scheme will be applicable for the recharge of below voice special tariff vouchers only.

  1. 42/88
  2. 44/122
  3. 65
  4. 69

1. If you recharge with STV 42/48, you will get back of Rs.21/24 to your primary account balance and the tariff will be as follows.

For minute pulse customers, the tariff is

  • 10 Paisa per minute for own network voice calls and 30 paise for other network voice calls. It is applicable for all Local and STD calls.

If you are a Second pulse customer, then you can avail

  • 1 Paisa/3 Sec for On-net voice calls and two paisa/3 Sec for Off-net Voice calls of Local and STD.

2. If you activate with STVs 44 or 122, you will get 22 or 66 as talk time for your principal balance by charging all your Local call charges at 1.4 paise per 2 seconds.

3. Having STV 65 on this BSNL Dussehra offer, you can get 32.5 talk time by getting reduced tariff at 15 paise per minute for all local BSNL network

4. Subscribing to STV 69, your balance will add with 34.5 by reducing your any network call charges to 1 paise per 2 seconds.

How can I recharge this BSNL Dussehra offer?

  • You can avail this BSNL recharge cashback offer by recharging through Easy recharge (C-Top Up) available with any retailer or BSNL online recharge or BSNL App.
  • This particular BSNL Dussehra offers on all these above vouchers not implemented through Mobile Selfcare portal, USSD, SMS mode of recharge.

What is the time for this 50% cash back Duserrah Vijay Offer of BSNL?

  • This unique BSNL recharge cashback offer is available from 25.09.2017 to 25.10.2017 through particular mode only as mentioned above.

BSNL Dussehra Vijay Offer

  • Full talk time on Top Up Rs.30 is available to all for one week from 25.09.2017 to 02.10.2017.
  • Top Up 80 allowed full talk value, and also, you will get Rs.130 on Top Up of Rs.120 as extra talk value offer.
  • These two BSNL Dussehra offer schemes will be available through any mode of recharge from 25.09.2017 to 05.10.2017.

BSNL Diwali Offer

It names as BSNL’s Diwali Laxmi Offer which is most valuable for a special occasion to fire more. It is in the form of 50% extra than Full talk value of three types of denominations.

The particular BSNL Diwali offer is accessible only for few days from 16.10.2017 to 21.10.2017 on the said Top Up recharges.

Top Up ValueExisting Talk time in Rs.DIWALI LAXMI OFFER Extra Talk Value in Rs.

There is no restriction to avail this Diwali offer. During this period, you can recharge through any mode like Online, BSNL App, Wallet, Easy Recharge.

Can this BSNL Diwali Offer extra talk time will use for any STV subscription?

  • Yes, you can use this 50% BSNL extra talk time to subscribe to any Plan vouchers for migration and extension or STV’s at any time. The validity of this talk time is as per your accepted plan.

If you ever wondered about the exclusive launches of BSNL, then these are some of the perfect offers in this Dussehra and Diwali festival season. So try with this BSNL Dussehra offer or with BSNL Diwali offer in specified dates to benefit more.


  1. I am one of your customers. I charged BSNL STV ROAM93 thrice while in Bangalore in September 2017. The left over in the last charge was approximately 1 hour when I got back to Thrissur. It looks as if the carryover is not valid in the home net. Logically the leftover roam shall be applicable in the Home State as well. Can somebody provide clarification? I have given up contacting the customer care for anything because it has been a futile effort. Despite this reply, several times the callback has to come yet!


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